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Saturday, February 16, 2008





Friday, February 15, 2008




this is oe of my 1st student pieces. i LOVE it. and NOT because i paid a whopping nickel. i woulda paid $1 for it. the colors. i love the colors. and how the post is decorated. this kid just wanted what they wanted. love it, so, of course, i keep looking for another that compares and never do i find one. but i never overlook student work. i have to find a wall or a mask. somebody liked it enough to keep it. i shall keep it too.




the writer told a story of new american troops arriving in paris in 1917. they were lined up after their troop train arrived. told to pull out their tin cups. the military was very 'dry'. no liquor ever. in paris now. the pretty young paris girls gave each soldier a cup of coffee with a bit of cognac. he told of one older soldier who after a sip, thought a bit. then realizing what was in the coffee, said he would like another.


CARIBS- people of red indian rac, at time of columbus, along the coast. cannibals(really?) mainly honduras.

CARMAGNO LA, Francesco Bussone, count of- 1390-1432. celebrated condottieri born in Carmagno. first in service to filippo Maria, Viscouni, duke of milan, who made him count + governor of genoa. lost viscount's favor and became a general in venetian army, fought his old boss and gained brecia away and severe defeat. then unsuccessfull in attempt on cremon, suspicious of the senate, who lured him to venice, where they TORTURED him and beheaded him.

CARMINE-red pigment from cochineal. recipes.

CARNEADES- greek philosopher. 3rd or new academy. 213bc. blah blah blah sceptics blah blah.

CARNIVAL- "farewell to fresh meat." blah blah where word from? blah blah 3 to 4 days revelry. lent. carnasciz le carnalia. history roman, popes, etc.

CAROLAN, Turlogh- irish bard. 1670-1738.




one of my chinese character paintings. i have several. just experiments. this one had sand.

Thursday, February 14, 2008



a beautiful ceramic pot from one of my favorite estate sales. and they only wanted $2 for this! it was the best pot there! she had a lot. lot of cool stuff period. it is signed. i wish i could ask keith about it.
i wish more than that.


CARDS, playing- square paper. in chinese dictionary-ching-tsze-tung. 1678, it is saidthat cards were invented in the reign of seun-ho. 1120 to amuse his many concubines. india said to have been invented in brahmans. a deck said to be 1000 yrs, preserved in museum of the royal asialic society(but dismissed as modern). also assigned to egyptians. so no known origin, but similarities. at least 1240 in europe. no queen found in earliest eurp cards.earliest unquestionable mention of playing cards is the entry of charles or charhot poupart. treasurer of the household of Charles VI or france. in 1392/3 it says-"donne' a juequennin gringonneur, peintre pour trois jeux de cartes, a oreta diverses, pourporter deversie seigneur roi, pourson ebatement, cinquante- six sds pariris"(all french. BLEGH) from this entry it has hastily been concluded that jacquemin gringoneneu invented cards. (not certain whether G was painters surname or only his designation as a maker of grangons) any traslators? known to some in 14C, but not widely known til late 1300's, but also maybe introduced from arabia to italy in 1379. covellazzo, who wrote in 15th century. oh shit. italian."anno 1379,fu recato inviterbo el gioco della carte, che venne de seracinia, e chiamisi traloro naibu.(in the year 1379 was brought into vertibo the game of cards, which comes from the country of the saracens, + to w/ them called naib). soon after-common. as in 1397, working people forbidden to play at tennis, bowls, dice, cards or 9 pins on working days(+ goofing off was new?)
wood engraved only 1423. but used for cards. earliest suits(german)-hearts, bells, leaves, and acorns. no ace in earliest.
next in antuity. swords, batons, cups, and money. usually italian of the late 15C and now italian and spanish. french cards of 16C have coer?, trefle, piqne? and caaeau???
in last 1/4 of 15C, packs w/ animals, flowers and human figures for marks of suits were engraved on copper and later more variations. (trivia pursuit editions!), but never as popular. court cards-were king, chevalier and knave. italians 1st to add queens. foo. enough!


happy valentine's day. if you have somebody. sigh. maybe someday.




more acorns.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008



CARDAMOM-fruit of several plants. native to coasts of india. distinct odor. by the way, better in french toast than cinnimon.

CARDAN/CARDANO, Girolamo 1501-1576. famous mathmatician/physician/astrologer. illegitimate son of fazio cardana, jurist of milan. sickly childhood and stormy boyhood. irregularily educated. sent to university and graduated w/ medical degree. however denied entry to college of physicians at milan because of birth and compelled to the work house. 1st book exposing the college. a fortunate cure of a child of a senator brought him notice and admitted into medical body and celebrity. published book on math and became famous. interfered w/his medicine. 1551 published most famous book. misfortunes later in life from crimes and calamities of sons. one an utter reprobate. giovanni battista, also physician, contracted impudent marriage w/ a girl of indifferent character, who was unfaithful. poisoned wife, this discovered and severly punished.always a gambler, cardan become unhinged and addicted.




basil. who went to the vet for a check up. his pee was clean. no bacteria, no crystals. good boy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


48? #$@ more Bush weeks to go
48? @#$ more Bushe weeks to go
mcinsain want more of the same
3rd base decider boy thinks obama is too untried for this game
48? ^@#$ more damned Bush weeks to go



this is a very large hand carved wood spoon i got while in denmark the 1st time. rummage sale across the road from the tante andante hus. i got the spoon for 25 øre i think. like a nickel or 25¢. also got a chair for about $1. go ahead, call me cheap. NO, i just see the treasure nobody else appreciates. it is stained with some pink juice, but no biggie too me.




i have broken down and worn these moccasins my mom gave me. bearable, but i so want to rip out the padded insole! yesterday was near 0. today a bit warmer and yes, went out barefoot a few times. the snow didn't help. brrrrrrrr.

Monday, February 11, 2008


CARBONARI,the(from italian cabonaro-charcoal maker)-were certain secret societies of a liberaland even revolutionary tendency that took part in events of italian and french history during 1st 3 decades of 1800's. secret Ss, calling themselves this or similar existed earlier, but at end of napoleonic wrs, became important. 1808, many republicans, discontented w/ bourbon and bonapartist government in naples, retired to the mountainrecesses of the abrazzi and calabria. 1st only isolated resistance to authorities, then became organized. took carbonari, from the trade pursued extensively in the area. also religion and above all from the crucifixion of christ. adopted mystic rites and symbolic phraseology, by which they concealed from the unintiated(lol, rotflmao, IOKIYAR!), but more vividly expressed to the initiated, a lodge of theirs-baracca meeting-vendita-big meeting-alta vendita, but religious terms bigger. politicians discovered to exploit them to overthrow the bonapartists. aleader, capobianco, was betrayed and executed. principle actors in the neopolitan revolution of 1820, disturbance of the papal state and of the piedmontese revolution of 1821. recruits, not only from poor, but the rich, intelligencia, and the middle classes, had close to 700,000. but not powerful enough for austrian army, and were crushed. 1820, takes root in france insurrection. in 1821 at belfort, thours, la rochelle, and other towns. supressed, but not irradicated and 1830 revolution.

CARBUNCLE-garnets, cut to enhance color. history(rome/bible) blah blah best from dezu? and ceylon.




frog- omahkahkow.

i sold this a few years back. i had it so long. i did love it, but went to a very good home. and i got to make a new one. i had it in my mind a long time.

Sunday, February 10, 2008



i started chatting with another ebayer. waves at marie in VA, and she has a WAY better squirrel menace story. heard a noise in the wee hours. didn't know what. a quirrel had fallen into the fireplace and had gotten covered in soot. escaped the fireplace and was running around the house for a few hours leaving paw prints everywhere. the white couch escaped tho. and eventually the squirrel was forced out.




CARAVAGGIO, Michelangelo Amerigri(merigi) Da 1569-1609 painter. 1st a mason's laborer. temper and homicidal.

CARAVAGGIO, Polidoro Caldara Da-1495-1543 painter. not homicidal.

CARAWAY- the fruit, or so called seed, of Carum carui, an unbelliferous plant, occuringthru N and central europe and asia. blah blah the mericarps being cylindrical, slightly arched and marked w/ 5 pale ridges. C's evoke a pleasant aromatic odor w/bruised and they have an agreeable spicy taste. blah.....compound of carvol (a liquid isometric w/ the menthol of speramint) and carvene. cultivated in norway, finland, russia, germany, holland, and morocco. carawan comfits?





1 But Ceiling Cat sees Noah guy n teh aminulz n teh cowes taht mooes n Ceiling Cat makes teh windz com n teh watrz iz no moar.2 Teh watrz iz no moar in teh skyz, k?3 Teh watrz goz wayz from teh beeg sanboks. At teh end of teh hunert n fiddy dayz teh watrz iz awl goz wayz,4 n on teh 7teenth day of teh 7 munz teh big bote getz stuk on beeg rokz calt Ararat.5 Teh watrz kipz goin wayz til teh 10 munz, n on teh first day of teh 10 munz teh tops of teh beg roks can seez.6 4ty dayz latrz Noah guy openz teh window he hadz maed inna teh beeg bote
7 n senz out blak burd, n teh blak burdee kipz flying n flyn til teh watrz iz all gon wayz from teh beeg sanboks.8 Latrz Noah guy senz out wite burd so can see teh watrz all goes way from beeg sanboks.9 But teh wite burd no can fine no plaze can setz itz feetz cuz stil plenny watrz in teh beeg sanboks; so wite burd go bak to to Noah guy in teh beeg bote. Noah guy grabz teh wite burd n getz bak inna teh big bote.10 Noah guy watz 7 moar daze n senz out teh wite burd from teh big bote.11 When teh white burd iz com bak to him for teatiem, and sez "I can haz olvie leaf? srsly?" Then Noah noes that teh watrz is goan out.12 Noah wuz liek wateing sevvin daiz und sent mudkipz to see teh sandbocks, but teh mudkipz noes com bak.
13 Bymby, the watrz iz dried up and teh beeg sanbocks is nrly cleened out. Noah is peekn and seen,14 by teh 20An7 day of teh munf after teh munfmonth the beeg sanbox is ready to youse! srsly.
15 und Ceiling Cat sed to teh noah,16 "GTFO, yous and yous wifez and yous sunz and dere wifez.17 mbring out all teh aminalz and all teh crawlies and all teh burds, even the ones taht no fly —and let tehm PENIS gOES WHERE ! and take over teh wurld"
18 So Noah cam out to his sunz and wifez and all tehy wifez. 19 All teh aminalz and all the crawliez and all the burds, evin teh onz that no fly—evin teh moocowz—came out of teh ark, leik in order, an stuuf.
20 And Noah and all teh aminalz totes gave Ceiling Cat their Pokymons, even their Charizzrds.21 Teh Ceiling Cat peeped teh charizzrds an sed: "No moar I sez I no lieks teh mans, even th0 [a] evry inklnashun of his heart is evl from wen he wuz a kittehn. No moar I lukz at teh mans and sez "Do not want!"22 "So liek teh earthz iz forevr n evr,

teh plants groes,
iz frozes and teh hots,
teh hots and teh frozes,
teh day and teh no day
goes forevr n ever."


Romanz 1

Paul Sez Hai
1 Dis r a letr frum Paul cuz Ceiling Cat askt me tells about teh Gud Nuuz.2 R teh same Gud Nuuz dat Ceiling Cat sed a long tiem ago in teh holi skripchurs.3 Teh Gud Nuuz r about teh Baby Jesus, who has grate grate grate grate grate grandson uf King David,4 an we can knows he r teh son uf Ceiling Cat cuz he wuz ded, then zomg, he r alive.5 So Ceiling Cat ses we haf to tell evrbdy wat he did, an then they can obey.
6 An Jesus, he r callsing all uf u.7 I is writing to evrybdy in Rome who Ceiling Cat luvs. An may Ceiling Cat gives u cheezbrgrs an u can has cookiez.

Teh Gud Nuuz
8 Furst, I thx to Ceiling Cat for u. Evrbody ses u has gud faith.9 If teh sun r up, or teh moon r up, I pray for u always an Ceiling Cat heers me cuz I srvs him and tells teh Gud Nuuz.10 An I prays to go see u all11 cuz I wants to hang out an halp u srv Ceiling Cat.12 An then I can halp u an u can halp me.
13 I tryed to visit u lots of tiems but I never cud. Monorail Cat was deraild an stuffs. But I wants to!14 Becuz even if ur stoopid, or if ur smrts, I haf to halp u.15 So I wants to go to Rome an tells teh Gud Nuuz.
16 Am not emberess uf teh Gud Nuuz becuz it meens Ceiling Cat has invisible powerz.17 An then if we has fayth then Ceiling Cat ses we r gud. An that r like teh skripchurs sed, "Gud ppl haf life thru fayth."

Ceiling Cat DO NOT WANT teh Invisible Errors
18 If u has teh invisible errors, an u hides truth, u maek Ceiling Cat mad, k?19 Ceiling Cat shows us wut is tru.20 Wen Ceiling Cat maed teh urths, ppls cud see he has invisible powers, an so they has no excus.21 They dun thx Ceiling Cat. An they wuz confusd.22 They sed "Am smrt," but reeli r stoopid.23 They dun wurship Ceiling Cat. They wurship teh idols like Booda, but he eets too mani cheezbrgrs. Wy u wanna wurship him?
24 So Ceiling Cat ses FIEN! BE DAT WAY!25 An so they wurship stoopid idols an not Ceiling Cat.26 An Ceiling Cat let them do bad fings and mani invisible errors. An they had ebil secks that wuz bad.27 Evrbody had ghey secks and stuffs.
28 Evrbody thot Ceiling Cat was stoopid, so Ceiling Cat let thm do stoopid stuff an they shuldnt do that stuff!29 Liek ebil wicked stuff an killsing an fites an lies an gosip.30 They iz prowd an meen an they hates Ceiling Cat.31 They dun keep promis, if they ses u can has cookie, an then eets it, an they stolend teh Lolrus's bukkit.32 They knows Ceiling Cat ses it r bad but they does it anywai.


Markz 2

Jebus Makes Teh Hurtz D00d Al Bettr
1 An Jebus went to Capernum agn an they wur al leik, "Jebus is in da house!!11!!"2 An they wuz al packd in tihgt. An Jebus wuz talkin.3 An fuor d00dz brought some d00d with, like, no hit piontz and was twitching n stufz.4 An it wuz al packd an they bustd in thru the ruuf. Oh NOES!!11!!5 An Jebus saw tehm an wuz al lyke, "Hai d00d! You haz teh faith. No more Invisible Errorz!"6 But some scribez wuz there an they wuz all scribey.7 An they were all like, "WTF? U cant say that. Only Ceiling Cat can say 'No more Invisible Errorz.'"8 An Jesus knew they wuz bein all scribey and he sez, "Why for 4 B so scribey?"9 "I can sez 'No more Invisible Errorz' or I can sez 'Meow!' just as eazee."10 An He sez to the crippled d00d, "I haz da power on earth to say 'No more Invisible Errorz!'"11 "So get up n get outta here!"12 An the d00d got up an tuk of an he wuz al liee, "Yay! No moer crippl!" An evrybodee wuz al liek, "WTF! Hurray fur Ceiling Cat!

"Cheezburgerz wif Levi
13 So Jebus goes out to dat lake agin. An all these peep follow him, an he teached dem stuffs.14 He wuz walkin, an then there wuz Levi (lyke teh jeanz! LOLOL!), teh baybee ov Alphaeus sittin an bein' tax cullecters. An Jebus wuz all lyke, "Yoos shuld be followin me cuz I rawk an stuffs", an Levi did it.15 So Jebus is havin sum cheezburgers wid Levi, and all teh "sinnerz" wuz eatin wif dem.16 Den teh Fariseees were all lyke, "Uhm, tehy all dirty sinnerz. Why U B eatin wif dem? Gros!"17 An Jebus was all lyke,
"D00d, teh sinnerz need teh Cheezburgers teh most, silly Fariseees!" An teh Fariseees wuz pwnd.

Caturday Cing
23 Wun Caturday Jebus n him crewe wur n teh prowel, n so teh crewe wuz chooin teh gras.24 N teh Fariseees wur liek, "Oh, hai, N00BZ! Yu cant eated gras n teh Caturday!!1"25 Adn Jebus sed, "No, yu STFU n00b! Haz yu evr red abuot David? Him crewe wur hungree.26 So tehy bustd intu teh tempel n ated holee bred. Srsly.27 Bcz liek, Caturday iz fur catz.28 So teh Cing ov Catz is Cing uv Caturday. k?"

goes en pees, servs teh ceiling cat.

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