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Saturday, February 02, 2008



came down in the price. but i can't afford ebay prices. sigh.


CANUTE/CNUT-995-1035. son of sweyn/swend, king of denmark and england. succeeded at 19. england in 1014, but didn't want canute and got old ethelred from normandy and made him leave. 1015, C came back w/ big army and took most of England when ethelred died and edmund left to succeed. english election-edmund picked by london and the rest canute, but 1016, ed was equal and soon more war. ed dies and canute king again. sons of ed sent into exile, bro edwy executed. vast empire. bro harold in denmark. fell apart after his death.

CAPE COLONY- southern part of africa. colony of britian since 1806, named from cape of good hope, where Dutch settlers of 1652 spread.
'discovered' by bartholomew Diaz, portuguese navigator in 1486. landed in angola bay. cape of storms.king of Portugal renamed it hope(better way to india). vasco de gama doubled the cape in 1497, but no settlement, but the dutch settled in 1652, when dutch east india company, under jan van riebeeck w/ small party, the natives Quae quae but called hottentots by dutch. also germans and flemings(how they spell it) and a few poles and portuguese. 1686, the euro pop increased by french refugees by edict of nantes. dutch gradually pushed the hottentots out or reduced them to slavery or destroyed. established a narrow and tyrranical system. 1795 the colonists caught revolution fever and attempted to throw off dutch authority. the brits sent a fleet by prince of orange authority to protect, but took the land for england. blah blah blah war peace war kaffre wars, more euros, slave emmancipation 1834.
blah blah



the little stuffed purple cow that inspired the painting that makes her MUCH bigger.



Friday, February 01, 2008








i found this being sold on ebay for LOTSA money. i have one, but missing it's whiskers.


AHA! i finally know what to call mccain. mcinsain!




CANON- pg. 1-15 bible shit.

CANON LAW-ooh, like sharia! pgs 15-22.

CANOVA, Antonio 1757-1522 sculptor. father died when 3 and grew up w/ grandparent per. Gdad artisic and tutored A. 3 pgs.
HEY! he did the sculpture of napoleon's sister that i posted.

CANTARINI, Simone 1612-1648 Simone de Pesaro painter and etcher. student of guido. irritable temper. maybe poisoned.

CANTEMIR, Demetrius, son of prince of moldovia. 1673-1723. could not succeed. 1710 did succeed to be prince, to help resist peter the great. but joined P the G, but P the G defeated, but took Cantemir to russia and didn't give him to the turks.

CANTHARIDES?spanish flies. blister beetles.



A purple cow. this is a portrait of a little stuffed purple cow i found at an estate sale. it is big. about 50x60 inches. i want to remove the shadow on the neck. otherwise, i rather like it.
i want to another one. i found a purple cow nodder in a indiana gas station. she has horns and a gold neck chain. already have a title. gangsta bitch bessie.

Thursday, January 31, 2008



CANNIBALISM-eating humans. anglosax-manaeta english man eater. after columbus's 'discovery' of caribs and west indies.
man being carnivorous by nature, why aren't we cannibals?
concept of the soul. only famine, hatred, morbid 'kindness' and 'magic'(sublimation).
the strong tendency of Cannibalis, once started, developes and confirmed appetite which will be indulged for its own sake(HA HA!-aquired taste!) i did say i wrote a paper in HS on this.
1. shipwrecks and seiges-and for example the miserable nativesof tiera del fuego, who when starving, would kill the oldest woman of the party for food, asked why not dogs? 'dogs catch otters'.
2. fury or bravado-NA indians. drinking blood in battle
3. morbid affection(sublimation) asia- eat deceased loved one. (COMMUNION!-eat, this is my body-bread drink-this is my blood-wine, my lutheran english teacher did not like this. HEY! the catholics say it becomes jesus' body and blood!)
4. religion. aztec, figi, barbarians. (but not communion!!!)
5. magic- s asia, australia.
6 habit-um, old thinking here. blah blah.

CANO, alonzo 1600-1667 architect, sculptor, painter.

END! end of Vol. IV!



HEY NOW! squirrel pron from watertiger. all your squirrels iz mine!



ooh, i wanted that one. too $$$.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008




snitched pics from a website i visited after the sunday kovel's antique report about toasters. now. mine wasvery much used, but one b-day, grandma F gave me the one with the door on the side that pulls down. that toaster is so AWESOME. i know it came into the economy center and she snatched it up.
i am pretty sure i have the single slot one from an estate sale. the round one is a very special toaster. but the pic doesn't show how fancy it is. fat beastie was from the balistreri estate sale. the mob boss of milwaukee! it's my godfather toaster!
grandma's started me on my getting them.
of course, design history classes just made my collecting worse. the fancy one, is like the holy grail to collectors and i do not have one.



CANCER/CARCINOMA-'eating ulcer. med. blah blah blah.

CANDIAC, Jean Louis, Pierre, Elizabeth. b, 1719. very precocious. at 4 could read latin and 6 greeks(?) and hebrew. gained attention. d 1726 or 1826. gotta check as Wiki has NOTHING.

CANDLE-2 pages.

CANINI, giovanni, aenolo(paolo)-1617-1666 designer and engraver, painter.



last post from the '03 trip. i didn't post too many boring buildings. just the wow ones. and so. ah. i only had a day or 2 so in NYC this time. did very little. had a little picnic w/ uncle and family in river park. lots of daffodils.
my flight was gonna be a sunset flight, BUT, my midwest plane hit a bird when it landed, so had to be checked out, can't remember if we got a new plane, but didn't take of til it was dark. the mark twain short stories book sucked. but the view once over lake michigan was awesome. chicago and milwaukee on the edge of that black mass. and so. i did not have any jetlag. and plan on never getting it, now that i know to go with you body clock. plus, i tend to get wound up for travel.


not sure how to title this BUT penis. the mother of all viagra spam. no funny cialis spellings. no. headline-make your baby maker bigger. like pansypoo needs THAT. my baby maker better stay nice and small thank you.



this pansy saying-you can stop now.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008



CANAL/CANALETTO, ANTONIO 1697-1768 venetian painter. 1st to use practically the camera lucida. nephew, Bernardo Belotto-1724-1780, was a pupil.

CANARY- conivostral bird-family friggillidae or finches. 1st domesticated in italy in 16th C. during 350 years of domestication produced widely colored plumage. blah blah blah. males made polygamous, but still seem to have a favorite.

CANARY ISLANDS- known in ancient times, but rediscovered in 1334 by a french vesse;, a spanish nobleman aboard, received a grant from Clement VI. 3 vessels under a gentleman of normandy sailes in 1400. tried to make possession and thwarted by the natives, went to court of castille and obtained from henry III a grant of the islands W/ the title of king, sailed in 1404 w/arms and mastered the islands, except palma and canary. back to court for more arms, but died while there. in 1408, nephew then tried, then sold rights. possession by 1495 and held by spain. pgs 795-800



a few blocks south of my uncles apartment, i spotted this awesome building. so many cool buildings there. i would love to just go in and check out lobbies.



50? %@$#&^$% more Bush weeks to go
50? @#$$#%^% more Bush weeks to go
7 years of shit, lies, mistakes, and death accomplished
1 more of miserable failure taking america down the wrong path. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
50? god damned more Bush weeks to go



my sharktooth shark. it was so redundant redundant. on the back it says the teeth are from a long extinct shark. love the googly eye. it does look good in my mexican area. my cousin dan and his ex went to this beach in florida and found all these shark teeth. one really big tooth. about 2+ inches long and didn't have the root part. so that was one big fucking shark!
dang, now i gotta post my minnow fossils. or did i?

Monday, January 28, 2008



9/11 results again. i pretty much ignored the empty WTC area and took pictures of the buildings that survived. all pre-1960 i bet.
i was going thru my photo collection that i have gotten at estate sales. i always look for old B/W new york pics. i really need to blog my favorite pics. those saved moments, preserved for all time.



fox-wakow. didn't even need to look that name up. although foxes aren't as wacky as squirrels.

did another roadkill today. i like doing them on sunny days. so i made a new deer. maybe a better seller. new frog and new rabbit. i guess i gotta do new horse. hyena, jaguar? or tiger. web site say they are there. or was it a leopard? spotted cat up a tree. sigh. i miss my babies. my mom's cousin bought the 1st fox. maybe a kudu. or an oryx!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


CANADA- MAP-athabasca(alberta?), saskatchewan (assiniboia), kewatin, manitoba, labrador. no yukon or NW territories in darker font. 1 dakota. differswidely from british colony prior to 1867. various causes combined to impress on canadian statesmen to unite the colonies into one. when ceded tobrits, it's french colonists were guaranteed free exercize to roman catholic religion and civil rights. blah blah blah. war of 1812. protracted struggle and antagonizing between N + S Canada, blahh blah blah Acts of Confederation july 1, 1867. blah blah blah. indians. equality. crees, blackfeet, souix, and others. TEMPS! manitoba cold! nice highest temps-oh fuck cold in winter. SNOW! PLOUGHING!
no explanation of name. pgs 765-782.

CANAL- existed in ancient egypt. illus-caledonian, amsterdam, She???. 783-794. proposed nicaraguan and darien(panama).



unexpectedly skwerl.



i made my uncle take me down to ground zero 9/11. i think he said he hadn't been there since before 9/11. lots of sleazy morbid crap sellers. quite a few people. i took a pic of the girder cross, just as a joke to send to an e-pal. i was more interested in the old church i had missed in 98'. and was happy to see afternoon sun hitting it like before the WTC was built.





1 An when men begun 2 begats kidz on teh urth, dey had dawters. wich is gud cuz Ceiling Cat still wudnt let dem masturbate.
2 An teh sons ov Ceiling Cat saw taht teh dawters ov mens wer rly hot An sexy; An dey sed "PENIS GOES WHERE?" An dey had sexxs but no buttsecks cuz it wuznt inventd yet.
3 An Ceiling Cat sed, i no fites wif ppl 4evr so i no lets tehm liv 4evr: aftr wiel dey wil getz ded. htey is stil thinkx dey can livs long tiem but i givs dem only 1 liefs insted ov 9 liek teh kittehs. so tehre.
4 An sum wierd d00dz calld Nephilim wer in teh urths in dose dais to scroos teh Creationists, An also aftr dat, when teh sons ov Ceiling Cat An dawters ov men did PENIS GOES WHERE?! but still no buttsecks, An they begats kidz. An teh kidz were badass powrful liek superman An wonder woman An all teh avatars in WoW, An dey wer all famous An stuf.
5 An Ceiling Cat saw dat teh ppl on teh urths wuz all wikkid An mean An evil, An dat ppl thot ov wikkid mean evil stuf all teh tiem. An they rited wikkidpedia so evry1 wud knoes how 2 b all wikkid An mean An evil.
6 An Ceiling Cat wuz rly sry dat he had madez ppl on teh urth, An it maded him all sad An pissed off An stuff.
7 An Ceiling Cat sed im gonna pwnz all teh ppl An aminals what i has maded on teh urth; ppl An moo cows An creepy crawlyz An burdz ov teh skyz An burdz liek ostridges An stuf who cant flyz; cuz i so sry i maded them.
8 But Ceiling Cat liekd noah alot.

9 This is story about noah. noah wuz rightchus d00d, An liek mor rightchus then any1 els. noah hung out wif Ceiling Cat alot An lissend 2 tunez An played pokemons An stuff.. An sum tiems Ceiling Cat even letz him winz cuz he liekd him alot.
10 An noah begat 3 sons, shem, ham, An japheth. but i alrdy told u that.
11 An teh urth wuz corruptd An messed up, An teh urths wuz filld wif meanies.
12 An Ceiling Cat saw teh urth, An saw taht it wuz corruptd cuz all teh ppl had fuxxxxd it up.
13 An Ceiling Cat sed 2 noah, i iz gonna pwnz the whole urth cuz teh urth has mor evilz An vilents then WoW An grand theft auto. so im gonna pwnz tehm An teh whole urths. all teh filez in ppls hedz iz all corruptd An dey keep emailin em 2 all ther frendz. i should haev kept it in Beta longr :( An inventd mcafee An nortonz An stuff to keep out trojan snake wormz An viruses An rootkitz An stuf liek that.
14 Make gynormus bote calld ark ov gophr wud; maek roomz in teh ark, An cover it wif tar on teh insidez An outsiedz. An noah sed wait a minit u cant getz wood frm gophrs, u has 2 use treez. An Ceiling Cat sed i can callz a tree a gophr if i wantz cuz i iz Ceiling Cat. so stfu An go getz ur hammerz An sawz An stuff. An noah sed k, brb.

15 An Ceiling Cat sed dis iz how u makez teh ark: teh length ov teh ark 300 cubits An teh width ov it 50 cubitz An teh hite ov it 30 cubits. An noah sed wtf iz a cubit An Ceiling Cat sed stfu again. so noah did.
16 maek sum windoze (but not teh µ!¢®0$0ƒ+ kind) in teh ark 2 cubitz hai An mek teh door in teh side. An maek it wif 1th, 2th, An 3th storiez.
17 An see, i makez teh flood ov waters upon teh hole urth, 2 pwnz all teh ppl An aminals An stuffz An evrythin in teh hol urths iz gets ded.
18 But i iz taeks care ov u An keeps u safe cuz i lieks u alot. An u can haz ride in teh ark, u An ur sons An ur wief An ur sons wifez 2.
19 An u taeks 2 ov every kind ov aminal into teh ark, 2 keep them aliv wif u; An mek shur dey r male An femael so dey can meks mor aminals after dey leavs teh ark but i wont letz dem do PENIS GOES WHERE?! on teh ark cuz mor aminals wud mek it 2 crouded.
20 Taek all kinds of teh birdz, An ov teh moocows, An ov teh creepy crawlyz on teh urth, 2 ov evry kind. but dont worry about teh fishz, dey can swimz gud.
21 An taek teh f00dz dat all teh ppl An aminals lieks 2 eatz, An gathr it up; An it shall b 4 fud 4 u, An 4 them. An noah sed thers gonna b lotz ov $#!+ to shuvl wif all dem aminals An stuff, An Ceiling Cat sed stfu i iz givez dem all rael bad constipashun so dont worry about it. An noah sed k and stfu'd.
22 so noah did evry thin Ceiling Cat tellz him, bein a gud boi bcuz he had to stfu.


AX 7

1 Den teh high preest axed him, "Iz true?" (How cum PREEST kan gets HIGH?)
2 An Steevn sayded: "Yo bros and papas, peep dis. Teh Ceiling Cat appearded to owr old man Abrahamsammich wen he wuz in teh Messed-up Tamia, befor he mooved to Haran.3 'Leaf yur contry an pplz an stufs,' Ceiling Cat sed, 'an go over heer.'
4 "So he hopped teh nex trane to Haran. Afta hiz pops wer made ded, Ceiling Cat sended him to dis plase we at rite now.5 He didnt gave Abrahamsammich ne munneys or lands. But Ceiling Cat swored dat his baybeez wud pwn teh hole shebang, evin tho Abrahamsammich had no baybeez. (WTF?!)6 Ceiling Cat sed: 'Yur baybeez will bee teh NOT WANT uf teh contry, an dey will bee slavs an treeted in NOT GOOD wayz. Oh, an dats how it gonna bee for forty yeers times ten!7 But I wills pwn teh nayshun taht maks dem slavs, so no biggie. An afta dat, dey will leev dat nashun an come wurship Me in dis playce rite heer.'8 Den teh Ceiling Cat gived Abrahamsammich teh convent uf circlestishun. An Abrahamsammich had a baybee an circlestized him eight daze ltr. Teh baybee was Izack, an Izack had a baybee namd Jaycub, an Jaycub had twelv baybeez hoo became teh paytreearks.
9 "An cuz teh paytreearks wuz jellus uf Joesef, dey selled him too Ejipped for teh slaving. But Ceiling Cat had Joesef's back10 an saveded him frum his trubbles. He gived Joesef wizdum (but NO SPEARAMINT!) so teh Ejippeds king Fairoh wud be liek: 'Rule my Ejippeds an my stufs.'
11 "An den teh hungree-time came to teh Ejipped an Caynan, wif teh suffring and teh no fud.12 Wen Jaycub herd dat der wuz fuds in Ejipped, he told owr papas teh paytreearks 'DO WANT!' Dey vizit Ejipped.13 Den dey vizits agen an Joesef sez 'I iz yur bro-hemes,' an he telled Fairoh 'bout hiz famleez.14 An Joesef say 'Breeng Jaycub an hole famleez heer!' an all seventee plus five show up.15 Den Jaycub an owr papas livd in Ejipped until dey wer made ded.16 Ther deded boddees wer put in a toomb taht Abrahamsammich had bawted frum teh Hamor baybeez at teh Shechem.
17 "So wile it getting clos to time fer Ceiling Cat to keep bargin wif Abrahamsammich, der wuz getting moar an moar uf owr peeps in Ejipped.18 Den teh Fairoh wents away an Ejipped gots anuthr king hoo did knot no Joesef.19 He wuz a meenie an made owr forepapas throw owt der baybeez to make dem ded.
20 An Mozus wuz baybee at dat time an he waznt liek teh rest of teh childs. He livd wif his papa for three munths21 befor he wuz put outside to make ded, but teh new Fairoh's dawter fownd him an razed him as her own baybee.22 Mozus wuz learnded by the Ejipped ppl an wuz gud at teh speeching an doing.
23 "Wen Mozus was four timez ten yeerz old, he went too vizit hiz peeps.24 He sawded one uf dem beeng pwnd by an Ejippedshun, so he maed teh Ejipped man ded.25 Mozus thawt dat hiz fello Izreelites wud see dat Ceiling Cat wuz uzing him to be helping dem, but it not happn.26 Teh nex day, he sees two Izreelites throwin down. He tryed to maek dem NOT WANT bi saying: 'U two r bro-hemes. Y do u want to pwn eech othur? Hugz time now?'

27 "But teh one guy sez to Mozus: 'Yur knot teh boss uf me!28 Do u wanna pwn me liek u pwnd taht Ejipped dood yesturday?'29 Wen Mozus hearded dis, he DID NOT WANT an mooved to Mideean an had two boi baybeez.
30 "Afta for timez ten yeers passded, Mozus wuz in teh dessert neer Mownt Sinus an sawed a baybee tree on teh firez! Wif ainjel in it!31 'ZOMG!' seded Mozus. He lukd kloser an hurd teh voys uf teh Ceiling Cat:32 'I iz teh Ceiling Cat uf yur daddiez, teh Ceiling Cat of Abrahamsammich, Izak, an Jaycub.' Mozus wuz ascared and atremblin. He no look.
33 "Teh Ceiling Cat sed to him, 'Taek off yur skandals! Yur standin on mah hole ground!34 I haz seen teh pwning uf mah ppl in teh Ejipped. I haz hurd thur DO NOT WANT and haz cum down to sets dem free. Go bak to Ejipped now. kthnksbai.'
35 "Dis be teh same Mozus hoo dey rejektud wif da werdz: 'You knot boss uf me!' Ceiling Cat sent him to bee thur roolur throo teh ainjel in teh baybee tree on teh firez.36 He leeded dem owt of Ejipped an did teh majix in teh Ejipped an maed teh red watter moov thing happn, an for for timez ten yeers in teh dessert.
37 "Dis is teh Mozus hoo told teh Izreelites: 'Ceiling Cat wil sended u a profit liek me frum yur own ppls.'38 Him wuz in teh assembleez in teh dessert, wif teh ainjel taht tawk too hims on teh Mownt Sinus, an wif r papas; An he sended us wurds dat wer alive! (EW!)



Jujing othrs
1 "If u juj u wil be jujded. So don't.2 Bcz u will be jujded teh saem az u jujded teh othr d00d.
3 Teh sawdust iz in ur brothrz i, makin u confused. Why u caer so much when u gotz a board in ur eye LOL?4 Why u sez "O hai takin teh sawdust out of ur eye"? U gotz board in ur eye!5 Taek teh board out of ur eye furst dumass. Den taek teh dust out of ur brotherz eye aftr dat. Duh.
6 Dont giff holi thingz to dogz. Dont give pearlz to pigz. Dey just taer dem up n then taer u up too.

Ask, seek, nad nock!
7 Ask n u will get it. Look n u will find it. Knock n teh door will opin. Or maybi Ceiling Cat putz in cat flap.8 Evribodi who asks getz. Evribodi who lookz findz, Evribodi who knocks getz to go in.
9 If ur kitteh asks u for cat fued, duz u giffs him a rock LOL?10 Or he wantzes a fish n u giffs him a snaek? LOLOL11 See, u iz evil, but u giffs ur kittehz good gifts. Well Ceiling Cat iz evin bettr dan u n giffs bettr gifts!12 So alwaiz treet othrz liek u want dem to treet u. Dat sumz it all up.
[edit]Teh narro and whyd do0rz
13 Come in thru teh litl door. Teh door to destrucshn is big. Lotz of peeplz goes thru.14 But teh door to lief is small. Moast peeplz dont find

A tree and its fro0tz
15 Look out for peeplz who tellz teh fyoochur but duz it rong. Dey wair tech clothez of sheepz but dey is wolvz insied. Bad wolvz.16 U know what dey iz by dey frootz. I bet u didn know wolvz had frootz.17 Good treez haz good frootz. Bad treez haz bad frootz.18 Evri tree wif bad frootz will be cutted down an throwed in teh fier.19 Liek I sez, look at teh frootz.20 Sum peeplz who sez "O hai Lord" to me will not go to heavn. Just teh peeplz who duz what Ceiling Cat wantz get to go.
21 When teh tiem comez lotz of peeplz will be all "O hai, we tellded teh fyoochr n chaseded awai demnz n gived cheezburgr in ur name."22 I will sai 'I never knew u LOL. Go awai!'23 If u heer me n do whut I tellz u, u iz liek teh smart d00d who builded his house on teh rock.
[edit]teh whys and foolish bilders
24 It rainded n flooded n it wuz windi. But teh house did not fall down bcz of teh rock.25 But if u heer me n duzn do whut I tellz u, u iz liek teh dumass who builded his house on teh sand.26 It rainded n flooded in it wuz windi. N his house falled down LOL."27 Evribodi wuz impressed wif Jesus for sayin all dis.
28 everyone was all amazdz0rz and bowed tehre heds29 Bcz he wuz cooler than teh law teechrs.

go en peece. serves tah ceiling cat.

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