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Saturday, November 04, 2006

darn, forgot to post the zombie basil pic for halloween.


yep. a rare saterday sale. but but but it was treasure traders. a not so good treasyre traders. 95 year old flea market kinda guy. who has been moved to a nursing home. found a book in the garage. very cool illustrations. then looked for the 2 story barn mentioned in the listing. very victorian. oh my was it big and FULL. # east lake pump organs! COLUNS!!! at least 6. records and more records. and CRAP. los of crap. managed to find a potato smoosher. and an old flipper that appealed to me and 1 more book. and did i mention i had no trouble doing it barefoot? less IN the house. well, did find a androck bakelite handle flipper.and a peeler. a few more bits.
OH, the staircase in barn. it had a recycled newall post and railing from z quality home? from the orinal farm house that was replaced with a ranch? different post at top. too much to really go through. i gave up on the books if it wasn't on top. surprised i didn't see any vermin. pretty drive tho.

Friday, November 03, 2006


the spammers hit it anyways, so i don't care.
last 15 minutes of the estate sale turned into 45/1 hour. BAG SALE! and oh my oh my. little house in WAWAtosa. south of the centurian plan. if viewed from above, the streets are planned like a centurian's helmet. cute house at the end of a 'dead eand'. T street? 30's? brick. i filled TWO bags of stuff. plus a 2 squares wall hanging shelf. i did ask about the former occupants. HE was a architech of schools. had lots of foriegn language books. spanish, danish,i can't remember what else. LOTS of books. which were free like the vinyl albums.i didn't bother looking at albums. i did take a book about alger hiss and a book BY alger hiss. and one about Madame Curie. AND a 20's one of 250 special book ELEGY. fancy.oh, and an old sci-fi paperback. and yes, i did take a rock, but but but it had a 60's painted owl on it. i took a phot album and i figured out which one is him and his wife.
lots of 40's/50's stuff. and a very old almost waterless snow globe. hmm, i wonder if the snow used to be white. kinda brownish now.
AND 2 AFRICAN objects. ok, the 'vase' is pretty touristy, but the wood sculpture ain't bad. of course there's usually a what'sit. i think i figured it out. oud boat reflectors. had to drill holes in your boast and screw it on. at least i THINK that's what they are. the house was kinda boring. a few interesting things. but hidden.
pansypoo will have most on ebay. oy, the objects are forming mountains.


stupid lou's poll. do democrats have a plan to win in iWaq. WHERE THE FUCK IS GEORGIE'S WINNING PLAN FOR THE LAST FUCKING 3 YEARS???? how is staying the course with rumsfool gonna win it??? HOW???

twit. how can democrats do WORSE???

Thursday, November 02, 2006

today it was my greatr-aunt's 95th birthday. still has her wits and vim, not so much vigor since breaking the hip, but still has attitude. of course auntie is auntie. 5 times married, no kids. had brain tumor removed in the 70's, back surgery. but can't stop the energizer auntie, or i would term her- duraauntie as those batteries are better. i will download photos and post one i like. we ordered her a very fancy cake. Eat Cake did a great job on decorating it.

AND a dead BIG rabbit was on front lawn. i did not see said dead rabbit, but was reported to me that there had been. our neighbor is so nice. but then his dogs poop on the lawn. so he has a dead rabbit scooper handy.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

116? Bush weeks to go
116? bushit weeks to go
georgie finally does some hard werk
cheerleading for republicans to save his shirt
116? weeks of Bushit to go

i voted for the 1st time by absentee. i got to vote FOR gay marriage and against the death penalty.

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