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Saturday, January 03, 2015



. vice deputy of ireland for his father, gerald, 9th earl of kildare, during henryVIII,  w/ w/ father to london early 1534 on occasion of the 3rd summons of the earl to answer grave charges of  maladministration as lord deputy, but after the earl sent to the tower he was sent back to ireland to take the place of vice-deputy in his father's place w/ secret instructions to raise a rebellion against the british govt. he was barely of age + his amiable manners + accomplishments had procured him the appellation "silken thomas". he was of high spirit + fiery temper, fiercely resented brit rule. as soon as he arrived, he cleared the way by surrendering his office + sword of states + then openly proclaimed a rebellion. he obtained possession of dublin city before  the end of july, + formed the siege of the castle, into which the english  gov. had withdrawn archbishop allen, the primate appt by henry VIII to watch over kildare + report, left + sailed for england, but ship ran aground + he was seized by thomas + killed. this murder reported by special messenger from fitz to the pope + the emperor, asking for absolution + assistance. sentence of excommunication. in aug, fitz was forced to relinquish the siege of dublin castle, + hasten to defend or recover his own domains w/ the earl of ormand had invaded. he tried in vain to persuade ormand to switch sides, but obtained a trace, of which he took treacherous advantage  to attack ormand. in oct, in consequence of ormand's invasion of kildare, he was compelled to raise the siege. 3 days later, brit army arrived in dublin + welcomed. f withdraws to the country, but took advantage of the new deputy + advanced on dublin + burned 2 'suburbs'. the old earl had been attained + died in the tower soon after he heard what jr had done. march 1535 new deputy attacked T's strong spot of the "geraldines". fitz retreats to thousand to sail to spain. wandered for months + surrendered to lord leonard grey + taken to london.. committed to the tower w/ 5 uncles. hung as traitors 2/1536. a bill of attainder, but restored by edward VI + repealed by eliz I.


FITCH, RALPH- end of the 1500's. english merchant in india. blah.

FITCHBURG- massechusetts. orig included under linen burg. incorporation in 1764 + city in 1810. pop 1860- 7805, + in 1870- 11,260. 2517 foreigners

FITZGERALD, LORD EDWARD(1763-1798-  one of the leaders of the society of united irishmen, was a younger son of the 1st duke of leinster, b 10/1763 in dublin at carton castle. at 10 his father died + his mother remarried again + moved to france. lord e was educated by his step-father, mr ogilvie, w/ a view he would be  a soldier. returning to erin in 1779 he entered the e army + in 1781, he sailed w/ his regiment for america, where hew was appt aide-de-camp on the staff of lord radon. he served w/ no little reputation for personal courage, rediness, + human faling. he was severely wounded at the battle of eutawsprings(life saved by a slave + took him home). after the surrender of york town, he joined the staff of Gen O'hara + 1783 returned to E. he was soon returned as member for athy to the irish p-ment. but his hopes to serve his country faded for political corruption + suppression of all genuine representation by the penal laws against roman catholics. in 1787 set out for souther europe + the americas, + in 1790 returned to E, + soon resumed his irish p-ment seat. the french revolution had broken out + lord e was an ardant supporter in the early days. in 1792 he was attracted to paris, + made the acquaintance of most of the leaders of the revolution. having publicly renounced his title of nobility + avowed sympathy w/ the republicans, he was dismissed w/ other officers of the brit army. it was during this visit to paris he was introduced to "pamela", the daughter of madame de genlis, by the duke of orleans("eqalite"). married in 12/1792 at tourney + returned to ireland. after much happiness at country home, he sympathized w/ his countrymen + into politics. he joined in 1796 the society of united irishmen, was sent to france to negotiate a treaty for french invasion + irish insurrection, but scheme uncovered, several leaders arrested + f captured after struggle 5/1798 + imprisoned + died 6/1798 of his wounds; a bill of attainder, but later reversed. his widow married mr pitcairn, american council at hamburg, but unhappy + separated. lady f lived at montznban til 1830, then to paris, her childhood associate louis phillips king. he would not see her + she died poor in 1831.



st elm's belt. 1500-1800.


march drive


MAY drive


nov drive


oct drive


photo album


port washington drive


amped yard pretty






inside squirrel


xmas drive



Friday, January 02, 2015


FISHERIES- p243-269 stats

FISHING- FROG- illustrations. a fish 3-5 ft long. but then i saw that sturgeon that warlike 8 ft.

FISTULA- surgical term. leaks. absess.

FITCH, JOHN(1743-1798- 1 of the 1st inventors in connexion w/ steam navigation. b windsor canada 1/1743. son of a farmer + got a usual schooling. at 17 went to sea, but quit after a few voyages, + became successively, a clock maker, a brass founder,  + a silversmith. during the rebellion, he followed the trade of sutter to the american troops + amassed in that way a considerable sum of $.(profiteer!) w/ which he bought land in VA(snow bird). he was appt deputy surveyor for KY in 1780, + when returning to philidelphia in 1781, he was captured by indians, but shortly regained his freedom. about this time he began an exploration of the NW regions w/ the view of preparing a map of the district, + while sailing on the great 'western' rivers, the idea occurred to him that they might be navigated by steam. he endeavored by the sale of his map to find money for the carrying out of his projects, but was unsuccessful. he applied for assistance to the legislators of several states, but each rejected his FAVORABLE TERMS(tea baggers) + none funded him. he was successful in 1786 in forming a company for the prosecution of his enterprise, + shortly after, a steam-packet of his invention was launched on the delaware. his claims for steam navigation was disputed by james ramsey of VA, but f obtained exclusive rights for steam navigation in NJ, PA, + DE. while a similar grant to ramsey in VA, MD, + NY. a steam boat by f conveyed passengers on the delaware in the summer of 1790, but the undertaking was a losing one, + led to the end of the company. in 1793 he endeavored to introduce his invention to france, but no success. on his return, he found his property overrun by squatters, + reaping from his invention nothing but disappointments + poverty. he committed suicide in 1798. he left behind a record of his adventures + misfortunes; "inscribed to his children  + their future prosperity." + from this bio a book compiled in 1859.



i need a better pic. 


shmoo lure

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kitty pron




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estate sale tour

quite small, but no basement or 2nd floor. only the first floor, but boy did i find some goodies. not many keepers, but depends on if the brass coated pine cones sell. i already have 1 from years ago.

wallpaper horrible. i sat in the rocking chair. it was very nice.


ebay object


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amped car


audust drive w/ ryan


marco pic

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