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Saturday, September 15, 2007




stolen from attaturk at rising hegemon. but seems perfect as an end to where's osama week.

Friday, September 14, 2007




not sure this is gonna work, because it's a stupid vendio. but i found a zoo-line hippo that is cool.
try again

weeee, vendio FOILED!



FRIDAY ART BLOGGING- and now for something completely different

this is a small series. seem to be mostly fish. semi-supereal color studies. hmm, which one is first? raccoon fish or sanctuary? will have to check my notes. i think this was the 3rd or 2nd. sigh. i miss national geographic.

Thursday, September 13, 2007




the swedish wood rooster. i got this early in my estate selling. a houre near milwaukee's only frank lloyd wright house. LOTS of cool old house. $ a tad high, but it was close to shorewood or shorewood CHI CHI. and 1 block away from the lakefront. neat old house. got my 1st old wooden bowl-damn antique roadshow! i wonder if i was writing down my estate sale finds then.
i did get this baby 1/2 price.




my chicken pen. strategic clutter to prevent cats from trying to go THERE. plus, i keep finding MORE roosters and chickens. once you have 1 vintage swedish rooster, you must have more. IF you like them. also some of my mexican critters, WHISH started with that donkey in the back. yes, i have a disease, but it isn't terrible. seeing i think the most paid for a chicken was $4. the tall wooden one that will be highlighted by itself.
some specific ones i remember where i got them. especially the fake 'ivory' plastic fighting roosters in the left front. that was a very profitable house. and got many goodies. 3 floors. was in very good shape, but it was gonna be TORN DOWN.
oh, the lady of the house-GOLDIE( i have her photo album), jewish, was a post WW2 volunteer in europe and maybe japan. she had all these japanese knick knacks. saved her volunteer packet, which i went through. and had a silk fighter pilot's map of europe. poland, and into bohemia and such. north italy i think. very neat! i wish i had gotten all of the bags of these mixed things. sold some old pigs. such a shame.




maybe thursday can be show and tell day. an old monopoly thimble. it says, 'for a good girl'. but i liked the shoe.




i found another per lisne rosemaled platter. it went for $1,000. of course in better condition, but i am not thrill with it's looks. too victorian and not as pretty as the other one. the lady who got mine got a bargain i think!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007




seems to be heavy basil rotation.
basil has been attacking my pole beans and at this moment is eating one! strange!




my feenix e-pal(started out as a ebay sale) a interior designer. did work for a client, did his back yard. wall color etc. even took him cactus shopping and these blooms resulted. love all the bees.

naomi siegler. she does good work.
if anybody here is in feenix. HA! yeah right.




ooh, did i say it turns out the monkey is big eames collectable? and turns out i have 3 other ones similar, but not quite as perfect. close. and it sold for $20.50. pretty good return on 50ยข. and i have learned some valueable collecting info!

basil has been attacking my pole beans and at this moment is eating one! strange!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007





BRITANNIA- Julius Caesar invades in 55 bc. before J, only a few mentions by greeks. earliest notice is in herodotus 450 bc., who mentions the tin islands and then confesses his ignorance of them. Tin Islands likely cornwall and scilly, which were known to phaeician traders.
aristotle, writing around 350 writes of the british isles by name-"beyond the pillars of hercules(straights of gibraltar) the ocean flows round the earth, and in it are 2 very large ilands called british. albion and lerne, lying beyond Kelto."
name of etymology of britannica uncertain. most accepted root (brith), in the practice of staining body with wood.(blue!)
earliest people, the celts, but a race of people earlier. Celts divided into gaelic and the cymric. adding ancient gauls, more to cymric.
j said they shaved all their body hair, except for head and lips, AND polygamous. mentions druids.
cassivellaunus chosen to lead the brits, chief north of the thames, resisted J, but no match against the romans.
Claudius, on accent in 41 ad, determined to finally collect the tribute, augustus intended. Aulus Plantius was sent in 43 ad w/ 4 legions. Claudius joined him and brits soon subdued(iWaq!).
Boedicea, queen of iceni, took advantage to revolt. the roman colony of camulodunium taken and sacked. Suetonius hastened from the west and defeated the britons followed by massacre of 80,000 brits.
later roman rule less harsh and its civilization spread.
Agricola becomes Gov in 78. after invading farther north. in 84 recalled to rome and the forts he built in on the north border left unmanned .
in 120, hadrian visited and built rampart between tyne and solway frith, for checking n tribes. 139, wall of antonine,built by lollius urbicus, along line of agricola's forts between forth and clyde.
205, emperor Severus comes to lead an expedition against caledonian tribes. he dispersed them as he invaded, but never a battle. no substancial gains and 50,000 romans lost(how many injured amputees we got?). built new wall along hadrian's and died at yok in 211.
roman empire now in a state of decay(BUSHWORLD!) and distant officials tempted by its weakness.
287 title of emp assumed by carausius, a man of low birth, native of mnapia, the commander of the english channel protecting the coast from frisian pirates. 7 years later assasinated by allectus. emp constantius led expedition into caledonia and died in york in 306(waz up with york???)
soon picts and scots were invading from north. in 367, the P+ Ss overan all of england. rome under theodosus and maximimus made moves to regain(SURGE!)
by 388, england lost. still there feebly. 410 occupation formally terminated in LETTER. (pack up your bags-we're out of here!)

how are we gonna leave iWaq. and will it take centuries to fucking get a clue?




70 more fucking Bush weeks to go
70 more Bush weeks to go.
saddam is dead 6 years after 9/11. hey georgie, where's osama?
i hear osama has a new tape. only one happy is your momma
70 more fucking Bush weeks to go

Monday, September 10, 2007





ooh, large early 1900's mansion. italianesque? ooh la la. MASSIVE iron work door. go right-library. oy, bad taste, but check out the many books. cripes. mostly crap. ntohing to buy. ooh, look at that fireplace and the stone carving above the fireplace. lady who comes in says somebody told her it was built by the miller brewing family. go forward into kitchen. redone floors, slightly updated. i hate that.but pretty sure the stained glass skylight is orig. more stained glass in the windows. hmm, ok, i will take that student pot. very nice. glaze booboos, but i like that. no old goodies. people with no taste. i sense mid-baby-boom. what's with the xmas? basement always next. beer garden with shitty shitty xmas plastic daycore. carolers and big candles. lots of extra big lights. blegh. gjeez, look at that carved wood on the end of the staircase to the BASEMENT.
take back staircase to upper floor. ugly ugly rug. green plush. take pic of the grand stair case. going up, going down. the not tiffany stained glass. southwest colors? gah! crap crap crap. go to the master bedroom. eew, that upholstered sleigh bed(which sold). god awful upholstery, which is visble in the pic of the natural wood and tile fiireplace. go where i missed private. now THAT'S a walk in closet! go across to the other kid's rooms. nothin. oh, i did find a kid's book for adult's i think. harlin quist? guy billout? kinda dadaish. go back down and go back to the back dinning room. missing something as it is almost a food staging area on one end. very nice stained glass here. dang. the fancier bit didn't come out so well. jeez. another big marble column. my o my, the plaster work in this parlour. pay my $2. take pics of the door. take a pic of house go home. enjoy the lakefront. observe the highway interchange construction.
life must have been better with maids and such. gotta remember to use the flash when it's raining and grey




awEhsEw in menominee. an early roadkill and my first bear. in the 90's, a father got 3 of them for his kid's rooms. the bear, the puma, and i am not sure what the 3rd was. couldn't have been a favorite of mine. i wish i had a better picture of it.
it was much better than this pic.

Sunday, September 09, 2007





well, still almost 2 days to go on it. 2 questions. 3 people now, and it's up to $3+. has it been repaired? people would repair these? what in the hell did i find? he's not even a sock monkey!

i sort of miss that sad one with extra long limbs i ebayed. it had such character. JUST SAY NO! i do feel better. a label weaver or whatever that i just posted, a similar one is on ebay getting $17+. but mine has thread.





when i first saw one of these, it was cheaper and i didn't get it. but i found one again. it's the ones you don't get that nag the mind. course now i find what i always wanted at a great price. i finally got a shoe shine box. finally got a mexican ceramic cat. i am a patient girl.
oh, it either was used for labels or ribbon i guess.



i went to the farmers market midweek(saturday is insane!) and bam. there is was. late 60's impala. VERY clean. so before veggies, i document it. looed in the window. do the milage say 37k???. i believe. it was that clean. my 73' delta 88 was almost that clean with 52k.
sigh. i miss that ugly car, but i have decided, i like the 72' the best. i miss that one too. cool dash. oh, and the lovely steering wheel! i miss THAT most of all!



now, i have 2 of these. neither bought. one day for some reason, i was feeling around under one of the pine trees in front of the duplex i grew up in. no idea HOW it got there. but like a rock on the beach, mine now. finders keepers. the 2nd one i found in the back of a pickup parked at my dad's fix-it, storage building. only reason i ever went there was car issues. i haven't seen him of the step-monster since my grandfather's funeral i think. i don't mind that all. but i sure wish god had taken him instead of keith.
damn PMS. it's not getting better. i still miss him so.

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