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Saturday, July 07, 2007


now i know who has been attacking the sunflower the squirrel planted. looking out the window spotted mrs. goldfinch. i watched her awhile before, DUH. take a pic!


RANDOM POLL POST- my cousin's kitchen.

my cousin lives in madison and she has the cutest little house. the elderly first owner i believe, built in the 20's. added on in the 50's. when they got it, they added a tile backsplash. new counter by the sink, replaced the red rug with a nicer flooring. i covet her cabinet handles. but she wants to paint the 'knotty pine' walls. i think this is what makes her kitchen special. i admit, some of it isn't the greatest. but i think if she just sanded everything and sealed it, it would be enough to cut the 'orange'. and it's more golden than anything. there is a mix of woods, so getting stuff to match is an issue.

but if she paints. no going back.
she has a patial paintable wall on the north side by the fridge and dog cage. and on the south wall by the back door. plus, they did paint the nice doors white. BLEGH. my cousin and her mom are big WHITE fans. i detest white. i say just paint the paintable walls. but she wants a soft green/blue and hubby wants something warm. but the wood is warm. maybe visit and chat about the kitchen.



another collection, actually part. i like old keys. of course once i got that roman key 1/2 price for 50ยข..... will post that eventually to. this is the extra pretty ones.


same speech, just haven't been reading it.

---And we are not so strong as we were. At first all nations sympathized with us, but now they look on us coldly and even with hostility. Those who were our friends have become indifferent, those who were indifferent have become our adversaries; and if our misfortunes and disasters go on much lomger we shall have europe saying that they can not trust us, that we are too weak, that our prestige is too low to justify us in undertaking this task.

amazing how history repeats so closely.

Friday, July 06, 2007


LUCIEN B-prince of camino. b 1775 in Ajachio. believed in the french revolution. married poor, but good family-mlle christine boyer. elected president of the republican committee of st. maxim, and by his moderation and fairness, prevented excesses as what happened elsewhere after the fall of robespierre, he was in danger of being robespierre's partisan, but maintained his ground and declined to take refuge in flight. 1795 went to st. chamans where he had been appointed inspector of military stores and here arrested and held 6 months. released through brother's influence with barras and went back to marseilles.1796 made commissary of the north and was in brussels and holland but it was the political warfare in paris where his heart was and 1796 he resigned. conferred with napoleon and for 2 years in corsica. 1798 elected deputy to council of 500 and went to paris. a 1795 french constitution adherant and sympathized with abbe sieye, than with a party. he was a good speaker, the literary minds of the day came to his house and he soon realized a coup de' etat. was required to prevent another bloody revolution. soon napoleon arrived unexpectedlyto joy of paris. joseph elected pres of council of 500 and on oct 19, brumaire the principles of the revolution ceased power. on that day, the coolness, promptitude and courage of lucien alone preserved napoleon from destruction. took part in preparing new government and appointed minister of the interior. here he begins the split with napoleon and he was sent to spain as ambassador. after napoleon declared consulate for life, made a senator and got an estate, but moved to milan and then to rome, where he lived grandly and literally. 1810 sailed for USA and captured by british ship and taken to england. for a while house arrest at ludlow castle. lived in house there til 1814 and returned to rome. sent 2 letters to napoleon on elba offering assistance during the 'hundred days', sat in the chamber of peers as french prince. after waterloo, advised napoleon to proclaim himself dictator and the 2nd abdication in favor of napoleon's son. his efforts to obtain a regency were unavailing and soon left france. arrested in turin, kept 3 months in confinement. settled in rome. lived the remainderof life in italy. busy with literary and antiquatarian work. the ground around canino rich in gems and etruscan curiousities. d 1840. a man of high abilities. resolute and of great courageand presence of mind. married twice. 2 daughters by 1st, 4 daughters and 4 sons by 2nd. of his sons, charles lucien jules laurent, prince of canino, was a distinguished naturalist ranked among Wilson and audobon. 1822 married cousin zemde, daughter of joseph. lived in america til 1828. 1840succeeded his father and 1847 turned to politics.


FRIDAY ART BLOGGING-something completely different

INCA! i did this in 2003 when i was in denmark. i had a bunch of aztec images i thought i might use. just wait for the aztecies. benedicte had collected a peruvian peddler(one of those musicians? we seem to have peruvin musicians at art fairs for music. had one on one end of the fair in spring green. anyways. he had had a relationship with a danish woman. she wanted to have a kid. he was convenient. she had a kid. he went away for a while. he came back, and now has a little cart on wheels where he has inca/peruvian stuff for sale. he is quite the playboy even if he has a comman law marriage. he made moves on me. no thanks. anyways. he complained all i had was aztec, and this guy was on his cart. my one inca.
i have him on the wall behind my bed.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


well, the platter auction ended about 6:30. grand total of $71. but that is fine. it has some damage. and going back home to stoughton. almost want to deliver it and check out his stuff in their museum.


last night i stabbed my foot with a pen knife accidently. cats must have moved it and went in the pad under my small toe and next to it. DEEP bloody would. pressure. tried 'new skin', too deep and bloody so got the bandaids. 2 got me thru my late night shower. and checked the sore spot this morning after my shower. already seems sealed. probably heal just as well as where i stabbed my hand. eergency rooms are for things that i can't 'fix', like the 4 inch splinter. i suppose now i should do a post on that.


just happened to go on a time unusual for me and found this little gem. the main thread was on 'the revolution will not be televised' -Gil Scott Heron.

but it will be BLOGGED.

INDEED! it shall be blogged.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007



ok, of auntie's stuff, i want this. her family had a pub downtown West Bend, WI and had their own beer and beer mugs. wonder if their beer had lithium too.



4th of july? well, basil looks like he's on vacation.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007



'holiday' week, so not much for sales, but went to a little house near the freeway. middle of Milw. probably WW2 era little house. not much, but i did find some very interesting things and 2nd day deals. think she didn't charge me much. course did pay a WHOLE $6! i could NOT resist the um, 'unusual', ok ugly necklace, but then i have a collection of funny/ugly jewelry. and then this 'clip on' tie. mason's? shriner's? little help? quite small, very 50's, i must say. wasn't the head guy. could be a ebay winner.
and i got even more than just the mod bowl, too. adorable little hors d'ovres spikes. may not be ebayable, maybe do something artsy with em.
and i SWEAR i see the aztec calendar in the metal dish. hard to see it in the goofy mod scribbles, but i bet the person who designed it, was looking at the calendar. even so, i must try and ebay before i hoard it. well, i guess i will have to do an aztec calendar post now.



Libby, no bail, do not pass go, but straight to PRISON
alas, georgie commutes the traitor! what a 'hon'

how bad does georgie get to be before america demands his as be impeached??? why do we have impeachment if not for this??????????????

oh yeah. i hate ameriKa.

Monday, July 02, 2007



well, as Bruce said. it looks like the LS Lynse is because of this man. a norwegan who immigrated over to WI in 1907. a wagon painter who because of the depression, started rosemaling for money and began the rebirth of the traditional art in America. so, thanks to the depression, this man created and is now reveared.
and i may have just taken his work by chance. and the antique dealer was smart enough to take it himself whenever he did. oh, the happy accidents of life.



in swahili-Tumbiri or Tumbili. i didn't really want to do a monkey, but if doing africa, ya gotta do a fucking monkey. well, i DID try to make him look like georgie tho. a little 'in' joke for the artist. he is a good seller.

Sunday, July 01, 2007



some of my mom's blue flowers.



another object from an estate sale i got years ago. nicely carved gourd. i don't have much south american stuff. i guess milw tends to go to mexico. i get lots of mexican tourist stuff.



i found this building when driving around the east side north of downtown milwaukee. man, ice cream must have been BIG! BIG I TELLS YA!

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