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Saturday, May 05, 2007


BELGIUM continued-
Jan 25, 1831, Duke fof Nemours, 2nd son of Louis Phillip was elected king, but he declined. then BaronSurlet De Chokier installed Feb 25 1831. still uproar in the country. april, a proposition privately made to Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg, widower of Princess Charlotte of England and he was elected King. June 4 the Dutch invaded. the new king defended, but was outgunned and he retreated. then the French came to defend then and prince of Orange conceeded. Leopold married french king's daughter. belgians wanted Luxembourg, but Nov 15, the grand duchy of luxembourg was divided.
and then belgium was ran by 2 parties in the parliament. liberals and roman catholics and it would swing back and forth. 1865 Leopold died. he reigned 34 years. he was a good diplomat.(Jimmy!)

BELGRADE/BIELGOROD(in servian)-once divided into 3 parts, old town, the rassia town(saya mahala/sava district), and turkish town(dorcol or crossroad). new suburb Tirazia(circa 1891). BelgradeIDed as ancient Singidunum, station of the legio IV, Flavia Felix. Military importance. seiged many times. taken by Soliman II in 1521, austrians in 1688, lost in 1690. 1717 surrendered toprince eugene 1739. turks invaded again. ausria in 1789. peace in 1791. 1806 servian INSURGENTS regained it. 1862 bombarded in battle between turks and servians. 1867 foreign forces evacuated.

BELIEF-2+ pages.

BELISARIUS-slavonic-Beli-tsar, 'white prince', great general of Byzantinetimes. b 505? a.d. in germania near IIIyria. in youth he was bodyguard of Justinian, who then appointed B to command eastern army. Victorious over persians in 530(25ish years!). returned to Constantinople, married Antonina, 'a profligate daring woman'. during sedition of the 'green' and 'blue' parties of the circus, he did Justinian good service, by crushing the rebels who had proclaimed hypatius emperor. 533 no another general wanted command of the expedition against the Vandal kingdom in Africa. with 15.000 mercenaries, who he trained to roman standards, he took Carthage, defeated Gelimer, the vandal king and captured. in 534 B rewarded with consular dignity and medals struck in his honor
the ostragothic kingdom, founded in italy, by theodoric the great was shaken by internal disentions, which Justinian wanted to avail hismelf. B sent to invade Sicily. after storming naples and defending Rome for year against most of Goths in italy, he concluded war by capture of Ravenna and with it Gothic king Vitiges.so gret B's skills, Ostragoths offered to aknowledge him emperor of the west. this he rejected and returned to Constantinople in 540. next sent to check persian king Nushirvan, but because troop turbulence. no decisive win. on back in constantinople and intrigues of Antonina and her illicite affairs, he was stripped of his honors and condemed to death. but he humbled himself before consort. goths reconquered italy and he was sent with a poor army, but after 5 campaigns, thru B's skill, held enemies at bay until removed command and marses took over and B retired to constantinople and peace til 559 and Bulgarian invasion by savages paniced the metropolis and he was again the head of army, a mix of peasants and soldiers and repelled the barbarians, but this made Justinian jealous. so no reward. soon accused of conspiracy against Justinian. fortune confiscated and he was impisoned. his lastyears uncertain, but seems he was released and restored to his former station died in 565. was not reduced to blind beggar, but that was a tale by 12 th century writer Tzetsez.
B called Africaus of New Rome, without B, effete Byzantine empire would have been dismembered by Goths, Persians, + Vandals. he was a mrciful conquerer, stern disciplinary, enterprising and WARY.

this concludes ancient history for today. oy! goths and ostragoths and vandals. OH MY!
and barbarians!


More Salisbury-same speech-(general Gordom was left alone without getting any support in besieged Khartum and was killed)

Now, by the light of this sad history, what are the prospects for the future? was there ever a time when clearness of plan and distinctness of policy were more required than they are now? I am not going to say that the policy of the government is bad. IT WOULD BE PAYING THEM AN EXTRAVAGANT COMPLIMENT IF I SAID SO. they have no policy.

emph mine. this time history is repeating as a tragic farce.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Salisbury 1830-1903 speech given in 1885
--and the messure taken in haste, WITH LITTLE PREPERATION and often with little fitness for the emergencies with which they had to cope. the conduct of this government has been an alternation of periods of slumber and periods of rush. the rush, however vehement, has been too unprepared and TOO UNINTELLIGENT to repair the damage which the period of slumber has effected.

(i may have more from this speech.)


BEHN, Aphra, nee Johnson 1642?-1689 English authoress lived for a while in Surina as a child. came back and married a Dutch merchant. Charles II had her help him during the Dutch war, she even spied for the brits while in holland, but her espionage discarded, later proved right. she came back, but she got out of politics. wrote Oronoco.

BEKKER/WOLFF, Elizabeth-Dutch novelist 1738-1804.. wrote with friend Agatha Deken. hey, the EB doesn't mention women much.

BEL + THE DRAGON-book of the apocrapha

BELFAST-in 1500's was a fishing villiage. no antiquity, but in 1700's became a center of trade and then industrial revolution of weaving, cotton production ect.

BELGIUM-languages-french,walloon-dialect of ancient french, flemish and dutch. 4! they have 4 in that little country but we have to have 1.
during romans, belgium part of Gaul, known as Galla Belgica, 5th +6th century under control of the Franks. for a few centuries, then Gaul/Frank divided into independent duchies, counties and free cities. 1500's Philip II tried to bring inquisition from spain, drove people into rebellion, some protestants. much bloodshed and Netherlands broke away(more protestant) and belgium stayed under spain. 1598 Philip II ceded belgium to daughter Isabella and archduke Albert, who died without issue in 1621 and belgium went back to spain. forced into spanish wars against Holland and France. much shoo poo til 1713 and belgium went to france, but back in 1748. peace during 7 years war. good times under Maria-therasa, but decline under Joseph II with holland. dec 11, 1789, brussels rose against austrian garrison and declared independence on the 27th. jan 11, 1790 became united belgium. but leopold II om mar 30, 1790 said NO! and then french revolution. napoleon etc. became united with holland under prince william frederick of nassau, who became king of netherland mar 23, 1805. this union was not happy. the belgium more french in custom. the 1830 french revolution(the 3rd?) and in sept 1830, belgium again declared itself independent.
to be continued.......

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


i finally remembered what i wanted to post. Dems Will Win posted this new acronym on DU.
FUBUSH-Fucked Up Beyond Unbelievable:Situation Hellzone.

BOHICA just ain't enough anymore. shame we can't come up with something with a fucking W.

RANDOM NATURE POST-spring accomplished

i made pancakes for din din due to dentist trip. fucked up last one that i was gonna freeze. so cut up and threw it outside for chippies and birds. so was looking towards the alley and MIGRANT! at first i am excited, ZEBRA-BIRD, as i call white throated sparrows, but hmm, it didn't look quite right. have been getting them in spring pretty regularily. fall too. but it was definately white and black head, but didn't have a white throat and no yellow spot. BIRD BOOK. OOH OOH OOH, a NEW migrant! a white crowned sparrow. how come the name doesn't mention the black? either way, another coooool bird. wonder if the chickadees are still here.
maybe the white-throated sparrows will show up soon. or more migrants.
my, that sparrow has a long way to fly to north canada.guess it's a tundra bird.

89? more Bore weeks to go
89? more Bush weeks to go
mission accomplished?
go ahead and veto ya lush
89? more fucking Bush weeks to go

WOOHOO! a deca down! or is it deca? 10 gone from the holy 99! it feels good don't it?

just had the last filling done til my next cleaning. knock on wood. a nice cheap 'silver' filling. nice and quick. tomorrow i will do EB post.
now was there something else? hmm. maybe later i will remember.

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