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Friday, October 27, 2006

well dale. i refuse to watch news. i have gleened from blogs and NPR that the shaking is a side effect. so i assume my grandma did not do drugs. so, i saw the stuffness. she also had some dementia. hallucinations. grandpa was a brick and kept her at home as long as possible. then would go daily to see his 'dolly' at the home and feed her and such. i, my mom(her EX daughter-in-law) or my cousin would come and wash her hair. we is greasy, oily people. the home only did it once a week.god that food looked aweful.
i get too much news as it is from NPR and blogs.
matt lauer sucks too.

oh, and georgie's little medication part D bullshit also fucked me as well as my meds were delayed because they were having shit problems with THAT.

so fuck the republicans and may they wander in the wilderness til they act like lincoln.


ok, my paternal grandma had parkinson's. all my life, she was very active and very 'young' for her age. she sewed her own clothes, she made her own jeans. she refinished, without magazines, she decorated like a pro. her 70's shag? black and white, her prodominant paint color choice? black. awesome cook. pie crust to die for. she was tiny. under 5 ft. and she loved jazz.
she started showing symptoms thankfully in her late 70's.
i don't think she took meds for it as she never shook. but she certainly was very very stiff. and immobile. so, michael j. fox, who's onset was far younger and probably would want treatment.
i myself have an affleiction that one day could be helped with stem-cell treatment. FARRER AWAY BECAUSE OF THE SIMPLETON IN THIEF.and all the other things that might be helped/cured in the fucking future by fucking EXTRA eggs that are being THROWN away and WILL NEVER EVER BE FUCKING BABIES. i say to the 'pro-lifers, FUCK YOU!!!! and that includes my fucking mother.

and i hope Babs, georgie's mom and all his other relativRGIE the simpleton gets something. god i hate that fucker.
pro-life my ass.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


2 of them today. sigh. as usual, OPEN HOUSE lies like a rug. but did get some goodies to fill a $3 bag. AND oh the synchronicity! i just got to Wilberforce in the 1906 orations book and what do i find at the sale? a Wilberforce Monument 'button hook'?, not exactly sure what it is. and i am thinking WW1 leggings that doughboys wore over their boots. other ebayables. 3 floors? counting a loaded basement. NOT a east side mansion, even if on a fancy street. that kind of house is farther to the north. Marborough. so, so house. man did they collect crap.

2nd. 1st day, full price. a bit northwest of where i live. widower? seemed awefully guyish. garage full of plastic duck decoys, a few rubber ones. but but but the ad said FISHING. found a plastic box in a cardboard box of fishing 'flies', see what they cost, ebay? i want LURES! no lures!!! go to house. pretty sad. go to basement. not much at all, ahh, advertising ice pick, i collect those and a company i don't think i have. nothing else there. nothing else in the house, oh, that's a nice chest. check out in kitchen, oooh, folding rulers. dang. pretty expensive. sit and go through them.i take one. it's one of the 2 way folding rulers. might have to post pic to explain. i think this will be my 4th one.

oh, and georgie sucks.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


try another name for those things i do. stupid spam. a middling DM(name of company). sometimes i hit a big score. today little score. LOTS of knick knacks! lots of thermometers. i was a bad girl, but but but if i collect old electric toasters, SHOULDN'T i have an old metal fireplace toaster? you can do 4 slices. maybe you can put it in a wood stove. also got a small small porcelain pestle and morter. adorable. another slide viever, a nice flower pot. and a inch long 60's wood mouse. i blame my paternal grandma. she has toads and cats like this. now i have a herd of wood creatures. i think farmer has to put my lovely walrus up. maybe do a wood critter post.


filled another page of note paper. i did NOT read 21 pages of APE, but the illustrations were fun.

APELLES-greek painter he is were i could use some help as the 1891 people apparently ALL KNEW LATIN. he is famous for saying Ne supra crepidam sutor judicaret(vet).
can anybody translate?

APICIUS 3 of them all roman COOKS! 2nd one wrote a famous cook book. BAMUS!

APIS-egyptian bull god. not 'antique', but well researched.

APOLINARIS SIDONIUS 400ish a.d. poet/court flatterer. 1st for roman, then for goths-gotta survive eh? was also a cleric, married with 3 kids. amazing the stuff recorded and known from that long ago.

now gotta look up apollo belvidere and the farnese bull.

and i also got the thought when looking at caesar and cicero next to each other on the page. if you pronounce it kikero, why no kaesar? and is that how they got kaiser?

1st things 1st

117? weeks of Bush crap to go
117? weeks of Bush to go
terror terror terror not working oh no
economy zooming? (not) that is the way we'll go
117? weeks of bushit to go

Monday, October 23, 2006

ahh, somebody on DU had the exact same thought. so i have been reminded. Bush league. Bush will be the new definition of bush league. craptacular!

also on Bill Maher, he said georgie was elected because he didn't act like a pussy. he may not be a pussy, but he sure is a DICK.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

blog spam??? but but but i used xxxx. oh well, it's still 2 comments. right? RIGHT?!?

darnit. i wanted to write something trenchant about georgie, but i forgot what. really must jot things down.
something along the lines of the underpants gnomes.


almost forgot. a semi-worthy xxxx for blogging. a semi-reliable 2nd tier estate biz. a bit far, but did say historic 1867 house.
so, drive out to waukesha, home of les paul. finally find it. amonst victoriatans, a stone 'cottageish' house. 2 floors. outside 1867, inside, 1940/60. enter into dark wood paneled kitchen. TONS of stuff. go through 'mud' room to basement. wine maker. wine 25ยข a bottle, but not feeling adventurous. intersting stuff, but zip down there. pick up old incence log cabin on way to up stairs. lots of nothing upstairs. looks like widowland. go back downstairs. dead husband was a phsyciatrist. lots of doc pics, books books books, but none i want. so much stuff. AFRICAN stuff! too expensive for tourist carving. but, find little wall hanging carved head. cheap! painted black. so many chachke in living area. piano. desk and and and ok, i will get the 60's matchboxes with owls on them. funky. and the red wood dice with #. anybody know what game they are for? 1/2 had just odd #s and the other one evens. go to kitchen for egress and yes, i WILL take that old GE small fan. future ebay. i really should see if it works. but then when don't they? the cords have to be very bad, and even then.... the heater in the basement was too boring. so, i spent $3. but was a pretty drive. and what shall i discover next week?
and today i am wearing a $1 sweater from last year. 15% silk, 30% cashmere!, 55% wool, and pretty! well, for a large tunic sweater. sooooooooo soft. but i am sick to remember it was a lake shore drive mansion, not much near the end of sale, got a yellow green candle stick sold for small profit, AND that was the house with the oh so deco ROUND display cabinet.

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