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Saturday, September 02, 2006


newberry estate diningroomNEWBERRY BOULEVARD!!! fancy east side mansion. very early arts and crafts. or late arts and crafts. oh man. all that woodwork. unfortunately legacies is too pricy. must have been more of a moving sale. they were unloading much of their collections. aha! beer cans reduced from 50ยข each to 10 for a $1! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITH! oops. i took 22. i have the same trouble when trying to count corn cobs.

also got a tile made for a builing exterior i think. and they are such knobshines, there was another tile, label says man with dog. dog??? are you retarded? that clearly is a zodiac tile and that is aquarius. i could not see a dog at all. the best tile was the cheapest too! obviously the owners were collectors. they had mask string dispensers. and 20's deco ceramic pitchers and covered dishes. and art glass. ooh, and the light fixtures! house tour with shopping!

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Thursday, August 31, 2006


ok, i knows there's good catholics, but damn, the church itself is fucking bad, patriarchal load of shithead MALES.
little post on truthout. the catholic church is attcking the people who facilitated a 11 year old rape victim's abortion. the medical people are evil here. NOT the step-father who raped her. no. every sperm, egg, embryo is fucking 'sacred'.

of course south american story were thy are a bit more rabid in their popiness. it's a good thing i grew up lutheran and not catholic cause i would have been far more anti-church.

will not start on islam. that's a whole nother fucked up.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


well, green bay was a good show for me. not great, but good. best seller was the new cheap framed prints. now i have to hit walgreens every time they have a sale. but but but what am i gonna do with the bigger frames i have?

my neighbor to the north was very nice. stained glass artist. talked about religion and bitched about georgie and kerry. both of us deaniacs.

best thing on saterday was a small boy. 8 maybe? got acid mona. i suppose i should post her soon. have prints of her to sell as well. she was a special order.
the whole day was pleasant 70's and cloudy. LOTS of people.

sun was sunny. weather channel got the temps wrong, but i was semi prepared. always layer.1st time i did better on 2nd day. kids love my stuff, no matter what i have. if they had $ i'd be rich. but it's real nice when the young at heart appreciate my work too. my fortune cookie for the week did say i would be admired by those around me. sadly admiration isn't $.
no barters either.

better email farmer acid mona.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

greetings buddy. welcome to this d-grade blog.

the roadkill are originally pastel-art chalk.

and by the way

no details, but it was a good show for me. especially considering georgie economy. and like me week's fortune said, i would be appreciated by people around me. much praise for my art, but not so much buying. que sera fucking sera. but the ones who did buy really liked it. and many 'business' cards taken. i made my own by ripping up mono-prints (wild silkscreen) or old silkscreen prints unworthy of hoarding anymore.
weather was acceptable both days.
but no bears sold??? wait til you see the new bear!oops. #6 is the new bear. bear III

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