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Saturday, June 04, 2005

um.....bush sucks.

that is all.

'kitten' story
gee, the spares are going to be 2 in aug. can't call them kittens anymore can i?

well, i'm at my puter, doing my snark best, when the spares jump on the chest behind me. they are by my 'louis comfort tiffany' lamp, WHICH i CAN say as i made it myself, in the same way Tiffany did. exceptt for the electric soldering irons and my color choice. he would NEVER have used purple fracture glass on a geometric shade. well, i assumed they cornered a fly, so i look at them, but they are looking up. up? so i look up. ahhh yes, a centipede. BLEGH. hmm, 10ft ceilings. how do i get it down for the cats? i gotta go find a pole. yard stick too short. find something. just brush the bugger and he drops. WHEW, not on my head. and sybil pounces IMMEDIATELY! and she is pawing at it, but the damned thing escapes under the chest. sybil still tries though. of course basil is still looking up. i bet we shall have fun with bugs. of course pansy was always one for flies. she could catch them like a frog. of course now all she does is keep an eye on the spares.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

oh god, i can't listen to this unbelievable RETARDED shithead. the pain THE PAIN!

i just hope his aproval ratings go down.

monthly press coinferences of lies?????
one less week of the fucker Bush.

oh my GOD, make this idiot SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

of course one of those ancients had a quote about how each generation thinks that the one after is worse and the one before better. so nothing really changes and evolution is hogwash.
humans still suck.

hey brenda, yes, that aristotle was one smart dude.

well, i have to get back to reading that rome oratory book. i should find more blogable material.
and there is 8 more little books in that set. gotta read them before i sell. sad that the greece vol #1 was boring. of course i prefer the setup of bartlett's, so i am looking forward to that vintage one i got free.

of course most fiction now bores me.

well, visited auntie today. she lost 30lbs of water gain. he legs do look much thinner. my god did they swell. getting old SUCKS! but she was in a fine mood today. couldn't stay put. went outside too.

and the baby boomers didn't get cod liver oil and such, but grew up on teevee. i do not think we are gonna have the rise of life expectancy the WW2 generation had. and gen X with fast food should live even shorter. so the fat turds who are next?.....

i blame nintendo.

as i mentioned on corrente, not only am i offering up the best kitty drugs, i am trying to unload 4 ceramic(and glazed) Opus 'scuptures' i did in high school.
all around 3" high. no idea why i made so many.

i suppose i should not buy much to sell on ebay. i got to much of grandma's stuff piling up.

OH, as i said, sybil killed my optical mouse. so had to go to the ONLY apple store at our Big 'fancy' mall. they are building something else. and they NEED parking.

of course she has to do it on a fucking saterday, so the amount of mall creatures is almost as bad as Xmas.OH MY GOD. i am SO not mall rat.it was horrid. all these sheeple milling around doing what georgie wants them to do to make him better. i hate america.
hmm, no, i don't hate america. i hate amerKans.

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