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Saturday, January 08, 2005

unfuckbelievable! i can't begin to express how appaled i am by the idiot Bush.
in a pic in today's paper about a bush anniversary, the pic has georgie seated next to his beloved bitches, lauWa and barB. the man has on cowpie boots WITH THE PRESIDENTIAL SEAL!!!
JUST in case we forget he is president.


God, i fucking hate this idiot.

estate sale story.
this sale was in an old posh neighborhood called the wawatosa highlands. the streets are laid out to look like a centurian's helmet. best part is a circle. when i had summer bible school, the driver went around the circle for fun.
well, it was on martha washington drive. on a steep 20?ft hill. a big old brick house. well, this should be good right? ad said lots of books.
well, the atached porch/garage was pretty sad. what a mess. small kitchen, but basement 1st. i fond 2 pulps with good covers for ebay and a couple porcelain wall sockets. did have some very nice roasters-3, but i ain't carrying THAT down that hill.
the kitchen didn't have much. had a sun porch, not much, but more books, paw through that. OH, here is a mini book like 2 i already ebayed, and a 20's jane eyre.
backtrack and find stairs to 2nd floor, ooh, nice stained glass windows(only feaure worth taking a pic of).
1st room-crap, 2nd larger library. hmm, books mainly suck. oh, look a paper bag of maps. ooh, i found some interesting ones. gotta have old gas companies or good grafics. OOH, a free dairy advertising map. why so many texas maps? visiting hubby at Korean war boot camp?
back downstairs.
why did they have a mini tiki??? those do well on ebay though, and this one is cute.
a few other little things, but over all, another open house sale. sounds good, but rarely as good as the ad. BUT, i was in a house in the wawatosa highlands!

Friday, January 07, 2005

friday recipe!

these are called rich vanilla cookies, but i changed that. i call them coffee cookies

2 cups flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 lb (2 sticks) butter

ceam sugar and butter. add flour. mix.

either form balls(cookies) or make into roll and chill. easy to slice them with a cheese slicer.

mix heavy whiping cream and instant coffee make frosting adding powdered sugar.(excess can be froze)

heat oven to 400f
bake for 8-11 minutes.

i prefer mine dark.

frost when warm.

now, how can these be bad for breakfast???

1st things 1st.
why does georgie think asbestos suits are too onerous???
hmmm. why does he think that?
coud it be cheney fucked up and halliburton is in the cross hairs because of asbestos???

of course we got about 7" of snow in the storm that covered the states this week. BUT, the best story was on Wed. the snow is coming down and the story is that there is a red kangaroo on the loose on the highway by beloit.
well, kangaroos really are not a winter kinda critter, so there were attempts to catch the poor thing.
well, the caught it the next day. they trapped it in a barn and it went into a um,....critter carrier. from the sound of it, it seemed pretty tamed. so far no owner has claimed said roo.

gee, i thought seeing a zebra outside of a zoo was different.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

oh, i forgot, this time i met #3 in denmark. and he was very nice. he is bulgarian. a bulgarian composer.

benedicte is butterfly. i am a cat. an 'old' cat.

part 4?

well, in 2003 benedicte invited me to be a visiting artist again, but instead of summer, easter. which is a BIG vacation time for the danes. even bigger than christmas.
well, i hate to miss spring in WI, but OK. and then there is the start of iWAQ on my birthday. or was it the day before?
well, i am not stopped by the FBI, despite my blog and all.and i spend most of april in denmark. and had much fun.
we had a little snow, but not much.
wisconsin had more. and spring started in denmark earlier. why was there so much light?

and that is up to now.
except now. benedicte fell in love with a south african, Dick(why are they always dick?)and left her husband(3nd), and she just go back from south africa.
so who knows.

part 3.

one fall trip, she is here alone and she is planning on going to elkhorn/kimballton, iowa where the danish immigrant museum is. and would i drive her.
so we take her rental to iowa. i got an iowa map so we could take the most scenic route to south west iowa.
WELL, there are no reservations and very very tiny state/national parks. i did find a couple and we took an intersting route there. we stayed the week with Eivind and Jeannette Lillehoj. i sppent time at the museum and mostly bummed around the area and spent time with eivind who was a 70+ yearold LIBERAL and we would talk politics and history.
oh, i forgot the estate sale we went to before leaving. benedicte liked it, but it was last day 1/2 price and i got an old 1879 etching i had not spotted the 1st day. $5 for such a nice etching and later i found out he joined the hudson river painters and he had been the motzart of etching. WAY COOL!
but we had a fun week. heck, i even joined benedicte on a trip to Omaha to see the mini symphony and dinner in a chi chi hotel restaurant. but the best steak i had there was a sports bar.
oh, i was 2000, because we discusssed the election.

part 2.

so, i draw a loon after she tells me the story. it involves the 'necklace' around the loon neck.
she pays me for it and tells me wat she is going to do with my drawings.

eventually she has articles printed in denmark and my drawings are in there.

then she publishes a book and i am paid nicely.

benecicte loves to bring artist to her 'playhouse'. and so in 1998, she brought me to ebeltoft for a fortnight to be a visiting artist.

and then she is making a video of indian fables. but the indian she has in the video is not very expresive, and i get another nice commission to 'illistrate' the fables.
1-the fox and the bear icefish.
2-why we have 4 months of winter
3-how rabbits got long ears
4-how chipmunks got their stripes.

i was paid very nicely.

now where what fits where, i loose track of times. she would come to america in spring and falls to racine and have tante andante hus USA for a while.

but one spring memorial weekend. i took her in my 1973 delta 88 on a roadtrip 'up nort' to crandon where we stayed with a family and she showed me the cabin that Isaak Dinesen's father lived with his indian 'wife' and the man showed us where idiots had planned a copper mine. luckily not fulfilled. Yay! our side wins!
then i take he to eagle river. then to the family cabin, then on to kewanee to see her crazy pothead lake michigan fish trip friend. we go out on lake michigan. she pulls in a BIG fish. he pulls in a big fish and by default, i pull in 4 big fish.
then we drive back to milw.

OK. the story of how i met a danish woman.

not sure if i already blogged it, but if network can have repeats....
little backstory. germans and danish LOVE native americans.
racine, WI is full of danish immigrants and kringle makers.kringle? insanely good danish sweet baked,um....pastry. in denmark there are 2 flavors. pecan and almond. or is it walnut?

well, racine started a sister city thing with ebeltoft, denmark. the eagle river of denmark. EAGLE RIVER!?!
what's the top gunesque comedy with charlie sheen?

well, the racinites told benedicte that we had plenty of injuns 'up nort'. we had what we call reservations. SO, she goes up to Crandon and starts collecting native tales and songs.

oh, benedicte is the head creative force behind a children's um,...playhouse. sort of the Mr.Rogers, sesame street of denmark and heavily in muic for kids. OH, she is the danish raffi.
you can check out her webpage. search Tante andante hus.

while she is there, she stops into a little gallery/coffee shop in three lakes which is close to crandon. and there she spots these naive colorful animals. perfect for he stories. but no loon. what a shame, BUT benedicte will not be denied. she gets my phone # and calls me.
'Do you have a loon?'
well no. i do not have a loon, but i can draw you one.

part 1

well, i am a tad late, so i will tell the story of benedicte tomorrow.

one less Bush week to go
one less week of Bush
repubs backtrack on Delay....
but keep your eye on ethics commitee
one loess Bush week to go.

3 goddammit.

well, he's americas now. hope they enjoy the fucker.
but he ain't mine.

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