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Sunday, June 12, 2005

ebay stuff

well, we need to have some electrical work done, and had to clean stuff away from the box. i had gone through some boxes in the basement closet grandma had stuck some of her hoard which were stacked under the electric box. went through it. most went into donate box. but pulled 2 things. a bakelite carrot 'crimper' and a captain midnight ovaltine shaker. okay. that looks like ebay to me. put it on and got a 'question' only hours later. it quickly went to 10.50, which it stayed at til i checked with 15 minutes to go and it was at $18. okaaay.
go to my mailbox when it's over. $49.88.

see, ovaltine IS good for kids.

now if only i could find out what beep for breakfast ment.

"Beep" was a orange breakfast drink made by Reliable Dairy in South Bend Indiana many years ago. Their slogan was Beep for Breakfast!

Not sure if this is what you were looking for or not. My Grandfather worked at the dairy and brought home Beep promo items like cups, a bird whistle, a pith helmut, etc.
Best regards from NY! » » »
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