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Thursday, March 26, 2015


FLENSBURG/FLENSBORG-  capital in district of schleswig-holstein, prussia. important commercial town. the county contains the remains of danish soldiers from the battle of idstedt 7 1850. founded in 12th c. town charter from king waldermar in 1284. pop in 1875 6525.

13th c charter




jan drive


kitty pron

i planted a sprouted onion. sybil ate some dried leaves.


lands & peoples


fall 2013


march drive


fall 2014


photo album


pie- day w/ ryan


dry pretty


yard pretty

was very very happy last summer + this plant was a true survivor.





happy squirrel 



Wednesday, March 25, 2015


341 object

antique cut enameled cobalt glass double perfume bottle- $493

One hinged ormolu cap is set with a faceted blue glass “gem,” while the other cap has a smooth green one. I find this fascinating. Quite obviously, the two colors make it easy for the owner to determine which scent was where by sight. However, let’s say one is at the opera, and all of a sudden feels the need for a drop of perfume. Reaching into her bag, most discreetly – houselights dim, milady’s delicate fingertips easily determine which end is Eau d’Cougar, and which is Essence of Old Algiers, simply by feel.


341 objects

old commercial seal WOOD CIGAR BOX W/ ship post cards + a dog- $36


341 object

victorian 187os UNCUT penny paper doll set- $229


341 object

BIG mexican tonala FROG- $12

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