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Monday, May 25, 2015



i did a new rabbit.



the one who did not come back from WW2. clifford.


jan drive


kitty pron

basil's baby box. he has once again gone to it under my desk lately. still his box.


lands & peoples


fall 2013


march drive


amped may drive w/ ryan


may drive


pie day drive w/ ryan

photo albummy 35mm shots in my artsy box. 

                                                                                                                                                         after taking photography I class. i learned more + i figured out shit w/ my 35mm. i miss being creative. i loved playing w/ double exposure.


spring pretty


pretty yard


drama squirel



Sunday, May 24, 2015



awl faiths iz welkum


Dooteronomee nin sek wan

“Hear, O Israel! U iz goin ovr that big rivr k? U iz goin ta kik da strong cats out of theyz cat trees, theyz carpt towr strong wiz da Ceiling, kittehs big an tall, da sons of Anakim, who uz all know an herd ov othr cats sey, ‘Who finks they is bad nuff to evn fink they kin luk at Anak- SRSLY.’ “Know den todai that it iz da Ceiling Cat that chillz in frunt ov uz eyez az a awsum fire. Da Ceiling Cat will destroy them an mak them get hypnotized so that uz cn go in an tell them to GIT OUT NOW, DIS MAI HAUS! An kill them all ded, just az Ceiling Cat telz u.
“An just so uz know, da Ceiling Cat iz not giv all u kittehs theyz kitteh condo becuz u iz ossum. Ceiling Cat giv u they haus becuz they iz evl cats dat hog too much tiem in da littrbox an nevr let any other kittehs use it, that iz y da Ceiling Cat iz liek ‘WTF, GTFO!’ An becuz him wants to tell d00ds, uz dads, Abraham, Issac, an Jacob him wuz SRSLY bout that promise of cheezburgrs him said all them yrs ago.


sukund Korintheeanz nin, vursz 1-5

1 there iz no ned 4 me 2 rite 2 u bout dis service 2 teh saints.2 For i knoe ur eagernes 2 halp, an i has been boastin bout it 2 teh macedonianz, tellin them dat since last yer u in achaia wuz ready 2 giv; an ur enthusiasm has stirrd most ov them 2 acshun.3 Butt im sendin teh brothers in ordr dat r boastin bout u in dis mattr shud not proov hollow, but dat u cud be ready, as i sed u wud be.4 4 if any macedonianz come wif me an find u unprepard, we - not 2 say anythin bout u - wud be ashamd ov havin been so confident.5 So i thot it necesary 2 urge teh brothers 2 visit u in advance an finish teh arrangements 4 da generous gift u had promisd. Den it will be ready as generous gift, not as wan grudgingly given.


Luk ate, vursz 40-56

A dead grl an a sik womn 
40 Jesus wented hoam an evriwun wuz happi to see him.41 Dis d00d Jairus wantid Jesus to com to hiz hous42 bcz hiz onli dauter wuz dyin. She wuz liek twelv.
 So menni peeplz wantid to see Jesus dat teh croudz almos crushted him.
43 Diz womn dere had been bleedin for twelv yeerz an no wun cud help her.44She sneakted up behiend Jesus an touchted teh edj of hiz coat an she stoppted bleedin.
45 Jesus wuz liek "OK who didded dat?"
 Evribodi wuz liek "not me d00d" an Peter wuz liek "Itz crowdid LOL."
46 Jesus wuz liek "Sumwun touchtid me, I feeld it."
47 Teh womn wuz liek "OMG pwned" an she admittid evrithin.48 Jesus wuz liek "U wuz healded bcz u beleevd. U can go now."
49 Sumwun caem to tel Jairus hiz daughtr wuz ded an dat he shud leav Jesus aloen.
50 Jesus wuz all "Doant wurri, if u beleev she wil be OK."
51 When Jesus gotted to Jairus's house he wudnt let enniwun com in wif him. Except Peter. An John an James. An Jairus an his wief of corse, it wuz deir house LOL.52 Evribodi wuz cryin. Jesus wuz all "STFU, shez jus sleepin."
53 Evribodi wuz all "LOL n00b shez dead."54 But he helded her paw an wuz liek "U can get up."55 An she did. Jesus wuz liek "giv her a cookie."56 Her parintz wuz all "OMG WTF," but Jesus telld dem not to tell ennibodi.
dis b teh wurdz ov teh ceeling kat
tnx b too ceeling kat
go ehn pees n survz teh ceeling kat


iceland sunset


estate hoard

fishing rule rulers a WI thing?


hi-way harry drive


fall 2014


estate sale tour

great neighborhood + house. maybe. stuff kids yuppie, but

whoa. that is a hummel of an antique.

WTF is that window treatment? more like malpractice.

stupidest trend. pick a fucking wall!!!!


i WANT that chair

that chair too.

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