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Thursday, November 27, 2014



the blue turkey bird of happiness to everybody



vintage JOHN OSTER COCKTAIL MIXER, works- $326

Long before we had blenders, pasta makers, and salad shooters, John Oster Mfg. Co. of Racine, Wisconsin was producing his Cocktail Mixer. This one is from 1935, and it still works fine. 


redoubt volcano cam


kitty pron



 ebay object


cleveland volcano cam


augustine volcano cam



akutan volcano cam



Wednesday, November 26, 2014




FIELDING, ANTHONY VANDYKE COPLEY- 1787-1855)-  was called copley fielding. landscape painter. early a pupil of john varley. watercolors. 1810 became a associate exhibitor in the watercolor society. in 1813 a full member + in 1831 president. also taught. elegance, taste, + accomplishments.


341 object

OLD naive oil painting RUTH PARKER- $49

Drawn simply from the painting she left behind, I have a clear understanding of Ruth H. Parker and the life she led. It is all speculative, imaginary if you will, but paintings such as this one, straightforward, born of self-expression, and a heapin’ helpin’ of naiveté, are open invitations to conjecture. 

 Ruth loved cats, dogs, flower gardening, and children – not necessarily in that order. She knitted, crocheted, and kept her home spotless, even after her husband of fifty-five years, Ned, passed away unexpectedly ten years before the day she decided to “paint.”


redoubt volcano cam


illamna volcano cam




ebay object


augustine volcano cam


akutan volcano cam

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


341 objects



redoubt volcano cam

katmai volcano cam

had snowstorm finally end


ilamna volcano cam

ice beginning to melt.


estate sale tour

even open house can't stop the heavy xmas early, but this family has a lot i think.

designer $$$ stuff. repro.

old fire extinguisher tho.

that chair might be real


ick poo

oy the drapes!!!


+ stuffed animals

no way.

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