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Friday, November 05, 2004

sometimes, i just wonder, what is wrong with the jeebus people and religious nitwits that think in B/W only. sure abortion is bad. but accidents happen, sometimes the woman could die. rape and incest happens. christian should KNOW that life is NOT PERFECT.

i mean, how many children does georgie have to kill before he negates any 'progress' he makes in amerika?

well, i got ebay by estate sale stories.
ok the first one has nothing to do with my treasure hunts.
i put on some x-mas boxes that my mom found in grandma's room. how knows, SOMEBODY might want them. there were 5 boxes in all and somebody DID want them. all of them. but she collects 'design' graphic design. as an art gradumate, i understand. but gimme fans and heaters(oh as if that's it).

but the 2nd bidder is dfinately my kinda bidder. i have mentioned the jack frost sale and my EBs and other books. well, i found a x-mas card in one of the books i got there. a gorgeous hand colored card from 1914 or so. unsigned 2.
i do not collect paper-except money. and it was so damn nice i put it on. WELL, the bodder plans on writing a book on the production of these and similar about that time. so maybe it will be in a future book. she even met a daughter of one of these women who had kept everything from her mothers company. so fucking cool.
and gives me something else to look for! a treasure hunts rock.
if only i could post a pic of it.

that and the photo of sybil licking her nose. i call it 'eew bush won?

yes. at least we got murry and feingold.

her in WI the democrats didn't do so well, but after like 12 years of tommy fucking thompson what can you expect. and we do have doyle.

i got a condolence e-mail from a ebay bidder in canada.
lucky duck.

now, i know i can fake canadian. and i can usually name all their provinces.(OK OK, i KNOW. you have provinces AND terretories.).

yes brenda. we did OUR job. even the packers did theirs.
but Ohio and FL and all the states using BBV did not do theirs.

i am gonna really miss seeing the bush weeks going into single didgits.i don't think i can start with a larger number. what would it be? 219? i can't take that number.
and there are possibilitis for an impeachment. or well,..you know. a bullet.
or a nice fucking chain saw incident in TEXAS.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

yes K, democracy worked here. although the chimp got still too many votes.
sad to say, amerikans fear gays more than OBL.

so, i have to retabulate. how dod i do that? what if he is impeached before 2008? or knocked of by a pissed floridian. if anybody deserved it, it's georgie.
and sincenow i have plenty of pins. i am thinking of pinning the voodoo george every day. and the voodoo war chimp is jammed as well. if only people could see just how many george has killed.
maybe kerry could have won if he had voted against the war.
who's dreaming what ifs and dean?

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

ELEVEN more Bush weeks to go
ELEVEN Bush weeks to go
geirge is shitting
KKKarl is spitting
ELEVEN more Bush weeks to go

to kirill,they had a pic in the paper of people waiting to vote early and i have been reading that there has been quite a lot of early voting.
and it looks like my 'spidey sense' was right. looks like wisconsin WILL be blue and not just from the cold.

and i saw many waving kerry signs at intersections and i did encounter a move-on person from Illinois. canvasing bay view.
well,after voting around noon. not a bigline, but someone was registering, on my way to bay view i stopped by 2 guys waving kerry signs and offered them cookies(coconut sugar cookies-must blog the recipe) and 1 guy gave me a kerry pin.
at the frame shop the move-on person came in and asked about some addresses. the houses no longer exist. fucking church tore them down and damned if i see a parking lot. and one was a real nice victorian. so she could cross of those addresses.

on the way to pick up bushie mother, i stopped by some more kerry wavers, and while there the light to the freeway turned red and a school bus(middle school black kids) put the window down and started chanting kerry and the guy gave them some signs. and i heard lots of honking.
and when my aunt voted after work, longer lines. 12,000+ had voted in our precinct. higher than 2000.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

as i mentioned on other blogs. estate saling was rather banal his week, except for that lake drive mansion. god the views they had were gorgeous. but i only spent $1. my only other purchase really was 50ยข for a boy scout pin with BE PREPARED. how would georgie's years have been different if there had been some scouts?
jez. i almost forgot the other stuff. BIG ranch. INDOOR POOL!, but oy, what crap. and the house-ick poo ack ack. although i did get itsy bitsy brass tools. a hatchet, 2 hammers and 2 wrenches. don't ask me what you do with 1 1/5inch tool. although all have rings so i could make earings.

to my one reader. the polls have them prett even, but there have been lines for early voting and how can that be good for georgie.
i think kerry can squeek out WI, may not be a big win, but if madison is anything to go by, it's BLUE. and i did not see the amout of huge W signs in farmer's fields.
and i gotta say, my spidey sense is telling me georgie is so gone. i felt the same way when the brewer's were near the world series oh so long ago. i never doubted they would go. same for the packers. i could feel it. dammit, i can FEEL it.
now we just gotta get them bushiesw to accept it. they will have to.

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