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Friday, July 16, 2004

kitten story!
basil was in a livingroom window and i was flipping channels and a fly went by. at first the boy didn't see it, but all of a sudden he went after it, quite excitedly. well, the ly went to the 'light' (window) and basil followed. batted at it and i swear, caught it in his mouth. pansy did that too. frog kitties. well, he brought the fly to floor level, and then proceded to eat it.
good boy!

i hate it when i don't think well. at an estate sale, there were 2 snapshots of somebody in a diving bell. wonder if it was a touristy thing. why oh why didn't i take them??? got a couple others though. and buttons. what am i gonna do with all these buttons?

of course their was moving 'estate sale'. that one was HAD TO GO because of where. newberry boulevard. very $$$. not the best house on that street and not good stuff, but i did manage to find 2 old printing letters. M and it's either a g or a G, but looks like an a.

i went though some of my antigue books, looking to see what i would be able to part with for ebay and dang. i got some interesting titles, and i really thought i could just sell the set i had gotten at the art school library sale, but great oratory, edited by william jennings bryant, circa 1906? hmmm, i may have to reaad them 1st. or at least try.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

well, i guessed right. one of the lesser estate sale companies-'prestige' had a sale in the very nice area of wawatosa of a pack rat. his price are always ridiculous-go on the last day! 4 day sale and he still was open on tuesday with much still there. hmm, if i offer him $20 for the teddy roosevelt books, maybe he would take it.
i think he brought them from a previous sale. i WANT those books!late 1800's and about 10 of them.
sigh. and now we have georgie. what a joke.
but alas, only one other sale his week. but it's a GOOOD one. east side boulevard where rich people live. and to think i have a relative who lives on that street.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

and now the business at hand

27? more Bush weeks to go
27? Bush weeks to go
phillipines out?
gay marriage OUT!
27? more Bush weeks to go.

since this postponin the election is not getting quite the support georgie wants, i think just using ? once is enough.

i never heard of this forth base. and seafood in one of many -ain't gonna eat THAT. include the aspargus as well. but mashed potatoes and gravy?

turns out the big black bug was a japanese beetle. EEK! GODZILLA!

and the potter did better on Sun when i stopped in, but it started to rain about 3:45. i left around 4. and made 72 miles in an hour. and wasn't even speedin....much.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

reight now i am visiting my cousin and her spouse in madison. there is a potter, a very nice potter that i have been having a rather Jane Austinish relationship. he is 6'9. i am 5'5" and i always forget how tall he is. it was his first 2 dimensional show, mixed media. and well, he did not sell well, poor dear. he usually sells pottery and he sells great elsewhere. sort of an ego bust.

i gave him a few tips. hope he does better today. and may help him sell his pots in marquette MI, DA YUPER!

and yesterday, my cousin and i played a game of scrabble.oh d9id i get a good word placement DOOM on triple word score. DOOOOOM!
well, sitting there playing and this black bug flew on my back. not a light bug. about an inch long and nasty looking-well, after my cousin wacked it off with a pen and laid stunned on the floor.
ick poo ack ack. but a spider would have freaked me more.
and my coffee cheesecake was the best one i made yet!

to the comments-i don't watch texas to closely, but by looking how georgie has handled the US econ, i figure there is some bad shit a -comin your way.
and of course georgie is gonn wipe his hands of responsibility for iWaq as soon as he can. as long as he can keep the smoke and moirrors from exposing the garbage he has left.

at least democrats seem less willing to let the press cover his ass.

wow, i completely forgot about my previous, 'lesser' blog. so including that one, my anniversary is July 20th. i must note that down.

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