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Saturday, November 04, 2017



167? more weeks of the moron to go
167? more weeks of the moron to go
mueller + russia, red herring & dead horses
167? more weeks of the moron to go


FOSTER, JOHN(1770-1843)- brittich awthor + dissenting minister, known as the 'essayist'. b on yorkshire farm. parents grave + severe + no lads in area, little haywood. gloomy + sombre. morbid intensity. before 12 possed  a "painful sense on an awkward but entire individuality" precocious shrewd, gravity, imagination.. blah blah blah
small income from parents from farm + weaving + spinning + weaving himself, by 14 met a foreigner + his mind wandered  as he worked. 17 connected w/ church w/ views of vocation. mind wandered, played w/ sentanxes. 1793 went to dublin, failed as preacher. attempted to revive a classical + math school, but little success. 1797-1799 minister of a baptist church, but resigned. a few months in battersea instructing 20 african youths brought to england by zachary macaulay, to be trained as missionaries for africa. in 1800  another congredation. 1806 a swelling of his thyroid compelled him to resign. same yr published "essays". writen letters to the lady he married. unsuccessful + switched  to writing, married 1808. blah blah blah. later years infirm. only son died. MORISEY! EMO! BLAH BLAH BLAH. emo emo emo.




estate sale tours

ye olde panties



buffalo cam

amped car


estate sale tours

my great-aunt used her old fridge well into the 80's. after that she went thru THREE MORE. quality pfft. we had 1 at work too. i would freeze my coke into slushy coke.


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