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Saturday, November 19, 2016


FORSTER, JOHANN GEORG ADAM(1754-1794)- eminent german naturalist + writer. his father, johann rein hold forster, a man of great scientific attainments, but an intractable temper, was a pastor. family said to be scotch. in 1765, older JF commissioned by empress catherine to inspect the russian colonies in saratov, which gave jr  to aquire  russian language + science education. aftera few yrssr quarreled w/ the russian govt + suddenly plans to england +  became prof of natural history + modern languages. temper compelled him to resign. 2 yrs they lived on translating in london, blah blah, invitation to go w/ capt cook on 3rd trip around the world. his account of the voyage popular. blah blah castle jacobi, secret societies, gollingen, betrothal to terese heine, d of illustrious philologist, a clever + cultivated, but heartless chick + evil genius of his life. prof at wilma. the penury + barbarism of polish circumstances are graphically described in their letters. resigned to join Russian expedition. 1790 pub. his travels in netherlands + became librarian to elector of mayence. french rev vortex. f drawn into a position incompatible w/ fidelity to his master or his country. he was liberal. patriotic germans execration, wife deserted him w/ the kids. and like george sand's jaques despair + died suddenly  in the worst days of the reign of terror blah blah high-minded, disinterested, ingenious, but weak, impulsive + ill stared.


FORSTER, FRIEDRICH(1791-1868)- a german historian. studied theology at jena, but devoted to archaeology + art history. on uprising of prussia against france. in 1813 he joined the army + soon a captain. at close of war he was appointed  prof at the school of engineering + as artillery in berlin, but certain democratic writings, he was dismissed in 1817. literary + journals. in 1830 w/ his brother, undertook  a tour of art in italy. on return he got an appt to the royal museum of berlin.

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FORSTER, FRANCOIS (1790-1872)- french engraver. in 1805 he was apprenticed to an engraver in paris + he also studied painting in the ecole des beaux arts. his preference  fixed on engraving + in 1814 won the 1st "grand prix de gravure". the king of prussia, who was a french allie, bestowed his gold medal + 1500fr pension for 2yrs. he pursued his studies in rome. in 1844 succeeded tardieu in the academy. died in paris



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