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Saturday, August 27, 2016




 ebay object

 estate sale tour

aug 12. turn of the century house. i gotta see that house!!!

1 cracked upper fancy window, but there.

too much for so-so.

WANT that stool!

the house was rather meh.

SOLD! not me. i only found a small later tonala fish.

front storm door. hey, doorbell. i HAD to try it. sounds like an old bike bell.

truck for sale too.

jan drive


july drive


june drive




kitty pron


lake mills drive


may lake mills drive


lands & peoples


may drive


nov drive


35mm photo album


pretty Herb


pretty 2015






 steve pic


SATURN'S DAY butter stamp

Friday, August 26, 2016

NPR had a story about romaine brooks. never heard of her. i like her stuff, even tho too black & white.


ebay objects


estate sale/ebay

oak creek. quite a way. did not find the heater i hoped to find. the old furniture nice, but last generation liked CRAP. AND they liked YELLOW. most of their stuff figural candles. it was early nov. i did grab an old umbrella in the garage. weird house. basement stairs in the garage. did grab a chalk turkey as it was almost T day. i grabbed a vintage yellow pansy pot in the dinning room. nothing + more nothing & then i hit the back bedroom w/ linens on a bed. i started grabbing for a $5 bag.  tablecloths, pillowcases. all embroidered.  more pillowcases & i grabbed this linen unused hanky. had a paper label. lo & behold i did SELL it too!


 estate hoard

ebay said no want. so i want. MINE.

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