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Saturday, April 23, 2016


FORCHHAMMER, JOHANN GEORGE- a danish minerologist+ geologist. b 1794-1865. blah blah 1820 dr degree, professor.

FORCHEIM- fortified town of bavaria, circle of upper franconia. castle, brewing, etc. very early origin. charlemagne transplanted thither in 804 a number of saxons from the elbe. in 9th + 10th c, many assemblies . princes + kings. 1007  presented by emp henry II to bishopric, 1802 bavaria . in 1552 captured by margrave albert of brandenburg. 1634 besieged by bernhard of weimar. fortifications restored in 1791.  pop 1875- 3847

FORD, JOHN(1506-1640)- one of the most noteworthy writers of the english old drama in its 1st decline. b north devon. good family. father was in the commission of the peace, + his maternal grandfather, sir  john popham, was attorney general + lord chief justice. jf, like his cousin + namesake( to whom, w/ others of the society of gray's inn, he dedicated his play, the lover's melancholy, at 1st entered law, but never got to the bar. tragedies to lawless passion. blah blah plays plays. later secluded. nothing known  of his death. "tis pity she's a wore.". great tragedy. 3 pgs.

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country antique wall shelf / faux grain painting w/ iona rails 1880's- $39 








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