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Saturday, May 16, 2015


341 object

1795 russian icon Oklad  silver gilt moskow- $1555

Before stricken with a debilitating illness, Frederick Thomas of Cincinnati, Ohio was an avid collector of objets d’art. Russian art was one of his passions.
This icon is one of several I’ll be selling along with his other collections: Old cameras, Russian, American and Chinese Oils with some oddities that touched his fancy. 


 I removed the two remaining nails holding the oklad to the painted panel allowing me to take several images of the entire surface.


Each inscription, including the large “title” across the top, the one center bottom and the one on either side, appears not only on the painted panel, but within the delicate engraving on the silver as well.


From the marks, we can see the silver content, Moskow origin, 1795 date, The Alderman “AOP,” and the assayer “Andrei Titov.”


 The painting is quite extraordinary, moving, as was its intent, with details and subtleties galore. It demands close inspection.



has ISIS done this yet?




estate hoard

scandanavian demitasse. also have the saucer. MINE for now. only seen 2 of this type .


hi-way harry drive


fall 2014


estate sale tour

from google earth, i thought a cool 50's house. no. 70's.  app[arently the woman played in the symphony

weird marble planter. NO WINDOW FOR YOU!

on way home. is it open?

window treatments bad. but how do you do it?


ebay decoy


dec drive




amped car

51 frazer




aug drive w/ ryan

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