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Saturday, July 26, 2014


parkour squirrel


amerika stupid

best government you can buy.


art stairs


old photo


estate sale tour


341 objects

old FOLK ART wooden 17 inch model railroad passenger cars OHIO original- $27

The man who built these cars is 95-years-old, and he still lives in the house his father built, the home in which he grew up. He never married, and he has never sought nor held a job. Early in life, he discovered his passion; carving, whittling, building, and making things out of wood, and that has consumed his life. His home is cram-packed with the thousands of objects he has created over many decades.



17th century strange fruit.

april drive 


arne on the la plata


arne in wi

 amped car


ebay object


estate sale tour

what is with the amorphous shapeless 80's furniture?

i like this tho.

i like that small cast iron baker. mine is covered but bigger.

lake shore estate.


hi-way harry drive

kitty pron


lands & peoples


walleye lure


march drive


may drive


photo album



Friday, July 25, 2014


pretty nature



poopy pron


art stairs


estate sale tour


ebay object




april drive


arne on the la plata


arne in wi


amped station wagon


ebay objects

yeah. my new hoards


estate sale tour

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