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Saturday, September 01, 2007



on my daily check of primative wood object on ebay, i found a PER Lysne listing. o course a later one by him in excellent condition and oh boy, i can see why his stuff is desired. and boy, those leaves look awfully similar to the tray i had. this one looks later. obviously done when he was known and was making more for them. this tray made over $700.



penultimate pic. uncle had needed some grass for a photo shoot at work, and when done with it, put it in his building's front tree planter. this was the only one i saw with grass.

Friday, August 31, 2007



when i was in NYC in 98' they were doing some sewer work in times square. dang, lookit that, they gotta dig thru rock.


BOSTON-seaport of england. bostom thought by some to have been a roman station in the province Plavia Lœ(?) Sariensis, but no evidence of that. according to the saxon chronicle, st. Botolphe, the patron saint of sailors, founded a monostary at Icanhoe in 654, destroyed by the danes in 870 and that is where the name originates(Botolphe town). it's principle building, the parish church of st. botolphe founded in 1309 and partly restored in 1857 at the expence of Boston, MA in memory of their namesake.

BOSTON, MA-blah blah blah Indian name of the pennisula was 'shawmut'-living fountains blah blah blah map blah blah blah.

BOTANY-pg 79-165 sevral full pages of illustrations. cashew tree, pawpaw, bread fruit!

BOSWELL, James-b. 1740-d. 1795 life of Johnson biography. did not say much. surprisingly.

BOTONY BAY- east coast of australia, southof sydney. 1787, commodore Phillip, commissioned to from a penal settlement there, but local unsuited and moved it to sydney, but BB name stuck. trasport to Aus ended in 1840.

BOTTICELLI, Ale(Sandro)- b 1447 in florence. youngest son. quick to learn, but restless and wayward and did not like schooling. started as a goldsmith's apprentice.

BOTTLE-not a whole page, but illustrations of roman skin bottles.

BOURBON- family of
1st of note-adheman/aiuxar-baron end of 9th century
2nd-beatrix, daughter of Agnes of Bourbon + John of burgandy. married count of clermont, 6th son of Louis IX, older branches became extinct and son luois became duc de bourbon in 1327. 1488 his line became extinct in jean II. the possession went to jean's bro pierre, lord of Beajeu, whose wife wife was Anne, sis of Louis XI. pierre died in 1503, leaving 1 daughter, suzanne. in 1505 she married charles de montpensier. the monpensier branch of bourbons became rich and powerful and was 1 of finest soldiers and gentlemen and Louis XII dreaded him and did not give him command of army in italy in 1515. francis I made chuckk constable of franc and in that capacity, gained new honors and in King's favor, but a disagreement developed and he fell greatly and lots of family crap. blah blah blah this blah that.
in 1500's a bourban, Henry IV became king, succeeded by his son son Louis XIII who had 2 sons, louis XIV, the dauphin, died, leaving 3 sons, the surviving became Louis XV, louis XIII younger son, Philip became king of spain. Louis XVI, who died in the french revolution. on restoration, throne taken by louis XVIII bro of louis XVI, who in turn was succeeded by bro charles X. the 2nd son of chuck X, duc de berri left a sonm henri charles ferdinand marie pieudonne d'artios, duc de bordeaux and count de chambord, who is a claimont to the throne!
Spain branch!
Neopolitan banch!
Duchies of lucca and parma branch!
europe is infested with them!


i sold a collectable item to australia, and due to payment options and such, we started 'chatting'. husband works for a winery in south australia state. ooh, another aussie state! and i have a bottle of banrock in the fridge!
well, i think i asked if the had sweet corn down there, and she told me she had to pay $9 for broccoli. the exchange rate is similar to canada i would say. so, amerika should be kissing them mexican illegals who are keeping inflation down. because if farmers had to pay americans, this bush 'boom' would look a WHOLE lot like the fucking great depression!
don't get me started about maintenance and such.



another of the psychadelic pastels.

Thursday, August 30, 2007



more met pics. i loved the little pyramid set up all by it's own little area. but i really enjoyed the old old graffiti. that human nature sure hasn't changed.

napoleon era. cool.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007



while i was there in 98', they were doing some construction at the main library, so the lions in the front had hard hats. i just went into the entry. didn't have time to explore the place. sigh.



i just found this in a mixed box of stuff at an estate sale. i SHOULD ebat it, but but but it is done so nicely, looks so deco. oh, i promise to sell the carved ivory fish in trade. i must hoard. i must I MUST!


wednesday cat blogging. they are telling me to clean another time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007



i spotted this in the 20's as they saw i think. was another yarn related find. and seemed appropriate as i chipped a tooth while in NY, emergency filling. which later ended up another root canal-cap. sigh. why did i HAVE to inherit the ANDERSON teeth??? not my grandma F's??? sigh. at least they are staight. even the lower. the building had other occupation sculptured people. also found a shop that sold crystals, fossils and such. had a sale. no problems with my bare feet. got 2. course later i get some at estate sales much cheaper.

72? more Bush weeks to go
72? more Bush weeks to go
time for that Katrina anniversay and levees fall down
ABu G, you gotta go now, time to leave town
72? more fucking Bush weeks to go.

toooooooo easy this week!

Monday, August 27, 2007



near the end of my week i hit that NY science museum. no pics from the special diamond show they had at the time, but the other gem pics came out pretty good, considering the lighting.

now the bone room. strange to see them in life-like poses. the bone monkeys swinging about dead trees. but then, how do you pose bones? just thought they were funny.



Badger-M∑qnakwah. for some reason, not a big seller in WI. can play a wolverine i suppose. i don't care. i like him.

Sunday, August 26, 2007



more bridges. manhattan bridge this time. NO WTC!

don't know why, but today was bad. beautiful day. and he invaded my thoughts. damn if only's. i got a letter from benedicte. she haas another man. married 3 times, left last for a south african. now a geography/history teacher? living in a 1700's house. going to come to WI in Oct. she is doing something on isek dinesen's father place he had up north. invited me along. lucky my art thingy is the week before. cool. never say no to a benedicte adventure! maybe she can take me somewhere i can find another keith.

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