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Friday, July 27, 2007


FRIDAY ART BLOGGING-art school experiment

i have always like archaology, and did like aztec stuff. my uncle had gone to mexico city for a job and brought back a booklet on a temple in the city and i zeroxed many pages to use. i 1st did this in watercolor. in my bedroom. and i relly thought it turned out cool, so, i tried it in oil. but i spread out sand over went gesso. i did like the texture, but the sand just soaked up the paint. so when i do this again, i have to do another coat of gesso over the sand. i have a of aztec watercolors i will get to. then there is the BEG oil inspired by aztecs. i tried to do one in denmark, but i just couldn't do it. maybe it was a phase. or maybe all the vikings. did do the inca dude tho. i may do future aztecies like him.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


quick did by bloggin this mornin. got ready. washed my hairs and BOOM. kevin is at the airport. but his baggage not. i forgot that and got bakery and he is at the curb. whoops. in the area, so quick get to airport. and i meet my texasstan e-pal. his baggage is coming on the next flight, so i figure we can putz around the east side til 2pm. had a note on my NPR. my framing pal is gonna have 4 atists at her shop for the gallery walk. hey! i take kevin there to look at some art since we don't have time for the art museum. when we got there, blank walls! but an arist had dropped off her art before we left and shelly's partner got him some fireant relief spray. she has a side biz. texas advertising and conections for them! and i get a nice donation of matt board. i am now a charity! i do need matt board and was gonna ask if i could buy some! COOl and she gets a write off. we go off on a mini car tour of the lakefront, lake drive, wisconsin ave. there's the old Northwestern building and doesn't that middle scupted face look like robert bork? PFISTER! lavern and shirley. our calatrava! our lakefront was designed/planned by Olmstead. guy who did central park.
oh, and hit a bakery for almond tarts. over the holn bridge.checked a motel out. too $$$. of to my house for lunch. OH! gotta get the bracelet for auntie! off to crappy estate sale. back to my house. putter. then off to a different restaurant. very good filet mignon.
back to the house to pack the car. whew. BLOG.


but but but

out of order!!!
well, Marquette show is this weekend and i won't be here. and i tried to just save it for later, but what if i forget??? i will be busy!
so, but but but what about monday??? if i don't get back in time, i will have to give you a late tease of something completely different!



the spares liked to fight over who could get the nice warm I-mac. now it's a fight over the desk between the imac and the keyboard. i don't mind the distance. but the keyboard isn't in the best ergonomic space no more.
basil was in the mood for a good belly rub.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

77? more Bush weeks to go
77? more Bush weeks to go
georgie, full of shit, gets searched for the dreded polyp
6 more months and 6 more months to get blown up
77? more fucking Bush weeks to go


B, Marie Annonciade Caroline b.1782. 1800 married Murat. 1806 became grand duchess of berg and of cleves. 1808, queen of naples. 1815 after the flight of her husband, she was compelled to leave the capital and surrendered to the austrians. short time imprisoned in triest. then permitted to live at triest w/ sister elisa. 1838 pension from french government, but died in 1839.

B, Jerome b. 1784. 1800 entered army and served in the mediteranean and under Villaret Jpyeuse in the west indies, 1802-03. recalled, but the port where his ship was, lay blockaded by english cruisers, he intended to get passage to france. well recieved, he fell in love with and american, elizabeth patterson, dauhghter of a baltimore merchant, who he married in 1803. remined til 1805. meanwhile N, excessively displeased, had passed a decree annulling the marriage and declined to allow her to enter france. J's submission was rewarded by high command in the navy, in which he showed competence. 1806 made brigadier-general in the army and distiinguished himself in Silesia. 1807 made king of westphalia and married the daughter of frederick, king of wurtemberg. went with N to russia, but disgraced for no success in some battle + returned to westphalia. after abdication , lived at triest, but rejoined N in 1815 and took conspicious part in the 'hundred days'. after waterloo and 2nd abdictaion, retired to wurtemberg and spent some time imprisoned. back to triest, rome, florence, and lusanne and in 1847 permitted to visit paris. in 1848 made govenor of Invalides and in 1850 marshall of france. 1852 president of senate, but then retired from politics. D 1860. of his children, only joseph charles paul famous-commonly known as prince napoleon b. 1822.

Monday, July 23, 2007



Puma II-pes∑w again. not the best pic. oh well.

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