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Friday, February 09, 2007

hey bruce. wed, there was a clunk clunk rattle and SLUrrrrrrrrpg. i went to look and the sink is 'empty', except for a few dishes and muck. i cleaned the disposal side(i will never ever ever want side by side kitchen sinks!) and did one load of dishes.
at least 4 loads of dishes yesterday and scrub the other side. and now my hands are paying for it. at least it's easier making coffee and the kitchen smells better.
it was warmer today, but next week is supposed to be colder again. ahh, feb, when spring is looking gooder and gooder. at least it is lighter later. we have turned the corner.

the estate sales have been so banal lately. hard to fill a open house $3 bag. will see if ebay thinks it was worth it. today slightly better on amount, but the objects were not my cup o tea. and the worst set of big tiki wood spoon and fork i have seen. ok, i only have seen 2 sets up close. and i missed the old copper heater. as if i need more of them.
i may have to do big heater photo post.

hmm, i better start eating the coffee bombs i already have.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


our pipes were frozen monday morning. wonderful. of course even if the dishes are piling up. my dishpan hands have a small reprieve. oh the cracks at the fingernails. luckily i discovered new skin, like superglue. bet it is superglue. no more band-aide waste.
so, luckily i collect vintage heaters which at least is keeping it from getting worse.
boiling water didn't seem to help. maybe it would have monday. and i will have to CLEAN sinks when the water drains.
matbe i should have farmer post pics of the heaters. 1st i was using my 1st. a 30's Hotpoint. used a small kwikway, but that singed the cupboard. today i brought up the 'radio'. smaller and has a fan. the bad part is the pipe is behind the cupboard plywood backing, so getting warm air to it is hard. the idea of putting a shitty heater outside was nixed. maybe pile snow against that wall.

sadly, most of the bushies want armageddon, too. but how many middle of the road stupids know that? i bet thjat ain't what they signed on for.

armageddon??? i just voted for the idiot so my taxes wouldn't go up. save us from gays marrying.

who gives a shit about taxes, and poofda nuptuals now?
how bout them GAS PRICES.
does ANYBODY remember how NICE it was during Clinton?

by the way, bruce makes the BEST chocolate truffles!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

101? Bush weeks to go
101? Bushit weeks to go
bread and circus colts and bears
now georgie uses iWan in his scares
101? FUCKING Bush weeks to go

99 is is soooooooo close. and before qwe know it, it will be 50. and 30 and and and 10! and 1.
if we don't have armageddon first.

Monday, February 05, 2007


well, i guess Condi knows something about FOOTBALL. shame she doesn't know jack about the JOBS she has had in the Bushevic assministration.


same dude. later in same speech.
--there is another truth, equally indisputable, which is that a man who aspires to govern mankindought to bring to the task GENEROUS SENTIMENTS, compassionate SYMPATHIES, AND NOBLE AND ELEVATED THOUGHTS.
emphasis mine. i think georie AND his svengali, dickie fail on all of these.

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