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Saturday, February 03, 2007

new blogger has be tetchy so i can't edit out booboos yet.


Palmerston b 1784 d 1865

Justice could not be expected where the judges of the tribunals were at the mercy of the advisors of the crown(chimperor). The finances could not be in any order where there was no public responsibility on the part of those who were to collect or spend revenue. every sort of abuse was practised.

this was in regards to greece after it got independence from turkey. it also seems to apply to america under georgie and Iwaq.

Friday, February 02, 2007


ATILLA(ETZEL) the Hun- not much meat surprizingly, but laid waste of europe with only the town of Azimus resisting him. no mention WHERE Azimus was.

just a snippet from i think Augustus II or III, kings of poland were sort of elected. i think it was around the 1600s or 1700's

AUK-said the great auk extinct. gotta check on that.

AULIC COUNCIL- 1 of 2 supreme courts pf germany. started in 1501 by emperor Maximillion to counterbalance the 1st, which he was forced to create. on the death of the ruler, it was disbanded and a new batch would be appointed.

AURELIUS 161 AD. reign started like Bush's. flood, famine, Rome damaged like nOLA, earthquakes, fires and insects. and war. but aurelius, unlike bush, was a very good and kind ruler, except he was pretty cruel to the christians, even though he himself was most christ like in the way he ruled. he had some bad info on the christian sect. he mistakenly thought they were more like the moonies or bad bad cultists.

that's it, but i just hit aurara polaris. aurora borealis. and a small snippet. way bacck and maybe even now, the scottish called them the merry dancers. SO, i think i will be slogging through the rest of it.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

oy. google made me switch, but impossible on my OS9 imac. using my brother's XP mod puter, so i could do my week removal. will see if i can get in now at home.

102? Bush weeks to go
102? Bush weeks to fucking go
adjusting the tax code is a tax HIKE
and can't defeat uideology, even with might
102? fucking Bush weeks to go.

rhyming hard. and i am sooooooo looking forward to 99!

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