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Saturday, January 20, 2007


ASCLEPIADES-dr. 2nd ecntury BC. known for his bedside manner. and treatment with diet. died in old age from a fall. always a broken hip, eh?

ASHANTEE(SHIANTI)-was a west africn country way back when.

ASIA-just from the map, boy have things changed. ACTUAL section-Kighiz hordes! chinese empire, manchooria. turkestan, beloochistan. Corea(korea) hindoo koosh. siam of course, anam? obviously vietnam and camboja/cambodia. only 4 pages of history and i figure i will read each country seperately, so didn't read.

ASKEW/ASCUE,Anne-lady of worth and beauty, who was catholic, but decided to switch to the reformation, which made he husband kick her out. corresponded with catherine parr and ladies of the court. went to london to get a divorce(gee henry V11, no sympathy?) for some reason she was arrested and they wanted to know who she talked to and was TORTURED on the RACK, but DID NOT CONFESS, even though her limbs were dislocated and then condemned to death by fire w 4 others.

now, i wanted to have an illustration of the rack, NOT the one you think from movies. it was more like a movable ladder(i have an Inquisition book) that is quite horrid in the way it pulls your limbs ou of their sockets. she had to be carried to her death in a chair.


ASSAYING-5 pages not read

ASTHMA-arsenic was used, is it still?

only one more post from vol 2. i finished it today. weeeee.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

104? Bush weeks to go
104? Bush weeks to go
execution, little bunny foo foo style
Condi off to the mid-east for diplomacizin awhile.
104? Bush weeks to go

Sunday, January 14, 2007


i think i forgot to mention bro came home not just with a cold but had pnuemonia and pink eye. so out to aunte's again. colder today, but same XXX squirrel show arounf 2 pm. 3 were more into it than all 4. the 3 would move from pine to pine to pine in auntie's back yard. one was having fun pulling one off the tree. and the jumping. who needs video games?
sigh i am so easy to amuse.
and keith would have had fun watching it with me. and it just makes me want him more.
and i can't get him.
damn this sucks.

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