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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

had a bit of insomnia so pulled out the dicctionary. i am up to i, on the same page of the 60's dict, was impeachment and imperial. i am also reading it at the same time from the back. up to t(didn't do that from beginning).
but on to why i am here.....

122 weeks of Bushit to go
122 weeks of Bushit to go
georgie's annual 9/11 bounce is no more
off to the UN to push iWan, cause peace is such a bore
122 weeks of Bush to go

the week # is bearable to add and maybe it will be less. 800+ is too big a #.

Monday, September 18, 2006

looked back at my archives and my notebook. Jack frost's sale was 11/7/03. i did not post it on the blog. ooh, comments are archived too! i figured it couldn't be 04'. but i did finally sell the Xmas card on the anniversary of the sale. i think i still have a pic of it. maybe farmer could post it. and the key.

oy, my spelling was worse back then.
or my typing has improved.

i admit dale, that my spelling sometimes is no good. dislexia and i think quicker than i type. BUT, this time i spelled it how the encyclopedia spelt it. some things were spelled different in 1891 apparently. like irak. they do the same with some names too. very confusing, but i be edjumicated enuf i can sort of figure out what the hell it's talking about. but when it doesn't translate latin, french or GREEK, i am lost.
obviously only really smart people bought these books back then. this set did belong too a minister who did know greek. i got a greek book from his voluminous library. his english lit son added to the collection as well. dang. that was one of the best estate sales. right now looking at the roman era bronze key i got there. i sold a poetry book to someone from new orleans. (shit! i remember that???) i wonder if it survived. but then, that is the only thing that went to NOLA.
maybe i should post a pic of my key. not the neatest of roman keys, but it is a better key than average. they are pretty cheap on ebay, just so ya knows.
sigh. wish i was phychic. to know the history of this key. how did jack frost get it(that was his name. he was only a bit away from his 100th b-day. i think he was gay maybe. no signs of marriage in the house. it also looked like it had been closed up for many years. in a nursing home?) the house was fixed up and i think it finally sold. and for any milwaukee people. it is a little white house on wisconsin ave. 101th. on the south east corner. when i went the front yard had 2 large trees. no lawn and lots of bushes. very scary basement. was it oct? yes, i think it was fall. i WAS barefoot. NO, it was Nov.(i started keeping notebooks of my purchases)11/17/04. huh, i didn't list what i got the day before. 2 books day 2?(3 day sale?). i stayed til it was $3 bag sale i spent $20. so bought the key and 2 books 1/2 price. $16. that is 4 bags of books. the 1891 one set books weigh about 4lbs each. wait. $18 of bags. 6 bags of books. i think the encycs filled 4. sold the set of the history of decorative arts(oy, 8 big 1912 books) sold on ebay. found a art newvo Xmas card in one. hand painted. sold it. oh, and it had a pic of the sphinx in egypt buried in sand! i wonder if i posted any of this on the blog back then. got an old set of george elliot books too. oh, that was the BIG book estate sale.
yes. i do need book cases.

i searched for that holo thingy and i got it with their spelling too. but it doesn't look like i can find any hellesbore for auntie's gout.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


i made a bunch of notes of stuff. take care of that 1st.
hmm andreani andria. think that's an artist i want to 'google'.
andronicus-of cyrras. built this thing called Horlogium. want to 'googl;e' that.

ah. Sophonisha(ba?) angoscola a swedish king's assasin centuries ago.
ok. i did NOT read 7+ pages on ANNELIDA-worms. nor did i read 17+ pages on ANNUITIES. sort of paged through 15+ pages of ANTHROPOLGY.
hellebore for gout? where did i find that and what is hellebore?

ANTIGONUS-one of alexander the greats general. he was quite the conqueror himself. but has anybody heard of antigonus?

but last night i read ANTIOCH. LOTS of history and many many times was destroyed by earthquake and rebuilt. then fires or invasions, but kept rebuilt it.

and one hurrican means new orleans is finished as it was? the WTC hole is empty forever?

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