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Friday, September 15, 2006


ahh, doorbell. 2 older guys(saw at neighbor's door, i just KNOW they are JW).
introduces himself as roman(he has a foreign accent)
"with all that is going on in the world, where do you think this is heading?"
i say emphatically-IMPEACHMENT!
luckily before they can get too far, my mom calls, as i walk away to get phone, i say, i got problems with CATHOLICS, so you ain't gonna get me to consider JW.

i am talking to YOU DISH teevee.and sprint.

Thursday, September 14, 2006



why didn't anybody remind me??? i been toooo 'busy'this week.

one less Bush week to go
ONE less Bush week to GO
Georgie goes to congress for warrantless taps and torture too!
unitary preznit stamps his little boots and face turns blue
one less Bush week to go

at least forgetting gave me something for my 99 bottle of shit on the wall

and while i am here

LAKE SHORE drive. whitefish bay. ooh la la. darn. 50's mini mansion. lake view on a bluff tho. gee that must be nice. 1st day. but still i HAD to get some things. ooh, a tanzanian wood? carved 'duck'. the house owner was a golfer, a fisher(lures sucked tho), hunter and boy oh boy did he have the $$$ duck decoys. Keith's are way nicer tho. so they had lots of duck figurines. i like african best. what else? 3 WADE whimsies-yes, i doos watch the BBC cash in the attic. at $2 @ i had to be picky. 2 old cool books. a 1880's shakespeare and 1914 children's book. OK OK OK, YES! i did get the 5 peice dovetailed wood 40's?/50's hand painted rooster canisters. but but but one is for COFFEE! see, that is why i HAD to get them. i will keep the coffee one. try and sell rest. why would cookies be part of a canister set? sell seperate. i will get my $20 back and maybe more. maybe.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


my oh my. 1st Open House. north west side. 50 little mod. just in time for $3 bag sale. grab and fill a grocery bag. found a cute cat shelf sitter to start. NO, go to KITCHEN! hmm, ooh, take 'coffee from hell mug, the criminal squirrel one too! no kitchen utensils, but ooh, interesting pots. 1970's. BASEMENT! oh, lookie, a table full of silver and silver plant flatware! ooh, oak pattern!!! take. all of it. no ice pick with the tools. nice dishes, but can't take those. back up stairs. get a few ,ore bits missed the 1st time in kitchen. hmm, what's that? oh!, very old german stein cover, in bag. stuff on the low table too? yes. OOH, straw woven bugs. let guy have the dragon fly but take cricket and praying mantis. what in that box! eek, wood snake 'bit' me. funny, take that too. oh! kick ass! a crate end by the table. oh, what's that thin metal thing? not an old needle. OH MY GOD! that is SMALLEST crocet needle i have ever seen!!!! ooh, and it has decorations! little stamped flowers on 2 sides! it's less than 1/8 inch wide!!! gold? BRASS? WHAT IF IT'S GOLD??? is the antique roadshow gonna go to iowa again?
i had a bit more than 1 $3 bag. was happy to pay $5.


yesterday's, 1st day.same area as the other sale, little farther south east. so, find what you can. oh dear, you didn't! not ANOTHER wood meat mallet. but but but the handle still has some green paint. it's only $1. basement, oh, golfer. oy, that is a HUGE soldering iron! ooh, little tin! for radio soldering??? old old take take(pay 25¢), back upstairs. nothing in attic. back down, look at jewelry, lady opens drawer. ooh, what's that. wood handle with a sharp metal end, hmmm. later determined to be a pipe scraper. oh, also found a interesting vintage ceramic ashtray, bottom shows crack. 50¢. i spend $2.


another 50's little house, north east side long drive there in the rain with our downtown freeway construction. well, lots of ebayables.i did get some 8¢ cloves tho. those things are way expensive and it has a ton in the jar. and those frames are a very very expensive style. i think we paid about $12 a foot for similar. take out the crap in them and use them for my art.

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