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Friday, June 30, 2006


Iowa Landscapehave i mentioned the iowa landscape here. i know i wrote about it in my letters to keith.

well, when i was in iowa, he went to a business and i stayed in the truck. 1st i watched a cardinal and stuff and then i looked in the rearview mirror and saw this scenery. the colors, just the arrangement inspired me. quick sketch. put in mental file. PAINT.

the bottom part came pretty quick, despite black issues. i RARELY use tube black. it always sucks. so had to redo some with the ultimate black, raw umber and prussian blue.

after MANY reworking of the sky and branches, i realized how is had to be done and i am so pleased. it's a tad shiny, so hard to photograph.


porn spam on a post about georgie???? is it cause i said funny?

oh, FLWright sale was an overpriced bust. did get 1 blogable object maybe. ebay too, if i don't hoard it.


this only makes sense if you read rising hegemon tho. and the faces of cheney.
so, i am at a social security office today and they have a pic of the idiot preznit and 1 of dickie. (when did the VP pic start?-of course HE'S the preznit) it was the sexual release pic.


Thursday, June 29, 2006


why i really wanted to come.
last night, the cat drawer(open drawer in a BIG deco chest of drawers i got at estate sale for $40) was empty, so pansy made a beeline for it. about 5 minutes later Basil(who likes to go to bed with me in there) decided he wanted in. pansy growled, but he wasn't detered and curled up on the otherside. so it's 2 cats and all my green and blue socks. very hairy socks. and room for sybil if she dared. yeah, it's a BIG drawer. at least 8 inches deep. pansy growled a bit, but it was relatively peaceful til he left 15 min later.
if only i had a picture.



georgie and japanese press do. shut up shut up shut up. the japanes have ALREADY had american beef you fucking idiot.
i don't CARE if you had beef for dinner.
oy, the translator for kozumi(?) is a breath of fresh air.

can't answer about the GITMO ruling. he hasn't gotten the answer from dickie and KKKarl yet. he doesn't know what he thinks.
the pain. oh the pain. pansypoo HATES listening to the turd in chief. she is so embarrassed.

pissed basil? i don't think so. he always looks like he's smiling,besides, goofy basil is a good title. although i did peeve him. the spares have unusually thick evil hair prone to hairballs. BASIL! you are a short hair! no short hair in my house is gonna get a hairball!!!! so i have been forcing him to endure vigorous ass brushing. and sybil! i was about to finally get one of hers and babybitch goes all crazee on me. NOOOOO MOMMEEEEEE! never have i had a cat put up so much fuss. except when i have to take pansy to the vet. sigh. makes me miss my 1st 2. they were the sweetest natured cats.

of course i do have a happy pansy and a fuming pansy, which will be showcased on a future friday. i am gonna do them in order as i painted them. if i remember right.
and, i do do commisions. i can do any pet in this style. i think. never done a bird. but i think others need to be seen. oh, reminds me i altered one again and i haven't updated it.
i did 3 pissed cosmos. never did him happy. except in watercolor. sigh i still miss him too, but the spares make up for that. even of they are evil.

as you can see Mr. Natural, i like wooden stuff and kitchen stuff. especially potato mashers of all kinds. love the rare, 'better moustraps' that couldn't take out the squiggly line kind. not sure if i got into it because of my uncle, who also has a kitchen gadget collection. he liked the spatula i got him,
if you pushed on a lever, would become 3 and it had funky holes. i have yet to come across another. did see one on ebay.

and if you see any foley forks.they do well on ebay.

ok respnse time. how about more constitution less flag. although liberty is something i heard america loves. home of the 'brave' yada yada yada.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

i almost forgot.
poor basil. he got stepped on and boy did he scream. and later i closed the window on him. the window opens and closes like a door, not a double hung."WHY ISN"T CLOSING? I MOVED THE DRAPE!" although double hungs have gotten him too.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Humbolt goodiesgee, a picture is worth a 1000 words. here's SOME of the ghoodies from the Humbolt xxxx. you would not believe all the stuff in that apartment.

thursday-a estate of a former Frank Lloyd Wright student!

One less Bush week to go
ONE less fucking Bush week to go
oh Aby G, how will you raiseour fear of terror in an election year?
ooh, how about the Miami 7? aka the insane clown posse. oh dear.
one less fucking propagandized Bush week to go.

as i said elsewhere, calling them the keystone terror cell would be a compliment. Insane clown posse found at DU?

Monday, June 26, 2006


Monday art blogging


pissed cosmoPissed Cosmo 1

yes, i have seen those blue dog paintings, but i don't really care for blue, so why did i make cosmo blue? no idea. no idea why the checkerboard floor, but it started a series of these. i've done about 10 they are quite fun and i like playing with the colors.

pissed cosmo first appeared in a monoprint. it obviously stuck in my mind. once when somebody from our PBS action came to pick up art, the painting was in the hall and cosmo stood in front of it with the paintings eyes above him. it was perfect.
when i took it to a gallery, the owners husband came in and said that cat looks pissed. PERFECT again. OH! i forgot the dogs! i've done 12. did the 2 neighbor's mutts. pepper is a golden retriever/dauchsund and nicky is setter/dauchsund. i think i wanna send the others to farmer now. it's a fun series.

oh farts. what did i hit now???

ok, last monday art blogging. strictly friday.

and why i am here.

i was a bad girl. spent far too much and on too many kitchen goodies, but but but how often do you see a spring-loaded hotdog grabber? gonna just post a photo. fucking erase buttons. but but
but i had to get the little mexican tourist critters. it had 2 fish in the bag. and and and it's a portuguese rooster, NOT scandanavian.

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