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Saturday, June 17, 2006

still high brenda.

and i am very glad i started reading that orations set. heh. glad i bought them at the art school book sale. WAY before ebay. these should at least get me $9.99. i also have 7 more to read and find more quotes.

by the way i am gonna get HD/the farmer to add some art to these pages. need to 'preen' a tad. let's just say my family is lucky i don't suck. unfortunately the iowa landscape is hard to photograph. a tad shiny.

Friday, June 16, 2006

thousands? shirley you jest brenda. LOL.

i am back into ebay. just in time to put more crap on.
but i forgot something yesterday i wanted to post.


Walpole-1741(b-1676 d 1745)

Gentlemen have talked a great deal of pariotism. a venerable word, WHEN DULY PRACTISED.but i am sorry to say that of late it has been so much hackneyed about that it in in danger of falling into disgrace. the very idea of true patriotism is lost, and the term has been PROTITUTED TO THE WORST OF PURPOSES. a patriot, Sir!why patriot spring up like mushrooms! i could raise50 of them within the four and twenty hours. i have raised many of them in one night-......-this PRETENDED virtue proceeds from personal malice and disappointed ambition.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


somebody hijacked pansypoo yesterday.
ford focus. i'm not selling a ford focus. a V8 focus??? ebay removed the bogus auctions, but has left me locked out of my account trying to change my password and in a catch-22 of internets limbo.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


my first 2 which we got when i was only a little past toddler age, and lasted to my 20's were pre idiot cameras and so less documented sadly, but i have done them in my art. and i still remeber the best about them.

both were from the only litter of cats of my dad's cat nicky. a short haired black cat who was a bit of a biting bitch. and also had a white patch on her neck and a smily face on her belly. go figure.

parents divorced by then. a big tabby tom knocked nicky up at the little cottage apt my dad had in the middle-outer core. i still sort of remember it even tho i only remember being there once. my brother and i got to have pink squirrels (alcoholic ice cream!) and we jumped on his bed. maybe the only time i ever was 'drunk'.

whiskers<< Whiskers

well, nicky had 5 kittens. he moved and after their eyes opened they came to us before being adopted. there was one short haired black, 2 long haired blacks and one long haired tabby? and a short haired one. we took a short haired female-Tabby (or princess as my mom insisted even if we never called her that) and of the 2 black long haired ones, one had a white whisker. that was my Whiskers.

when we had all 5, they ruined the front window sheers by climbimg them. remember that. the 1st one to go was the short haired black one.

tabby<< Tabby

when they were just the 2 and still very small, one morning i heard one wailing and discovered tabby caught by the neck in the black fabric under this rust chair we had. i tell mom. who was still in bed. she didn't want to deal with it.(she would prefer the corspe???), so the 4 1/2 year old me weilds the scissors alone and cuts her free. heh, you should have seen what i did to my bangs.

um, let's see. dad always called them slugs cause whenever he saw them they would be one big kitty ball. as i got older i realized they had quite the sex life. sigh. once on my back. thank you very much. whisker's was always the quite the romantic. tabby always got a little foreplay and just a gentle nip on the neck.

both would come under the covers with me and let me pet them. always sleep next to me.

oh, and never ever did they eat dry food, but actually back then that could have killed whisker's. ash content back then could kill black males. whisker's was a very VERY smart cat. starved them 3 days trying to get him to eat dry. but bo. but then every morning i got a cat wake up call to feed them. on weekends. it would be 1 cat and if that didn't work the other would try and if that didn't work, both cats did it.

later when i had moved out with them, tabby got some tumors on her belly. at about 15 yrs. whiskers actually got smaller 'sympathetic' ones that disappeared afer hers were removed-non-cancerous. but around 17-18 her kidneys started failing and i didn't realise. so she was put to sleep around then. i tried giving her sleeping pills myself, but it didn't kill her!

whisker kisneys started to go around 19 or so, but we knew what it was so we could treat him. he HATED his 'special food'. always had to have some baby food mixed in. gave him IVs. but then milwaukee had cryptosporidium and that was too much and soon after he died in my arms.

and the next few weeks catless were the worst fucking weeks. and then pansy and cosmo.

no way to nevada brenda. still have to buy plane tickets and crap. heck, one of them guviment office marriages would do.

my cousin's marriages were pretty cheap.(at least Dan's first)

and a little to add to the cat post. over the years, whiskers would get more than 1 white whisker. the most he had was 3. usually he had 2.one on each side of his face.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

i guess 'Bride to go' sells used wedding dresses, and maybe maid dresses. never been by it, but my aunt has. sure had a lot of pennies. wonder how much they had. was it worth it? there's another bridal shop 2 or so blocks east. i never EVER want to enter one of those things. i bet if i did get married i could keep it under $500. and i will NOT wear shoes. or a dress dammit!

but why i am here.

one less Bush week to go
one less bushit week to go.
Zarqawri's death did not help goergie's poll#s
QUICK QUICK, off to iWaq, must get photo ops for poll #s
one less fucking bush week to go.

no fitzmas isn't good enough. so glad i wasn't looking forward to it.

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