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Saturday, June 10, 2006

ahh. a very blogable day! 3 things.


something black and odd that i noticed from my 2nd floor bedroom porch door this morning. after downstairs discover it is a cash drawer, a bank check stamp and assorted change strewn on the dirt. can't call right away. stuff to be done. bakeries to hit. later discover business name on bank stamp. 'bride to go', which is across the boulevard on the other side of the street. call, 'were you robbed?' YES! and the cops are here. talk to them and they send a cop over. as we are mystery readers and watchers. i don't like any CSI tho, did not touch the evidence. goes back to talk with the others, get the CSI guy and such. do what they have to do. what change is left we can keep. i found 47ยข which isn't bad since i didn't see much other than pennies.


i am waiting for my mom in the car mid morning, she went on a charity walk, and 5 FIVE squirrels in a row run across her street. i have never seen that. they go and play in a bush and then run towards the house across from my mom's into the back yard. and then another squirrel crossed the street. and another. 2 more. all go in that yard. then a bit later about 3 or 4 go back across the street. 2 or 3 chase each other around the tree in front of me. weird.


i was rather pissed at the coverage by ABC. but then NBC sucks too, but the continued showing of that poor horse in a earlier race who almost did a barbaro out the gate and fell on it's back was too fucking much. i hope none of the horses were hurt. so i have about 5 horses i got good feelings from and i pick Jazil to win just as they break from the gates. SO! technically, i got 2 out of 3 this year.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

well, there are a couple old dead oak? trees in the grove. and one with about 1/2 of it down from wind or rot. not really wooded, but water. it's a tiny stream flowing into a top pond and down a pond and down a pond. maybe just post some pics. they re-planted the edges and kicked most of the geese and ducks that clogged it. just one goose family and ducks? but long grasses and flowers along the edge. so lots of birding possible. now if they would just stop addingon building to that complex. it's such amess! and the new children's is just aweful post-mod with garish colors. now that my mom works at home,i don't see it as often.

by the way she works in medical records. she does cancer records mainly. which is in need of fresh blood by the way. we don't need ANYMORE lawyers. she got quite a bit of money to go to denver the past few months to work there for a week at a time.her boss went other weeks. she gets lovely pharma pens when she has to go to conferences.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

hey farmer, i saw my own mother-flicker at the hospital(Pee test-what fun, getting better) near the road along ponds and wooded grove. COOl. but why i am really here.

One less Bush week to go
one less fucking Bush week to go.
one step to the right for immigration
2 steps to the religeous right for just say no to gay marriage son.
one less stupid fucking Bush week to go.

estate xxxx not worthy, but did 'fill' a $3 bag and the studs terkel-hard times was the best find.

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