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Thursday, May 18, 2006


algernon? Sidney 1683-b. 1622 d.1683, on the scaffold-
-Moreover, we live in an age that maketh truth pass for treason; i dare not say anything contrary unto it, and the ears of those that are about me will probably be found too tender to hear it. my trial and condemnation suffieciently evidence this.

also mini EB post. i am now in AMERICA, which was then considered north and south, one continent. and just got to the description for natives. oy, did a lot of north american's indians get killed.very low numbers. smaller than CENTRAL america! i did skip a few pages. old school out of date. must have been pre-plkate tectonics.

looked at my pics of the grotti sale. the garage was old brick and metal siding? over brick? and had blue painted wood and the blue with the rustd metal was just beautiful. but. the front building was at least 2 floor. major changes made to windows sadly.


i got a 6 book, 12 volumn set of cassanova's memoir. sigh. i read too slow. and with the EBs, i have decided to sell (1928-limited edition of 660), but i have paged through, read 1st page and it is quite well written. finally hit him seducing a young girl(does intend to marry). how a kiss goes to all the way? dang, i wish i had time.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

no, i didn't forget.

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
georgie goes on teevee.
immigration 'solutions' improve poll # does he see
one less Bush week to go

dang, rhyming hard work.


Vane(b-1612-executed 1662)-against Richard Cromwell 1659
[But so it happens, i know not by what misfotune, we are fallen into the error of those who poisoned Emperor titus to make room for Domitian: who made away Augustus that they might have Tiberius; and changed Claudius for Nero. I am sensible these examples are foreign from my subject, since the Romans in those days were buried in lewdness and luxury, whereas the people of England are now reknowned all over the world for their great virtue and discipline:and yet-suffer an idiot, without courage, without sense, -nay, without ambition(okay, that doesn't sound like georgie, although his dislike of hard work)-to have dominion in a country of liberty!

saw another baby rabbit in the alley. alive.

for now.

RANDOM ESTATE XXXX(spam avoidance ploy)

1800's building in not so good neighborhood. ad said FISHING stuff. i am SO there. inside, batcjelor grotti. catholic. hmm, nuge brick garage-2 story in back. but did snag a 70's T. Jefferson bust. can send to texasstan e-pal who loves the white house if ebay don't like it. also grabbed a small enamelware roasting pan w/cover in small icky kitchen. nothing on 1st floor. 2nd floor. hmm crates? nah, oh, there's a nice little lure. if nothing else i got that. OH! what's that? BEE smoker. hmm, that looks very ebay. grab that too. go back into building hit 2 grotti bedrooms. longies cotton poly. ONLY COTTON! oh, that shirt ain't bad. and rayon. would keith like it?
if not i do. go back into 1st floor 'attic' space. yes. building 1 story, garage 2. look again at the 2 old crates full of american soda water bottles. i have 5 or so crates from a rummage sale in our neighborhood. boy were those steals! 3? painted at least 2 not. good deal for $5, but decide not to. go bck towards front, what's in that plastic thing? 2 LURES! wood! one with glass eyes! MINE for $2.50. ahh. good snag. and of course much was made that i dared do it barefoot.
i also took many pictures of the buildings AND a turn of the century fire house down the block.still in use as they had call as i left.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

RANDOM i don't know what

we have a local gun range and gun store which used to be BADGER guns and ammo. til the local paper showed they had sold the most crime guns. WHOOPS.
changed their name. but right now on their cheapo sign it says they BUY GUNS FOR GAS.

wonder how many who are in that place voted for georgie.

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