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Saturday, April 08, 2006


i was out at my great-aunt's yesterday. she had a dr. appointment. so, we are sitting at her kitchen table. she's puttzing and i am ripping a sweater i made appart(shoot, i ain't wearing it, redo). i glance out the window. WILD TURKEY BIRD walking along her pine trees. COOL!!!! i have never seen one so close. disappeared into the neighbor's tard kittycorner to hers.
COME BACK! i didn't get a pic! well, it finally did wander back. camera ready, i took a couple, hope i got a shot of it flying into a pine. so it's sitting there. HEY! i'll go outside and try to get a tree/turkey pic. but it flew away just as i got close. man was it loud.

gonna do photos, may have to e farmer.

Friday, April 07, 2006


1st squirrel. so, 2 squirrels removed and only one left. looked outside today. POOF a 2nd squirrel. and one smooshed one in the street. was it coming here? did somebody tell them?

estate sale. WAWAtosa. always promising. ooh, intresting old houses! old old old! sale house a HUGE duplex. well, a easy clue was the small jewelry box. this will not be promising. everything pre-70's or much much older. but bad. 'tradional 60's. romance paperbacks on book shelves(not built ins). that's bad. 1st things, gotta do basement. not much. everything uneven and sloping down. interesting that. ok. i am desperate. old drawer? but a srew front? or what? take, good for filing at least. go around to the emptyish other side. hmmm, interesting tredle sewing machine drawers attatched to ceiling. ooh, look inside! sockets. give up. go to attic. 3rd floor. who needs stairmaster? ooh, this ain't gonna be fun getting it all out.
back to first floor. vainly vainly looking. hmm. old bowl in kitchen. ebay? maybe. nothing else. crappy stuff. i guess the family kept the good stuff.
spend $1.50 on drawer and bowl.
drawer has lock.part of a desk? very very interesting contrucktion. no dove tails, slotting, so very sturdy.i think i could use that. maybe even at an art fair. we shall see.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

thanks brenda. give your cat nice chin scratch.

and the catnip has recovered from that cold snap. i hope i didn't kill the garden patch last year. that was some good kitty pot. gotta move the rhubarb too. and the pussywillow's pussy parts have gotten bigger. soon they will be covered in pollen stalks. i love that. and walking barefoot on fresh fallen pussyparts. now if only the moss would take under the pussywillow. damn thing kills everything. even the nip won't go there. hosta? nope, killed that too. grass died around it once it hit 8 feet. i wish i could post a pic of it, it quite amazing how well it has done in that spot.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

oh dale. i don't care about getting old. heck, i am old. i'm immature. i am an odd odd mix of the two. but age is relative anyways.i think after um, what is a age for not caring? 30?
16? 50?
who cares. just wanna stay felxible. may be the answer. and fight off old lady arms. so far so good. picking up huge cats and big books helps.

jeez, even my spam comments are boring.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
georgie goes on spring break in cancun
delay decides best to resign. we won?
one less Bush week to go

rhyming is hard werk.

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