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Thursday, February 02, 2006


my usual rule has held. when a listing says HUMMEL or LLADRO, it will for the most part suck. BUT, it was in an interesting area AND Bay View. and i could also hit my friend shelly's frame shop. 2, 2 trips in one. even though it was a 'circle', most of the houses were tiny WW2/post WW2 era houses, it was intersting. house unremarkable. nothing, NOTHING??? in the kitchen. go in basement. ah, HE was a crafter. not very good, but not horrible, HEY, what's on THAT key shaped key holder? ooh, deco keys? 3 matching? take those. upstairs, well, the costume jewelry just was not intersting enough. what's that on the teevee stand? hmmm, vaguely african. stone? carved large bead? 1/2 off $1? sure. i spent $1 total. BUT, i did see a 20's ford pickup, parker, so got some pics. but RED is not a ford color.colors? why would people want colors when black is good enough?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

watched the daily show and saw snippets of the SOTU. cannot endure it otherwise.

my o my what a pissy face one georgie when they cheered his social security failure! slap a wig on him and you have his mother. damn she must be a bitch.


almost forgot about yesterdays estate sale. an artist's house. of course it was pretty cramed, but a tad, um,...blah. but he did have an interest in african stuff. should i get the goat/pig??? hair giraffe? it was pretty cool, if a tad icky, but after really thinking about it, i did not-cat toy. but i did get 2 books. on of african masks, OOH GOOD ONE! and william saroyan's -tracy's tiger. illustrated. ooh, interesting. a skull, a mayan ceramic figure, and a really nice SILVER butter knife, one of ralph's paintings-very 60's for $3!

or is the painting 70's?


1st chipmunk was out digging for seeds this morning. i put out some good seeds. CHIPPIES!


i am in the middle of popes named alexander.(actually the last throes). up to pope alexander VI, the borgia pope. well, it says that his one son, who he had manipulated into a dukeship was assasinated reportedly by his other son ceasar. well, let's just say he spared the rod for his children, ceasar was rather a bloody little spawn.
but pope borgia thought it was just youthful indescration when he killed one of pope borgia's secrtary(while wearing the pope robes, which got a bit bloody).
yup. just youthful.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

one less fucking Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
no fillibuster for scalito
ooh, there he is at the SOTU.
one less fucking Bush week to go

Monday, January 30, 2006


cicero is defending himself from being tied in with brutus and cassius, who assassinated julius ceasar. last night he imparted the little bomb that Brutus was a call boy(due to his father's bankruptcy).
ETU BRUTE was a HO???
ooh, tell me more.
wonder why shakespear didn't have that little tidbit in his play.

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