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Friday, January 13, 2006

gee dale. how would a prefix help? i think i just need to ask some older people. if only my grandpa was still around. but the graphics on the bottle seems kinda 30's. or older. sigh. not that it matters.

1st things 1st though..
technically i HATE purple ticket. big fucking purple tags. high prices. stuffy rich ladies. buuuuut, whitefish bay(fox point NEVER!) close to lake drive. and did say collecters. well, was on a very pretty street. house looked tiny from the front. unassuming. well, inside modified. extended to the garage. there was plenty of stuff. ooh, i like that little chest. OY, somebody painted a late 1800's wood clock red! of course i did plan on finding nothing to buy. hmm, that chicken taint to expensive. go to basement. nothing nothing nothing, rummage in $1 box. OH!! OH!! mini scandanavian roosters! 2! ok. that's enough. check out 2nd floor. what's with the 70's mirrored walls? if only that book set was cheaper.

left late so was early rush hour on the freeway going home and all that construction. darn. they are taking down the building that stood between ramps. and rain! WTF! only 2 lanes and there's somebody in a broken down scion shoebox??? quick lane change.

and to top it off, a VERY nice keithie boy call(just mailed him a letter, WITH nip). i hope i can sleep tnight after that call.

let's talk about the nip. it never dies. in the middle of January, under 7" of snow, you will find tiny green sprigs. it has been above 30's and wetish since Xmas. the catnip looked strange. log dead steams. WHAT?!? green leaves on end of dead stems??? and new little sprigs? what is this? frankenip???
whatever. pansy devowered hers. basil seemed interested. sybil, not so much. maybe she had a bad trip off that sprig that fell out of the fridge.

it was a very nice keithie boy call.


well, seems georgie OK'd domestic spying BEFORE 9/11. so cheney, why didn't you guys prevent 9/11??? you had the tools you rat bastard.

well dale, i suppose the bottle could be from the 50's. but it's awfully heavy. no mention of a deposit. and besides carbonation, i also saysan acidulant and flavored extracts. wonder what kind of soda it was.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

watched the daily show of course. had georgie at the VFW giving a speech. doing his sleazy used car salesman schtik.


FINALLY. fucking holidays are over and estate sales are back.
did 2 today. 1st one was a tad far for me, but the listing had the magic words. 3 generations. so, i am making a turn in St. francsis, and i get slightly bumbed from behind. not my fault. we pull over. my mom's fairly 'new' 1999? camry, no damage. his liscence a little askew. no harm no foul. get to the house. PERFECT parking spot in front of house. THANKS for hitting me!
best buys? a REALLY old black bear beverage bottle. soda is not even on bottle. although it does say properly carbonated.oh, the label is a hoot! made in cudahy, can anybody tell me more? the phone # is sheridan 4-7570, so it's pre WW2 i am sure.very heavy too.
also got some old building letter blocks. collect those too, a stray shooter marble-OLD, and a white with blue enamelware fridge 'box', with lid. AND it has a label.

2nd. oh ick, condo. well, it is close to $3 bag time, who knows. oooh, art teacher. best find, 2 very old wood shoe forms. yes, i seem to collect 'feet' too. and some possible ebayables. heck, just the peir one faux victorian shelf thing is worth $3.

then go home make dinner. PLUS, made some beefless, beef vegetable/wild rice soup. 1st time, VERY GOOD.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

one less Bush week to go
one less fucking Bush week to go
scalito, alito is in the batting box,
to filibuster, or not to filibuster
one less Bush week to go.

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