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Saturday, December 17, 2005

nah. i have enough ks as it is. hmm, do we have any Bs in the family? OH, duh. brian. my uncle's adfopted chinese son.

ooh. had to go out to west bend as auntie ha a dr. appointment. while everybody is gone. i call keithie boy. no answer. so back to writing letter and pulling a sweater apart(dammit, i am never EVER following any pattern again!).
so they come back, have dinner. mom has to go shopping and keith calls. and i have a nice chat, auntie at sink doing dishes. and then after she comes over and manages to flirt by proxy. i SWEAR she was flirtting! got all, well, coy. no wonder she had 5 husbands.
finally on the road before 9. while driving back, the cell in bag starts ringing in the back seat.
mom calls aunt on her phone. nope, not karen. check when home. Keith again. ooh. gotta get some liquid. but call back and have an even nicer chat.

but BY THE WAY. i finally really looked at a 1903 frye's elements of geography book i got at thursday's sale. OH, the etchings are astounding! what a STEAL!
god, i wish i had just bought that crock and had someone carry it for me! but but but you already HAVE a 20 gal birchleaf crock.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

yes brenda. keith is the potter.
ooh, another call tonight. i think i will call him tomorrow.

should explain a little about the letter K. my mom is 1 of 4 kids. all Ks. kathy, karen, ken-married to a KATIE, karl. my mom kathy was married to a ken, but my uncle karl and i called him ken ken, NOT ken II. he liked repeating words. so Keith fits in perfect. HA. my brother is dating the same sound, chris.
of course great-uncle clarences kids were all Js.

i also have an e-pal kevin, who he was sort of jealous of. silly man.

ooh, i was a baaaaad girl. damn that laura's collectables! i spent $20. BUT, $9 was for one item and is it a beaut! yeah yeah. another old saw. BUT, this one has a carved lion/bear's head on the handle. and it does have the maker's thingy! and the color is so rich.
and $2 for a curved edge planer is very good!
some other items i just liked and some old silverplate.

i NEED a photo editor. stupid apple.

very nice call with keith last night. oh dear. we are gonna use up all the minutes they talk about on teevee.

checked the used DVD of Ball of Fire. okay brother, how do you play these things? i hit play and nothin.
now,, maldin or whatever his name, is an idiot. the barbara stanwyck/gary cooper version is WAY better than 2 stars, and the danny kaye version i could not even watch, you give 3???
by the way. i think everybody should try and catch that movie.
now i want keith to watch it with me. i would prefer in a love set, but if i have to sit on his lap. fine.

oh. monday i did an estate sale. old house. very interestoing on outside. love the faded green paint. oh my, basement packed. cool, he had a VERY old intercom system. 20's? too expensive.
oh lord, that kitchen wallpaper is from the 40's. oy. linoleum. yup, catholic, pope book. the tackle box is in the livingroom??? ooh, you can buy individual ones. OOH! that glass eye heddon is MINE!a little ratty, but i like that. hmm, should i get the copper red eye? oh go on, you have a collect6ion of them. none as pretty as the 1st though. a brass red eye!2 lures for $6? not bad.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

one less Bush week to go
ONE less Bush week to go
another iWaq election
another iWaq speech to be done
one less FUCKING Bush week to go.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

HEY! i gots cheap ass haloscan!

but as i replyed below. georgie is up because of gas prices falling. wait til the sheeple get their heating bill.

BUT this is not why i am here. i got to ALAMOS los: in my encyclopedia. WOW, it was still in mexico!
so, for no reason i checked ebay for old EBs. damn damn. i should have paid them to haul that 1903 set to my car. big money in them babies.if shipping wouldn't be insane, i would bid on cheaper sets. i have to be satisfied if i never find another 1903 set. the 1891 set is good enough.

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