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Saturday, November 19, 2005

per usual-go to previous post for chronology.

did i say i slept with him? hanky, no panky. as of today have only spent 8 days with him.
thurs. he had a meeting with somebody and i checked out his books. and putzed around. played with cat.
when he came back, later than he expected, but no biggie(if i was normal....)we had more soup. and then he took me driving around again and then we went to their art center. quite nice. i couldn't compare their fragonard with MAM's, didn't HAVE one(he complains about my incessant comparing). more driving around. stopped at this aussie ladie's home to drop off pots for a home craft sale. very interesting. also an ebayer. and she had a big fat cat.
um,...yes, he took me to a fancy italian restaurant. parents gave him a $50 gift certificate. so. he insisted on a glass of wine. my, american portions are insane.
but we did a lot of talking. and progress. we didn't need to do so much 'dating' cause we have been writing. i like that. cleared up some issues(i am hard to read) made train reservations on mon i think.(family and she's bored and wants to go home)-never assume with me.
well. got up early 5:30 to make the train. get there. train will be 2 hours and 45 minutes late. sigh. we shoulda called. no diner in osceola, only option----the icky casino. damn, it's huge.
got the buffet. picky me. i had lots of pretty good bacon and hash browns. he sure ate a lot. get back to station. WHY DOES EVERYPLACE NEED A FUCKING TEEVEE? talked some more before he had to leave cause of another meeting/appt.
train an additional 10 min late.
but the ride to chicago was great, because i got to see what i missed in the dark. no need for reading. i saw a blue jay at the station. a gaggle of wild geese. no deer. painting ideas.
getting my milw ticket was easy. not so bad wait. then home.

well,i am back.
we didn't drive back together. (his family turkey day and missunderstanding, but no biggie) i am so accepting. yet not a pushover.i can be complicated i guess.
but, i think i will be making a temporary move to des moines for sure.
temporary! okay. fine. i will live with the white doors. but the walls are grey. i like that. i think we can arrange stuff to accomodate my stuff. but, i have better lamps. but but but, they are all desk lamps or floor lamps. i can put up with the cold tile. the berber is fine. and flannel sheets not neccessary. 50/50 sheets are quite warm compared to 100% cotton. as was his comforter. but then i had PMS hot flashes. good thing as he stole covers! at least his mattress is mushy. but we can remedy sheets in spring. and space for ebay etcetera. but no estate sales in the paper. just auctions. hmm. well, that is okay. i should be selling what i got. and stop buying. but the studio is neat too. wow, he has huge tubs of glaze.
okay. maybe start beginning. train trip was fun. i liked it better than a plane. except after dark. cause i finished my washington monthly(please resubscribe issue) and the "women who runs with wolves' was not my cup o tea at all. fucking scycobabble. not a jungian i guess. did read the fables though. just pissed it was so fucking heavy. i coulda been reading something good. as bad as that twain short stories.
but the train was on time. cool old train station. 1907 i think the dude said. since i had only crackers and cookies on the train, we went to applebee's on the way back. should have gone to chilis. i TOLD him NOT to eat the mashed potatos! i asked for a fry sub, but we would've had to wait for them(we did get them-very good). chicken was OK.(we shared the honey chicken). i wanted the fajitas. we shoulda had them.
go to his house. like his house. acceptable. okay. i can stand the cupboards(too old fashioned) and icky knobs. and everything is white! i hate white.
but his decor was good, except the art. but DAMN does he have nice african/new guinea(sp?) masks!!! and love his antique room. let's see, yes, i guess we had just a quiet move arround the house and play with his adorable cat. skippy reminded me of my 1st pair, tabby and whiskers. absolutely sweet. although he did nibble at me, BUT when i tried the butt spot in front of the tail, he did something unusual. he made this licking moves. okay. later i added scratching his head and he REALLY licked. i think he liked it.
tues. we went to his neighborhood place for chinese(thai?). he took me to his studio. very neat. kinda odd. they forgot to build the building.
then we went shopping so i could make pea soup. also got stuff for melting moment cookies and carmel.
made the pea soup, which he really liked. i have never made soup so fast. usually simmer the peas for hours. he never used buillion before. but boy did we make a lot. then i looked downstairs. showed me his green room. OOH. decoys! and okay. i understand the beer can collection. and i picked out a DVD to watch. i took manchurian candidate. something i needed to see. very interesting. okay. i say that flower lady was gilligan's islands 'lovee' Howell.
sinatra wasn't THAT good. but very interesting.

wed. snow! PRETTY snow. but he complained about it. well he took me downtown on a drive and we had lunch in this very upscale place.(oh, did i mention i kept my shoes in his truck?). i did barefoot quite abit, even with snow. he was ALMOST as bad as the people at the train stations. oh, they have amtrak police? THEY DO!
but we had a very good lunch. as we were driving back, i spotted a great harvest. OOH! go THERE! we did and tried bread and got a white to go with the pea soup. good, but too sweet. drove me around his old neighborhood. his ex is an idiot. i think that's all that day. went back for soup and we watched soylent green. and 1/2 of lolita. too tired. i didn't sleep much since getting there. too excited.

Monday, November 14, 2005

i'm off.

crappy diem!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

well, crappy diem and all that. tomorrow i take a plunge. a sloooooooow plunge on train tracks. surge?
no flannel sheets, but i suppose i will survive. gee. has he any idea how many blankets i use? flannels sheets. 2 thermal acrylic blankets, a heavyweight flannel blanket, a quilt. and knitted afgan. AND a 'new' old woven wool blanket on the bottom half. pansypoo the cat sometimes keeps my head warm by sleeping around it.
maybe i better take some cookies for breakfast though.

pansypoo reads the obits. a few days ago a man named Ivanhoe was in there. ivanhoe. what a fucking awesome name! but then i like chester too. sigh, i fear some names are never coming back, but then alice did.and emma. how boring. come on! genvieve, pearl, ruby. but emma?
bernice. that is probably not gonna be big. or beulah. lucille?

shame i don't want to breed, cause i could be very creative.

well, since i am leaving tomorrow, and will be puter free for a while,

one less Bush week to go(+ 1 day)
one less Bush week to go(+1 day)
wait? isn't that the same iWaq speech you keep giving georgie?
how dare you sully veterans on this hallowed day
one less fucking Bush week to go(+ 1 day)

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