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Thursday, August 25, 2005

did 2 estate sales today. both wawatosa area. 1st, BIG landmark victorian. better on outside. blegh wallpaper AND wall to wall rug everywhere.
did find a few goodies. but not much.
2nd was more for blogging. maiden catholic aunt.went to garage first. nothing there, but there was a bird 'cage'. 2 birds inside.hmm. i don't think pigeons.....not chickens.....OK. ask. what are they?
young turkeys! OKAY! royal somthings. grow up to be white with black 'piping'.

inside. oh, not good. much crap. and linoleum/vinyl flooring everywhere.and overpriced. i do find a book for my mom.

but the street was covered with old trees. mainly early 1900 elms of magestic size that used to cover milwaukee before dutch elm. gorgeous. i gave the biggest in front of the house a pat.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

i had some introspective thought the other day. when i was in grade school, i was asked more than once if i was a boy or a girl. and because of that i grew my hair long as soon as i got the chance to do it.(i always had short hair before that) but maybe it wasn't the hair. i never liked dolls, and i was rather a tomboy. would hit back. i ran like a boy. maybe i acted more like a boy. and i always was drawn more to males. hmmm. makes me wonder.

OY, terry Gross's interview with trent Twatt had my bush tourette's going. amazing how the returds get away with THEIR partisanship, but once they are in power, well, that should stop and all be forgiven.
why do the dems always roll over if called partisan? we need more in this time of georgie shifting ever more rite.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

i did it again. estate sale on Menlo is NEXT monday. oh well. OR mom goes with on sat. but today did a small one before chiro. a VERY different sale. male occupant. very mod(60's), art. either a swinger or gay. i should have looked at books more. and he had knick knacks. and he had 3 of my loves. 1, a fabric asian camel, although i have a small camel already. of course i blame an estate sale years ago for starting me collecting them. 2, a asianwood carved 60's squirrel, i already removed freaky glass eyes. need to find some brown or black beads or something. and 3. fish. he had 2 carved stone fish. a larger african black with white fish and 2 beige fish pendant. perfect for me as i am a pisces. plus another pestle/ or mortar and a little silver-plate 'card tray'. why do i keep buying them???
but, the wool rug i bought has a bid. so i can't complain.

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to gooooo
approval down to 38%
off to Idaho he vacations on his vacation
one less fucking Bush week to go.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

the potter called saterday. he is so sweet.

of course if we were to move in together, pansy would be in for more change. ANOTHER BIG CAT??? but then maybe they would be pals. who knows. she is such a poo butt.

and tomorrow. OOOH! MENLO PARK! SHOREWOOD! east side mansion. last day! whoo hoo. NOT that i think i will buy anything. which gets to something that has been rattling in my mind. according to the dashboard. i can post pictures, but in addition to being a luddite, my mac doesn't want to co-operate.
now, i am not looking for a partner, although pansypoo probably be nice, but would anybody out there be interested in being a photo 'editor'?
not that another head couldn't improve this little page. cause i have some awesome photos.

OH OH OH! i forgot to mention. as anybody who watches the weather channel knows, WI was hit by some nasty weather. as usual it sort of pooped out when it got close to lake mich. but man did we have some interesing clouds and a so so rainbow on drive back from auntie's. i call them popcorn clouds. they were spectacular. and i swear, in a couple there is a small star patterned cloud that is lit brighter. if i REALLY thought God was trying to tell me something.......really odd. of course my mom will say he was telling us we would be ok.
i wish i could post it.

i am not sure it is going fast with the potter or slow? brcause it would be neat if we beat grandma and grandpa f who got married after a month! of course there were family reasons. but grandpa fell hard for grandma.

did i mention he is divorced with 2 boys? which is good. i don't want to breed.

well brenda, i am sure the kids know mr. rainbow is different. but considering Mrs. righteous, i am quite sure the kids are brats. i hope he doesn't get egged.
why are these talibornagains so hatefull? didn't jesus talk alot about love? i don't remember hate.

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