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Friday, August 19, 2005

also a letter to dear abby today from 'righteous' complaining that her neighbor's 'gay' flad would harm the MORALISTIC neighborhoods young'ns. what clap trap. but abbey was TOO nice. sure she told her to butt out, kids don't know. but it was not enough. i hope there are followup letters.

obviously a Wdiot.

oh, and a BITCH, i voted # times on lou dobbs- NO on ENGLISH, NONE registered. fixed. FIXED i say. fat bastard.

thanks oyster.

but oy, my spelling bad! shouldn't rush posts when sleepy. my diverse collection grows.
thursday had an estate sale in a very VERY high end spot. newberry boulevard on the east side. big BIG BIG mini mansions of old days. but it was a house in need of occupation. and need repair, but with some paint, would be beautiful. but nothing to buy really. except one thing. an old mantel(mantle?) clock. quite small. i am thinking 1870's. pre east lake. it just had such sweet lines. and only $12. but no key. does it work? who ccares. it's cute.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

2 good estate sales today! both older homes.
i found a large old maple sow cutting board. very fat pig. BUTTONS!(only 1/4 save), a small 'marble' dust bust of abe lincoln, and what might be a roseville vase for $1. not perfect, but it could do OK on ebay.
2nd one was better. older neighorhood. and there it was. right when i walked in. a partial set of sinclair lwis books! inclusing It Can't Happen Here. OLD edition! $1 each!
and then only $1 for the gorgeous old wood handled wrench.

one less Bush week to go,
one less FUCKING Bush week to go.
biking in the bluebonnets with Lance
will they go by Sheehan perchance?
one less Bush week to go.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

thanks neil. i really need to finish my orations set. been dwaddling to long. it is interesting that i am finding synchronisity. especially in the roman 1. and i have 8 or so to go.

this week should be good estate sale wise. OOOOH! NEWBERRY BOULEVARD. very high end east side off the lake!
of course ebay is interesting. no bids, but people are watching the 2nd pile of vintage saver stickers and books i found. what do people do with them? and the plastic bananna harmonic-I WENT BANANNAS IN HAWAII-has another bid. up to $4.of course i should look down on what people collect. how many potato smooshers and vintage umbrellas do i have? i should be happy that i am finding a better home for grandma's hoard and what i find at sales that should be saved.

AND another call from the potter. gee, i feel like a teenager. but but but i never did that as a teenager.

more from Cicero-

-....the Senate i weighed down by the discredit brought on by it by the wickedness and the audacity of a few, and is overwhelmed by the infamy of the tribunals, i profess myself an enemy to this race of men, an accuser worthy of their hatred, a persevering, a bitter adversary.

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