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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

ooh. i did my first editing.

one less Bush week to go,
one less fucking Bush week to go,
georgie pouts! he wants his way!
Bolton to the UN dammit. who cares what the critics say.
one less Bush week to go.

Monday, August 01, 2005

i am back. early.i do wish i could post photos. we had to come back today cause 'my' potter had to go back to Iowa to be with his son who is having oral surgery(impacted wisdom teeth) and needs someone to be with him after. i DO hope it goes well.

Fri, he kindly took me to the bakery and then we hit an estate sale before we got on the highway. i really needed him there. cause we went dumpster diving. he managed to grab a box cover i spotted. it appeared to be mexican touristy painting. and it IS hand painted. quite sweet to me. and he managed to snag out 2 old dental books. one, OH BOY!, oral pathology! 1940's! oh dear lord, the horrors, THE HORRORS! but could be ebay gold. or just, well, shit, i may have to do something with it. now if only i could post THOSE pictures!EEEEEK.

then we drove up to marquette. and he managed to get a double queen room. he did offer me my own room, but i said no. i know i can trust him. and he is quite sweet. we droped his stuff off at the art fair spot first.
got food at a nice italian place with cuisine in the name, and then settled at motel. stayed up too late with boob tube on. he was watching that motorcycle building show. and weather channel.
saterday started good, not too warm. but then a T-storm rolled in. he doesn't have a tent. so i managed under trees or a decorative gazebo, which he went under after an hour or so. and i MUST say, i am very pissed at the L.L. Bean rain jacket. NOT waterproof! did have a hood though.
we left the fair early. knew it was gonna be a looooong rain. had to meet him at exit and enjoyed walking barefoot through the puddles. did i mention i had not worn shoes yet? not as warm as miami puddles, but warm. one came up to my ankle.
went to room to dry offand then got a late lunch at a little place next to motel. rain foinally stopped. OH. his parents, who always meet him up there(they come up from des moines for 3 days, every year), came by while it was nice.they are sweet too.
well, we met them for dinner in downtown marquette. very neat old place. i really like his dad. all the time his ex is trying to call him.

i am ashamed of myself. i snagged 2 pots early. i NEVER get there early enough. i MUST say, he is quite popular with the ladies.i told him that later in Milwaukee. he didn't KNOW! there's that attentive thing.
so, after dinner he took me to the beach, a little ways out of marquette for the sunset. which was nice. i think he really enjoyed that.
Sunday was warmer and only maybe rain clouds showed up and they didn't. made some sales. then after packing up, he drove me around the park again and showed me the coves he talked about. man, so neat. of course the monkey climbs to the bottom of one. since he had already checked out.if i could have climed back up, i would have gone down there too.
it was 6ish Milwaukee time. i said if he wanted we could go strait back. much talking in van.
of course more when it's dark and we need to pee and eat. we kept missing anything decent. OOPS, wrong turn by green bay!can't go back. what's close? manitowoc! they gotta have something, but at 9pm? we settled on applebees. where we had more deep talk.
got to my house around 11:30. since he had to get home soon, we had to cut it a little short.
but i made him some iced coffee. he had some coke....
well, he left his contacts case and he is back in WI in august at baraboo.
and so i guess i am home for tuesdays end of another fucking Bush week.

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