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Friday, July 01, 2005

ooh, where's the edit button?

COLUMBIAN alligator and they could CARE less.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

thursday estate sales!

i went out of my usual range. and boy did i find some things. nice old ceramic jug. 2 old books. Quo Vadis? 1897? isn't that a 50's book? and a stuffed alligator! over a foot long. and he's colubian! sigh. cats could are less.bummer.

this morning i saw Bolton's doppleganger(white stache) going in to my bakery(younger though). wonder if he has any sexual perversions.

ok. i am sure we all accept tha georgie gave an abysmal speech on tuesday. SO, all the retardicans rally around the chimperor. ooh. getting close to the edge.

lastly, this news about the new iranian president being one of the kidnappers in 79'.
um, how republican are the accusers? is this psy ops? georgie jumped on this a TAD quickly.

i ain't buying it.

ahh. tuesdays estate sale. BIG lake drive MANSION. LOTS of east lake furniture was going out the door. and there was a really neat round deco display caninet. needed veneer repair, but it still had 'the look'. but nothing much for me to buy, BUT i found a soft wool sweater that i thought was $8. 1/2 price day. i would have paid $4 for it. NOOO. $1! even better. 80% cashmere, 10% silk? EVEN BETTER! and just my color and favorite style!
and a vaseline? glass candle stick i paid less than half.
next one was a big big big coca cola collector. but i went more for the old things. 1964 JFK bust? okay. i did REAL well with the winston churchill bust. ooh, a 1935 british penny! an old sacle? i can ebay that! and some other objects i can sell or use.

and then a 3rd sale. oh ick. condos.
noting in livingroom. darn kitch ick.
garage. BINGO! a treasure trove. YES. a fisherman! oh my is that reel GORGEOUSS. ooh, not a red eye lure, but it has mother of pearl. never seen that. OOH, bakelite! plugs and such. but what's up with the porcelain thing with a bakelite switch in it? OOH, what a gorgeous planer. like furniture!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

too late for estate sale stuf.

oops. a little late

one less bush week to go,
one less Bush week to go.
under 40% by the fourth?
after tuesday's speech? of course!
one less Bush week to go.

Monday, June 27, 2005

i can't remember if i already posted these quotes, but just to make sure i blog them, they are worthy of repeating.

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

We're far more cons=cerned about desecration of the flag than we are about the DESECRATION (my emph)of our land(or constitution).
-Wendell Berry

Don't let them tame you!
-Isadore Duncan

some people are easily tamed though. the gullible. the retardicans.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

BUT reason i am here is 'KITTEN' STORY!

i am sitting on the floor at the puter when basil comes down the stairs and drops something black onto he floor. bug? carpenter ant? bigger! get up and he had brought down an earwhig. EARWHIG!
so i slap it with a pad of paper, but still moving it's legs and i slap it away. losing the fucker. but did the spares give up? no way. basil finds it, still alive and proceeds to try and eat it. it took awhile but he finally managed.

cats rock! no... cats RULE!

who wants to bet georgie WISHED he had the aztec option.

but i forgot to mention saterday's estate sale. he must have been a printmaker/scuptor. and collector. but not quite in my league. too bad seller was $$$. oh, and what a gorgeous oxen yoke. so massive! i did manage to say no to a $15 african sculpture. just not my thing. and dammit. the glass ball net floats were taken already, BUT i did get the 5" diam. green one. AND marked made in germany.
also got a cool small aztce carving. old, but i am sure not aztec old. and another spigot. but this one is small.

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