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Friday, June 24, 2005

i also went to an estate sale today. on a hill right next to our expressway. did not look promising, but oh did i find stuff. and i got something i always wanted, a wooden ironing board. and I DON'T IRON!
also got a leather mallet. like those too and finally got one. got some ebayables. and also got my third monkey see, monkey hear, monkey say. not sure why i like them.
got some kitchen stuff. 1, a lovely german rolling pin. really pretty wood. looks a bit like that candy mold i found.

as i mentioned at corrente. i think i found the perfect way of getting rid of gitmo.

in an old smithsonian an epal sent me, i am reading an articl about the aztecs. their warries would capture rather than kill and then would use them for human sacrifice.
and i am quite sure georgie would like that too.

can't remember if i mentioned it. but i am doing some clean sweeping, and before i pitch something, i wanted to add it to my blog.-

the work of television is to establish false contexts and to chronicle the unraveling of existing contexts; finally to establish the context of no context and to chronicle it.
george w s trow-1981

and this was BEFORE FUX.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

gotta blog on the air force acadamy situation.
they don't find any hyper religion bias.-but fix it.
yeah, that sounds like there isn't any bias.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

oh, i forgot something.
since i finished with grandma's rom, i couldn't stop the urge for purging. i cleared out a box i had saved and then i tackleda bigger box of clipped comic strips and other paper crap. i think i am saving 1/20th of what had been there, but befrore i pitch one article, i have to blog it.
years ago the space shuttle went in space, taking some rats up there. where they proceeded to kill and discect said rats and was hailed as a 'scientific triumph'. what would have been a failure? they don't die? the entrails float around???
what exactly makes space so special?

thanks for the 'pencil' tip. i suppose it would have been easier when it was new.

went to a sale today. east side. okay house. but not that neat. spent a grand total 0f $3.50. and all for meeeeee. ok, now i have another slide viewer, but you should always be prepared.
something georgie doesn't understand.
oh, i guess the old mini locks are for ebay.

well, i guess my cats don't get thay high.
it useed to make my 1st 2 males randy. of course cosmo never got past 1st base, but whiskers got somewhere, even balless thou he was.
so far basil hasn't reaally tried. but sybil is rather mean and he better not try it with pansy although THAT i would like to see.

but that isn't why i am here.

one less Bush week to go
one less fucking Bush week to go.
down he goes, mr popularity
as does Bolton
one less bush week to go.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

well brenda, i wouldn't be surprised if halliburton has some kind of connection with nukes.

they(nuke fans) always exclaim about how cheap it is! how 'clean' it is!

but do they include the costs of the waste?
THE UNCLEAN radioactive waste?

humans are so fucking stupid.

OK, one more thing.
as usual, it being saterday, i snapped off 1/2 a catnip plant and brought it in(i send the potter catnip infused thick paper for his cat skippy. gives me an excuse to write him0. i rub it on their carrot(tiger tail?) toy and the little stuffed cat that is being disemboweled. pansy gets to rub herself on the mangled plant. today she wanted to eat it. after they are well buzzed and pansy has left, basil is sitting there with a stupid look on his face so i put the hip in from of his nose. silly cat backs up like it's gonna kill him. maybe it's too much that way. like 100% heroin.
silly boy.

well, i finally had a estate sale this week. a nice old bunmgalow. shame what was done inside because of the 60's. why did big mirrors get 'hip'???

but i did find some goodies. ahh, pine incense! that stuff is soooo expensive! 4 tintypes. the most interesting thing was an eversharp pensil which was attatched to a pin, and you could pull on a chain to use it. of course where are you supposed to pin it on?

much of thewoodwork was a common color, but i don't know what they did in the diningroom. did they poickle it? strip off white? either way it look bad and what did they do to the buffet?!?
fucking 60'.

i was wondering the other day as a NPR show was discussing nuclear energy. considering the bush maladministWations push for it, does halliburton build nuke plants?

i bet they do.

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