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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

just a few things i need to blog on

as seen on democrat underground-a new nickname for jeff/jimmy gannon.


while reading in my 1891 encyc brit, i hit a phrase you don't hear or see much. in regards to a religious movement in 1500's germany there was the phrase 'extreme lutherans'.
i suppose you could say the BTK killer was an extreme luheran.

when reading through a very dense magazine my texas e-pal sent me, there was a review on the book on the history of corsets and bras. and near the end she brings up that in the 1930's, cups sizes were introduced. young wearers had their own categories: nubbins, bubbins, chubbins, droopers, and super-droopers.

1st things first. it's tuesday countdown blogging.

one less Bush week to go
one less week of bushit to go
polls polls polls, down he goes
how far shall he fall, nobody knows(40 by the 4th?)
one less Bush week to go.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

ebay stuff

well, we need to have some electrical work done, and had to clean stuff away from the box. i had gone through some boxes in the basement closet grandma had stuck some of her hoard which were stacked under the electric box. went through it. most went into donate box. but pulled 2 things. a bakelite carrot 'crimper' and a captain midnight ovaltine shaker. okay. that looks like ebay to me. put it on and got a 'question' only hours later. it quickly went to 10.50, which it stayed at til i checked with 15 minutes to go and it was at $18. okaaay.
go to my mailbox when it's over. $49.88.

see, ovaltine IS good for kids.

now if only i could find out what beep for breakfast ment.

oh, and what exactly do the bushies have on colon bowell to get him to dance and pimp for georgie whenever they need him?

i like movies. if they don't insult my intelligence.

shrinky dink?
ahh, childhood memories of doing that ponitless diversion. and that crappy plastic 'stained glass.
i wonder what they do today with kids, but i suppose it's all game boys and go watch teevee.

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