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Saturday, December 11, 2004

oh dear. i suppose i should have check my spelling before adding that.
peripheral. peripheral. hmm. i am dislexic. maybe misspelling is appropriate. but i will get to it.

i did not post a recipe on friday as it got to late and again, i was lazy.

recipe blogging saterday!

beef stew ala my aunt takes 3 hours

1 1/2 pound beef meat
Tbs olive oil
brown meat

1 can (regular or large i suppose) stewed tomatos
add. boil for a while. and add spices-
basil, garlic, celery seed and marjoram
add water and 1/3 c frozen orange juice
1/2 cup red wine. keep cooking at a low boil.
1 1/2 hour to go add about 5 or 6 potatoes
then 1 or 2 big onions sliced
about a pound of carrots.
oh, and about 3 shakes of worcester sauce.

hot sauce can also be added and coke and coffee as well.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

i couldn't post a recipe cause the kittens made me spill water on my keyboard. luckily, only water and eventually died. ugh. teevee sucks even more when you have no alternative.

but onto why i am here.

one less Bush week to go
one less week to go
(God-we have 4 more fucking years?????????)
Ohio? can you save us?
one less Bush week to go.

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