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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

oops, should have mentioned bremer's contradicting the chimperor.
i must say cheney made georgie look REAL bad in comparison. WHO IN THE HELL IS REASURED THAT GEORGIE IS PREZNIT?!?


well, fooey. i went to one estate sale. ick poo. but the house was interesting. but i guess sometimes when it sale a sale is not to be missed, they is lying like a rug.

but the 2nd one was even neater. awesome house and i did find something! got a coffee thing. not great, but ebayable, if not, interesting. and a sterling mexican ring. very nice. made by j in 66'. ooh, older than me.

15 more Bush weeks to go
15 Bush weeks to go
2 debates down
2 to go
15 more Bush weeks to go

Sunday, October 03, 2004

brenda, no boubt that georgie will have tax cuts as the answer to everything. because LAST time they spurred job creation so much. never you mind the deficit sheeple. IT'S YOUR MONEY.
i sure hope kerry will point out HOW exactly georgie's tax cuts did the opposite.

and the VP debate? i am SO looking forward to that.
except maybe the october surprise will be cheney having the big one during the debate.
but i believe satan has other plans for georgie and dickie.

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