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Thursday, July 22, 2004

and i completely forgot my first anniversary. pooh.

sigh. i still miss the supreme court bitchslap.

your welcome. although my forst blog is defunct. although i AM anti-social and a socialist if you will(actually a hard hearted liberal), i came up with my new blog. and besides, i morphed into pansypoo.

but now that i thinkl of it, why didn't i go by luddite?

well, gotta mention the sheboygan art fair. great as usual. and boy did they have some great stuff in the art center. one exhibit had tropical bugs arranged like a quilt pattern. remind me to stear clear of the tropics. jeez, soime of those bugs were over 5 inches. and the there was the BIG bug in a box that the creator's granfather had managed to capture in the early 1900's big horned scarab bettle like about 7 inches long 4 wide and 3 high. uf da. i hope that one doesn't fly. no phots of course, but i did manage to sneek one pic. almost reminds me when i sent letters to my cousin and i would tape the mosquitos i killed on the letter.

oh, by the way, pansy in on the desk and is layin on my wrist. BAD GIRL. just trying to get my milk. dang she weighs too much.

another exhibit was a huge room all white with black lines and white objects and they had taken light thingies out of the floor and they made it a big putting space. interesting.
but i liked the kid's area. they had a HUGE coloring book wall of a zoo. and cool bottle washers to make animals and objects, but the really fun one was the other wall, kids could take bright colored waxen twine and make something and put it on the wall and they had made quite an interesting tableau.one of the best was a tree with a monkey hanging from it 3D. and somebody had started a tree and a big leaf. but they were running out of the cool colors. lots of blck left.

they also had a chess set exhibit. lots of fun versions. i liked it better than last years tie exhibit.

BUT, the 'big basket' was gone. i bet it was the layers fault.
'it's a liability' 'somebody could get hurt' 'somebody could sue'.
they coulda left some of it growing.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

26 more Bush weeks to go
26 Bush weeks to go
sandy B is a herring
a 9/11 red herring
26 more Bush weeks to go.

AND, it's my blogging anniversary!!!

Monday, July 19, 2004

and then KP's book-
however, the economic weaknesses of1989-92 + 2001-03 went beyond the bush family's biases and their investment-model perception of the u.s. economy. hauteur an lack of interest in the commonweal also exuded from another modus operandi, associated with texas and the sun-beltby the public perception but actually much broader in its origins. this is a practice of crony capitlism: government favors for the well connected, and publically financed rescues for private financial interests. During both bush MALADMINISTRATIONS, such practices flourished to a degree that mocked their ostensible commitment to free markets.

well, halliburton was certainly saved by iWaq.

whew-disconnected and didn't want to retype.

to continue-plotting against each other, you entertain the same views toward your allies also. and you do not reflect, in whatever case you may either have made a mistake through being persuaded by their words, or may have given way to pity, that you show such weaknes to your own peril, and at the same tiome too gain no gratitude from your allies; not consideringt that it is a tyranical dominion which you hold, and over men who are plotting against you, and involuntarily subject to you; who obey you not from any favors you confer on them to your own hurt, but from the fact of your being superior to them through your power, rather than their good feeling.

when was he in iWaq?

somettimes i think too fast for my fingers. it was the 1st paragraph of the 3rd 'speech'.

ON MANY OTHER OCCASIONS BEFORE THIS HAVE I BEEN CONVINCED THAT A DEMOCRACY IS INCAPApable(whoops-but damned if i type that over)of maintaining dominion over others, and i am so more than ever from your present change of purpose respecting the mytilenœans. for owing to your daily freedom from fear, and from plotting

1st cat story.
since THE pansypoo gets high on just about anything-parsley, feverfew, i thought i would try flowering oregano. dried. well, she WAS instantly attracted and ate it.
since the babies are 11 months, i tried some catnip juice. always got cosmo and pansy high. well, they just looked at it.
hmm, will have to try actual green leaves.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

well, i started to read the 'great oratories'-vol I greece(oh, bryan, no t), and i skim the 1st 2 and the first paragraph of the 1st one-Cleon on the punishment of the mytileneans (427b.c.) and i hit blog paydirt. amazing how something centuries ago can pertain to now.
but i will blog it tomorrow. i am too tied after this weekends art fair.

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