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Friday, June 04, 2004

GOD DAMMIT. the shit head NADER, is at it again. i swear, he WANTS america to dig iotself in a black hole, sop that next time, 08', they ill pick him, HIM, to be savior of america.
a pox on his head. his foolish foolish head. stick to getting SUVs off the road and do some REAL GOOD.

there IS a difference between Kerry and george no matter what NADER thinks.and to say there is not, is a fucking LIE.

oy fucking vay.
i sure hope georgie's little,...um...'speech'?...podium dancing?got lots of play today.
considering the bushevics are pushing 'strong 'steady' leadership' you think the could SHOW SOME. and we have a blithering IDIOT. ya, STEADILY FUCKING BAD leadership.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

ok, i forgot to do it on tuesday. as if many are waiting for it.

but, if anybody does read this and nows something about old stuff, i discovered this odd thing at a very posh estate sale. cheapest thing there. it is a hand cut piece of brass? oval shaped with a hand cut hole. and each size has a big 3 on it. doesn't look new. anybody know?

33 more Bush weeks to go
33 Bush weeks to go
leave the army?
not yet suckers
33 more Bush weeks to go.

so, will george want to make sure soldier votes are counted this time?

Sunday, May 30, 2004

back to ben franklin and what ifs. what if the brits HAD sold canada AND later on napoleon had sold canada to US for money for his wars?
well, i think the canadians are lucky the brits kept them.

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