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Thursday, March 25, 2004

since the damn pledge is in the news, i would like to bitch and rant about that ridiculus crap.

WHY DO WE PLEDGE TO A $%^* PIECE OF CLOTH???why not the constitution? why not the Declaration of Independence? why aren't we pledgeing to the founding principle of our country but to a bloody flag???

mind you, as an artist, the flag affends me. oh so banal!

and because it needs to be repeated_

"we hear in the first letter of Paul
to the hesiodeans joined with the
atriosseans to slay the many bushites;
who knew not their holes from their ass to a hole on the ground....
holy book of holes
Zappa 25

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

as i said elsewhere, in my 1903 encyclopedia, while in the reign of Louis Bonapart. during the time(1850's) they were dealing with a rogue leader, a Sadaam Hussein if you will, and instead of a rogue state or mad leader, the king was called a 'sick man'.
i think we can classify george as sick.

darn, atrios has too much!

43 more Bush weeks to go
43 Bush weeks to go
clarke says you suck
but will it stick
43 more Bush weeks to go

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