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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

48 more Bush weeks to go,
48 Bush weeks to go,
in WI i voted
for mean Dr. Dean
48 more Bush weeks to go

i voted at about 5:45 CST, 700+ had already voted and there was a table ready and registering newbies. there were more there than usual for a primary, and more were coming in. AND the machine that counts the PAPER BALLOTS was OPTISCAN.

oh, and around five, a deanie knocked on the door to remind us if we hadn't voted and even offered a ride. KICKASS. best part telling him Dean had MY vote.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

since everything george does turns to shit. the ANTI-midas touch. either he has the shit-touch or as i prefer the sadiM touch.

i may can this cabbage boy torture. i understand somebody does a better job.
and aparently last sunday, cabbage rolled over and said his guy was a lesser man than ours, Kerry, who actually fought and didn';t go awol. although THAT didn't come into it.

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