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Thursday, December 25, 2003

make it FIVE soldier killed over the holiday.
merry christmas indeed.

well, i forgot to do it yesterday, but i hope the families of the FOUS soldiers killed since x-mas eve have a WONDERFUL BUSH CHRISTMAS.

oh and on that wolfie poll. some members of my family(on the day that mad cow was reported) proceeded to eat cannibal sandwiches. RAW BEEF ON RYE BREAD WITH ONION.
ick poo ack ack

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

merry christmas, hannaka, kwanza, festivus or whatever.
bah humbug.

56 more Bush weeks to go
56 Bush weeks to go
libya gives up WMD
that iWaq didn't have
56 more Bush weeks to go

Sunday, December 21, 2003

i had a brilliant thought

diebold voting machines would have been Nixon's wet dream. maybe that will get state election boards attention?

just had to review Milwaukee's daily Urinal's letters to the ed. (saterday and sunday are their big retardican days)

a while back a state cat. bishop said catholic office holders should follow the church. (bad bad!) and #1 letter is a facsist diatribe against gays and sinners and a hearty seig heil to the bishop.
#2 was aletter calling the church hypocrites on the child abuse. (good good!)
#3 said liberals are inconsistent. DITTOHEAD
#4 was the best. Sadaam didn't threaten america and Bush is doing bad bad things.
and 3 sappy happy letters-tis the season ya know.

i might do this regularly. now if only i could cut and past and link.

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